Pirate Warrior December 2016

Pirate Warrior


Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016’s Pirate Warrior

As the name suggests, Pirate Warrior is an archetype that seeks to exploit the synergies contained within Hearthstone’s Pirate class of cards. In addition to these fine fellows, you also have access to the Warrior’s signature weapons, which help you take control of a match from the very earliest stages, and leave your minions free to start bothering the opponent’s health pool. If you can get off to a solid start, you can very quickly snowball a dominating presence on the board that will leave your opponent struggling to cope with the onslaught – let alone mount their own offensive in return.

In this guide, we’ll give you a quick strategic overview to help you get started, then highlight the basics of the Mulligan process. There’s a lot of flexibility to be found within this new take on an old experiment and so we’ve also got a breakdown of all of the most important combos you can weave together. Master these and you should be well on your way to a decent win-rate with the deck.

From the start to the finish of every match, your task is to blend together the Pirate synergies, so as to put immediate pressure on your opponent nice and early on – and then close the match fast. The weapons in your hand – bolstered, perhaps, by some of your Pirates – will allow you to keep the board cleared down, while your minions starting hitting the opponent’s face.

As with so many other aggro decks, it’s really important that you familiarize yourself with all of the most important synergies involved, and so you’ll find the bulk of our strategic advice on the next page. You’ve a lot of low-mana options at your disposal, and so mastering these combos will leave you well-positioned to make a powerful play at each stage of the game.

It can be easy to run out of cards quite quickly with this deck, so it’s important to keep an eye on your potential damage output, and think about how close you are to closing down the match. If you’re a turn or two away from lethal, it’s more important to apply pressure, and let your opponent do the job of clearing down your minions. Spotting that moment is a key part of playing any aggro deck, and can only be learned from experience. This concludes our Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016’s Pirate Warrior.

Pirate Warrior

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