The Division: Vendor Type and Location Guide

The List
Camp Hudson – Weapon and Gear Vendors
Base of Operations (Pensylvania Avenue) – Everything
Hudson Yards – Weapons Vendor
Garment District – Gear Vendor
Tenderloin – Weapons Vendor
Hell’s Kitchen – Gear Vendor
Times Square – Gear Vendor
Clinton – Weapon Vendor
Flatiron District – Gear Vendor
Gramercy – Weapons Vendor
Stuyvesant – Gear Vendor
Kips Bay – Gear Vendor
Murray Hill – Weapons Vendor
Turtle Bay – Gear Vendor
Midtown East – Weapons Vendor

Dark Zone Safe Room Vendors
DZ06 – Dark Zone Special Vendor (phoenix coins only)
DZ05 – Dark Zone Weapon Mod Vendor
DZ04 – Dark Zone Gear Mod Vendor
DZ03 – Dark Zone Weapons Vendor
DZ02 – Dark Zone Gear Vendor

Super helpful map!
Map created by McKillem


Bonus mini-guide!
The cone of fire of your gun, depicted by the reticule expanding and contracting. How well it maintains accurate fire in full auto and recovers and returns to full accuracy after firing.

The recoil of the reticule as a whole, how much you have to ‘fight’ it while firing on full auto.

Initial bullet stability
How much recoil the first bullet fired has. Works great for single shot weapons or for more accurate burst fire. Not so much for full auto or LMGs.

Horizontal stability
The side-to-side jumping during recoil, resulting in more straight-up and therefore controllable recoil.

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