Dragon Priest December 2016

Dragon Priest

Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016 – Dragon Priestdragonpriestmsog

Dragon Priest utilizes Drakonid Operative and Netherspite Historian to be really reactive. I feel like this can counter most archetypes right now, except the very fast ones. This is really strong against other common dragon priests and jade, because it is faster than jade, while being able to keep up in the late game. Make it a note to try and answer the board most of the time and get ahead with a strong entomb/shadow word/ragnaros. Try to build a window of opportunity where you can break away from board removal and go face.

Drakonid Operative: You can use this card to counter the deck of your opponent, but be careful to not give him an advantage. Steal powerful card like Reno/Antonidas/White eyes.

Netherspite Historian: Extremly strong to get fun stuff like a Chromaggus(for complete discover madness) or  Chillmaw, if you need it. Or just enhance your curve.

Brann Bronzebeard: Double Discovery=Double Fun or burst with Blackwing Corruptor.

Card Choices:

Dragonfire Potion: Strong against Jade Decks and Shaman.

Greater Healing Potion: As a counter against Pirate Warrior.

Museum Curator: is like an fun extra to get even more discover power, but you can switch out for a late game card like Medivh or another Drakonid Operator.


Twilight Welp, Northshire Cleric, Netherspite Historian, Museum Curator, Brann/Blackwing Technician(strong coin combo)

Ultimately Dragon Priest is fun to play, because you have a lot of options usually and uses some of the new cards.

Hearthstone Meta Series 1: December 2016 Dragon Priest

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