Aim Training – Knowledge and Exercises


In this guide we will make sure your settings and knowledge in regard to aim and aim related topics are on point, maximizing your chances of winning engagements with your opponents are optimal. To keep your skills up to snuff, you will need to put in the effort and train your skills as much as possible. Beware this guide covers pistol, SMG and rifle training, although most exercises can be done with the AWP as well.

A 30-40 minute training schedule can be found at the end of this guide.


Learning the right way
Many believe that plenty of repetition is enough to learn certain techniques and while this may be true, it’s not a very effective way of doing so. So how do we learn? We do so by concentrating on certain subjects. Ok, so how then do we concentrate? We do so by actively asking ourselves questions regarding the subject.

But concentrating is tiring and once concentration breaks, you go on autopilot and you’ll start doing things the wrong way. Unfortunately we don’t stop learning when that concentration breaks, so we need to be wary of this. Therefore, in my opinion the best way to learn would be to break things down into short sessions.

I would even argue that for every competitive game you play, it would be best to follow the schedule given in this guide. Think about it. Pro’s are great players but they are also training their skills more then 50% of the time.

Setting up your mouse for CSGO
Before we start working on our own consistency, we need to make sure our hardware and software is consistent. This means having a mouse that has a so called flawless sensor (no built in acceleration, smoothing or angle snapping). H1ghlander has a pretty decent list on mice with such a sensor.

Beware the following changes will drastically change the way your mouse feels and as such your aim might worsen before it gets better!
Next we make sure that Windows acceleration is turned off. As Windows did not implement a way to disable it through an interface, the registry files need to be changed in order to do so. Mark C provides us with the neccesary registry fix[].

As a last step we set the Windows pointer speed to the sixth step and make sure the Enhance Pointer Precision is turned off.

Finding your sensitivity
It’s important to make sure your sensitivity is optimal before you start practicing. Having to change it down the line means resetting progress in your aiming consistency.

There is a lot of information on the internet on how to find the sensitivity that is best suited for you. Personally I think the guide that Adren has made is a solid way to find that perfect sensitivity.

Once you found that sensitivity you should calculate your true sensitivity. Now set your dpi to the native DPI of your mouse if it isn’t already and make up for the difference by adjusting the in game sensitivity accordingly. We do this because generally you get a smoother and more accurate feedback from the sensor on it’s native DPI as changing is a software gimmick that multiplies the DPI.

In Game Settings
As a final step to setting up your sensitivity, you need to set the optimal in game settings. To do this, input the following commands into the console or into your autoexec.

m_rawinput 1
m_mouseaccel1 0
m_mouseaccel2 0
m_customaccel_exponent 1
m_mousespeed 0

Setting the zoom sensitivity to 0.818933027098955175 will ensure that your sensitivity when zoomed in with the AWP or Scout is about equal to your unzoomed sensitivity.
Now don’t forget to optimize your video settings beforehand as a change in resolution for instance will completely change your aim as well.

Techniques and mechanics
CSGO is a skill based FPS because of it’s game mechanics. This means we have to acquire knowledge and develop techniques in order to thrive in this game.

Many agree with me that raw aim makes up for about 20% of your worth as a player. Knowledge is an even more important part of your skill as a player. Blending the two together to create a advantage for yourself and your teammates is what sets good players apart from mediocre players. I’m going to quickly brush over what I think are the most important items regarding techniques and mechanics.

Crosshair placement

  • Unless you’re AWPing, you ALWAYS aim at head height. When AWPing, you aim for center mass.
  • Hug the wall with your crosshair as you clear a corner but leave a small gap to make up for your reaction times.


  • You can stop movement quicker by pressing shift. This is the easy way to stop your movement but it is also less effective.
  • The proper way to stop movement requires a bit more practice and is done by briefly tapping the opposite direction.
  • When movement is stopped, your accuracy is at its highest value.

Peekers advantage

  • When peeking you have an advantage due to the way the game is coded (arguably), but mostly due to the fact that you are in control of the engagement.


  • Try to position yourself in a way that you encounter enemies one at a time.
  • The person furthest from the corner has the biggest advantage.
  • Prefiring common spots can overwhelm unaware opponents.
  • While there are many optimal positions, these positions are the ones that get prefired a lot. Holding an off-angle can surprise your opponent and give you the advantage.


  • Don’t forget to use your utility to isolate, block or blind your opponents.

Understanding the games movement mechanics can help with counterstrafing, peeking and positioning. A good way to train your movement is surfing and creedz.

Other Interesting Tutorials and Guides

Weapon Types
In this guide i will break down the weapons into four main categories and talk about them shortly as we build up to the schedule ahead.

The first round of each half will always be fought out with pistols. These may be considered as the most important rounds of a game as they not only grant your team money to buy SMG’s and rifles, but often they also set the tone for the rest of the game. Losing the pistol round means forcing armor and a pistol with decent armor penetration as you will have to eco the third round if you lose the second round as well anyways.
Now that the importance of winning a pistol round is clear, it should be apparent why training your pistol skills is important and should not be neglected.

I would advise to use the UMP when it comes to SMG’s. It has great armor penetration, it’s highly accurate and has a easily controllable spray pattern. Without a doubt it’s my go to SMG when I’m on eco as it’s the closest a SMG can get to a rifle stats wise.

Most of the time you’ll be playing with a rifle (unless you’re an AWPer and have the economy to utilize this skill), therefore it’s important to practice your rifling skills above all. If you want to be accurate with a rifle, you need to be standing still. The main rifles you should focus your training on are obviously the AK-47 and the M4A4/M4A1s, but don’t neglect the Famas and Galil as you might not always be able to afford these top tier rifles.
Rifles require you to know their spray pattern in order to fire them relatively accurately. It’s also worth mentioning that this spray pattern remains mostly the same when moving while crouched.

Sniper Rifles
There are 3 types of sniper rifles in CS:GO. The AWP, the Scout and the semi-auto sniper rifles. The Scout is great for being mobile, jump shooting and on eco rounds. The AWP is a one shot kill on the chest and head and requires a special skillset. The autosniper is costly and best used on specific maps to hold certain spots as a CT.

Aim Training Schedule
I’ve broken down different disciplines when it comes to aiming so you are able to train these individually. I feel though that the schedule as a whole provides you with all the aim training you need and advise to follow it as is.

Flickshots / Tapshooting / Accuracy

Map: Training_Aim_CSGO2_Dark
Map Settings: Amount= 50-100, Delay= 0.25, Static Target Duration = 0.50
Weapon: AK-47/M4A4/M4A1S
Duration 50-100 targets on each of the 4 levels (5 minutes total)
Goal: Hit as many targets as possible. A general guideline would be between 70-90 hits.
Counterstrafing / Tap shooting

Map: Aim_Botz
Map Settings: Standard settings
Weapon: AK47/M4A4/M4A1S
Duration 5 minutes
Goal: Strafe to one side and then counterstrafe while tapping the fire button. Aim for the target’s head. If the timing is correct the shot should be accurate.

Map: Recoil Master
Map Settings: T-Target on, Ghosthair off
Weapon: AK47/M4A4/M4A1S
Duration 5 minutes
Goal: Practice bursting. Max 10 rounds per burst.
Spray Patterns / Spray Control

Map: Recoil Master
Map Settings: T-Target on, Ghosthair on
Weapon: AK-47/M4A4/M4A1S/Famas/Galil/UMP (pick 2-3 per session)
Duration 5-10 minutes
Goal: Practice controlling the spray pattern of the M4 and AK-47 (10 clips per weapon) and the Famas, Galil, UMP (3 Clips per weapon)
Tracking / Leading / Tap shooting

Map: Fast Aim and Reflex Training Map
Map Settings: Start as CT
Weapon: AK-47
Duration 5 minutes
Goal: Kill enemy targets with headshots.
Pistols / Corner Clearing / Encountering

Map: BOT Aim V5D
Map Settings: Kevlar Enabled (No Helmet), Boxes Enabled, 4-6 Bots, Extra Walls Enabled (Optional)
Weapon: USP/P2000/Glock
Duration 5 minutes
Goal: Clear the corners while making sure you encounter the bots one at a time. Do this on both sides of the map.
Mix against Human opponents

Mode: 1v1 Arena, FFA DM, FFA pistol only DM
Weapon: Pistols, SMG’s, Rifles, AWP
Duration 10 minutes
Goal: Try all different acquired techniques. Kill enemies with sidestep tapshots, headshots, bursts, sprays etc. Find the mode that you like best but be sure to practice both rifles and pistols. When practicing with pistols, always go for headshots.
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