Handbuff MidHunter December 2016

Handbuff MidHunter

Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016 – Handbuff MidHunter Handbuff MidHunter

In the Handbuff Midhunter deck build there are some new exciting cards that play into this build. Let’s dive in!

The card that I’m the most excited about is Rat Pack. It is very decent on its own and pretty consistent without relying too much on the hand-buff mechanic, as its deathrattle effect also benefits from Houndmaster.
I’m pretty sure Trogg Beastrager and Rat Pack will stick in the deck as they are pretty solid on their own for the archetype.
I’ll try to make Shaky Zipgunner and Dispatch Kodo work along with them, but I’m not sure yet if they will stick or not. Only playtesting will tell if they are consistent enough.

Dire Wolf Alpha synerizes well with Alleycat, Kindly Grandmother, Unleash the Hounds and Rat Pack while also empowering the battlecry effect from Dispatch Kodo.
I will tweak the early game depending on the needs. Considering cards like Fiery Bat, King’s Elekk and Scavenging Hyena.
Traps and Eaglehorn Bow will also be considered if the initial list doesn’t perform too well.
Finally, N’Zoth, the Corruptor could be added to the deck if a slow metagame requires it, but I believe aggressive decks will always remain consistent in the metagame.



Why not more buffing cards like Smuggler’s Crate and Hidden Cache ?

The point of the deck is actually to use some handbuffing synergies while not relying too much on them. This set up would just reduce draw consistency and the fact that they are spells are not helping your other buffing cards. Remember that you also want to benefit from standard Beast synergies, so it’s better to run Beasts.
In short, Rat Pack and Dispatch Kodo are well supported enough by the solid Trogg Beastragerand Shaky Zipgunner, there’s no need to disrupt the deck consistency for a simple chance of getting a better buff.

How can I include Knuckles into the deck ?

I know everyone is hyped about its effect, but honestly the card doesn’t really deserve a spot in the deck. It’s a bit too reliant on the buffing mechanics and comes in with less potential swing that Tundra Rhino. Anyway, you can still swap one out if you want to run the card.

Why not use Don Han’Cho ?

The card is incredibly bad for this deck, it is just too late of a play. By the time you get to play it, you’re not even sure to have a minion in your hand and you’d rather want to pressure for late. Moreover, getting his buff on a minion means commiting fully on this minion to close the game. The card just doesn’t fit this deck.

Can I use another win condition than Ragnaros the Firelord ?

Yes, Call of the Wild and N’Zoth, the Corruptor are solid picks as well depending on the meta.

How can I replace Quick Shot / Kindly Grandmother ?

I’m realizing some players lack these adventure cards. Unfortunately, they are just the best picks here. You can get decent results with a mix of Animal Companion / Eaglehorn Bow / King’s Elekk / Fiery Bat but it will obviously remain sub-optimal. Enjoy Handbuff MidHunter and win some ranked games!

Handbuff MidHunter

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