Secret Mage December 2016

Secret Mage

Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016 Secret Mage


Here we will discuss the basics of the now popular Secret Mage! This deck has some great synergies with the new MSoG cards and definitely makes it into the new META. On a second note before diving in, I decided to showcase this specific deck because the low cost of dust and ability for quick and frequent play.magesecret

1. It’s best to cap out at three free secret minions. I opted to go for two Lackeys and one Kirin Tor but either way should work well. Any more than that you’ll have dead cards in hand.

2. Spellbender is absolutely nuts. In an aggro deck, you can never have too many spell blocks and this is one that nobody ever expects. You can steal buffs, get a free frog out of Hex, get a leftover 1/1 on Backstab, AND it doesn’t get blocked by weenie spells like The Coin. Finally, it’s a card that often stays up for awhile, giving you Ethereal Arcanist value I still run two Counterspells, but one of these is really nice to have.

3. This deck runs out of cards FAST. You need to finish your opponent and sometimes just head for their face even if you’ll lose your board after. Cards like Arcane Blast aren’t worth putting in as they don’t have a lot of value. I would recommend Sorcerer’s Apprentice instead as it provides a high threat body and lets you squeeze your curve a bit more.

Secret Mage

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