Eve Online Has Gone Free To Play!

Eve Online Goes Free To Play
Eve Online Now Free To Play

Eve Online

CCP Games have announced free-to-play options for EVE Online available now.

The company outlined the differences between the new free Alpha accounts, and the premium Omega accounts.

If you go the free route, you’ll get certain restrictions including: a limit on available ships, a 24 hour skill queue, and lower training speed.

Here’s a breakdown:

ALPHA CLONES – EVE and some of its most popular ships now available with no monthly subscription. Great for new and returning EVE players.

OMEGA CLONES – are zero-restriction subscription accounts. Full access to every ship, skill, and module in the game makes this the perfect account for the dedicated explorers, combat pilots, and market traders.


What does this mean?:

The universe is accessible for Alpha or Omega, but your likelihood of survival in certain parts of space are going to depend on your ship access, which is limited in Alpha. You have limited queue times for training, which will also be another factor on how often you need to log in.


All in All – This is great for returning players or new players. Try the game with minimal investment (except for your time).

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