Handlock December 2016


Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016 – Handlock


Here we are going to discuss the current Handlock META with popular builds and play styles. This current build is seeing a lot of play and shows combos and adjustments.

Suggestions mentioned:

+/- Faceless shambler or Senj
+/- Ragnaros
+/- Fearsome Doomguard OR Kabal trafficker
+ Mistress of Mixtures
+/- Twisting Nethers
+ MCT OR Shadow bolt
Slyvanas + shadow bane
Slyvanas + power overwhelming
Minion + power overwhelming + shadowflame
Krul > next turn faceless shambler to grab life of highest minion (if Jaraxus is pulled, win)
Twilight drake + faceless shambler
Kazakus > 5 / 10 cost potion can allow you to grab demons (to hand, or summon ‘x’ cost demon)

You may try want to try running faceless shambler again instead depending on match ups. I removed Ragnaros but I didn’t feel like the deck was improved and decided he should remain in the deck if not for a lucky clear then for your opponet to burn a removal. IF you are facing more control match ups, switch shadow bolt for MCT. Another aggro change might be to add cult apoc for more heal. Once again these changes are for the match ups your facing at the time. You will need to adjust the deck to have an edge


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