Call of Duty: Black Ops III Shadow of Evil Complete guide

In this guide we will tell you all to know about Shadow of Evil map.

We will talk about:

  • Rituals ( Pieces/Places )
  • Pack A punch
  • Perk places
  • Wonder Weapon ( Apothicon Servant )
  • Zombie shield
  • Civil Protector
  • Fumigator ( Places )
  • Music Easter egg
  • Free Mega gumball EE
  • Swords
  • How to Upgrade swords

Big thanks to jaN/w1zzle for rendering this map HD from the game

Here is his guide:

Early free +500 points
All of you like pts, they are usefull; buy perks,guns,open door etc etc … so more we have early round bettre the game will be.

So let show how to get them, it’s very easy you need one Grenade ( don’t work all time ) or Semtex/Widows wine nade ( work all time ) and you have to go there and aim perfectly where I do,
cook the nade for 4/4.5 sec and throw it

If you do Correctly a note will apprear here:
Take it and tadah free +500 points:

In this part, i think it’s one of the most important. The Perks! yay!
On shadow of Evil there is 7 perks:

  • Juggernog Soda
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap
  • Stamin up
  • Quick Revive
  • Mule Kick
  • Widows wine
Prone in front of the perks to get +100 points.
For Juggernog Soda/Speed Cola/Double Tap thoose perks are randomly placed on the 3 districts ( Footlight/Waterfront/Canals )

Here a photo for knowing what perks is in each districts. Here in canal, it’s speed cola. ( The perk rotates every games randomly don’t take this as an example )

Now all the perk places:

Quick Revive is always on the spawn room near the fumigator truck and this window.

Stamin up is always here on juction near the Free gumball place.

Mule kick is always on the strairs on top of the rift room/area.

Widows Wine is always on the rift room/area near the canals portal.

For jugg/speedcola/double tap here the 3 places:

On canals on the room near the station ( open the station door or open the stairs on beast mode near the junction/canals bridge )

On waterfront near the Cthulhu statue ( Open the bridge door or open the stairs on beast mode at the left on the Waterfront entrance )

On footlight near the box spot ( Open the strairs on beast mode near the Cthulhu Statue ) ( perk is on the right of the pic )

If you don’t know what i’m talking about when i said cthulhu statues, it’s the statues in the big wood boxes that you can break on beast mode ( always break thoose when you can it’s a sword part ( for this check the Swords section )

For the fumigator there is one in each district ( 4 to be precise ).

I noticed 12 fumigator spawns here they are:

1 – Spawn back of truck
2 – Spawn box near beast
3 – Spawn behind on wall
4 – Junction box near crane
5 – Junction chair near Stamin-Up
6 – Junction box near Mens Store
7 – Junction box near fruit
8 – Canals box near beast; on right after first bridge
9 – Canals Box near coffee shop and a Gobble Gum
10 – Waterfront rubble on left
11 – Waterfront corner box after left turn, near a Gobble Gum
12 – Waterfront highstreet waterfront; Up beast steps to the left on a box



Pack-A-Punch is a must if you want to go for high rounds, on shadows of evil it’s on a secret room in the rift area that open after you do all the rituals.
In shadow of evil the PAP look like that:
The PAP room look like that:

    What does the PAP do ?

  • Your gun become more powerfull for 5000pts
  • You can Re-PAP for 2500pts and it gives you 5 little powerups
  • It replenish the ammo of your gun ( it don’t work when you Re-PAP your gun )
  • You have More Ammo
    The 5 Re-PAP upgrades

  • Blast Furnace
  • FireWorks
  • Dead Wire
  • Turned
  • Thunder Wall

What does they do ?

Blast Furnace burn certain zombies to death ( only a little group ).
Dead Wire act like a little Wunderwaffe and electrify some zombies, it can make a little chain
Turned can turn a zombie against the zombies ( in fact they become friendly ) and it punch the other zombies to death ( the turned zombie One Punch the other; but you don’t get points for this )
Fire Works make a gun spawn and shoot the zombies for couple of seconds
Thunder Wall make like a “thunder gun” effect that blow back the zombies ( and kill them btw )


Sword Icon:

To unlock the sword you have to find 3 signs that is on the railway to find them you have to take the train: Notice that the signs change every games
The Canal window:
The Footlight window:
The Waterfront window:

After go to this wall, turn on beast mode and you will see all the signs, Zap the 3 you saw before and the wall will open:

Take one egg and put it on the 4 cthulhu statues and kill zombies around them ( 12-15 )
The Rift one:
The Canal one:
The Footlight one:
The Waterfront one:

After go where you took the egg and place it on the sword; and tadah your sword is ready to use:

Upgrading swords
After get ur sword, you probably want to upgrade it. For me i think upgrading the sword is easier than create it.

For the 1st step you have to take your egg ( arch-ovum ) from your ghost.

Your ghost depends of your character:

Jessica Rose ( the girl ): Burlesque/Footlight Ritual
Jack Vincent ( The cop ): Ruby Rabbit/Canal Ritual
Floyd Campbell ( The boxer ): The boxing gym/Waterfront Ritual
Nero Blackstone ( The magician ): Nero’s lair/Junction Ritual

After you have to go on each district ( Junction/Canals/Waterfront/Footlight ) and place your arch-ovum on thoose red signs on the ground.
/!\ You can do only one ritual per round. And only one person can do it at a time /!\

Junction arch-ovum:
Waterfront Arch-Ovum:
Canal Arch-Ovum:
Footlight Arch-Ovum:
After the 4 rituals go to your ghost and give him the egg and he will give you back the “Rebon Sword”. This Sword is like the normal one but the special ability ( Right Click ) is different; the upgraded one make a little reborn sword appear and this sword help you to kill zombies until the sword power goes.

Wonder Weapon
The wonder weapon is one of my favorite guns here a photo:
The wonder weapon can’t be upgraded/PaP for the moment ( they patched the glitches ) and we also need more info for the upgrade Easter Egg.
The WW have also 4 differents names that are:

  • Kor-Maroth
  • Mar-Astagua
  • Nar-Ullaqua
  • Lor-Zarozzor

Here how to build the wonder weapon:

1st you will need the Margwa heart
It spawns when you kill your 1st margwa and it keep spawning until you’ve picked it.

2nd you will need the Xenomatter ( or eggs whatever you call it )
It spawn in the rounds 10 to 20 when you kill a Meatball ( RAPS ) or a Flying creature.

and 3rd you need the margwa tentacle
It spawn when you open a Purple Pod ( they spawns on round 10/12 if you don’t open pods ).

When you have all the 3 parts: go to a crafting station.
There is 3 stations on the map:

  • One in the footlight bridge on the corner ( open the station door )
  • One in waterfront behind the boxing gym
  • One in Canals near the Station strairs in front of the Rubby Rabbit
For this part, there is 2 music in SoE the 1st one is named “Snakeskin Boots” and the 2nd one is named “Cold hard cash”

How to activate Snakeskin Boots :

You need to activate 3 radios all around the map.

/!\ They can be activated in any orders /!\

To activate them press your “Use” keybind

1st radio

2nd radio

3rd radio

How to activate Cold Hard Cash :

For that you need to Find 3 parts:

  • The Micro Stand
  • The Microphone
  • The Cable
/!\ They can be tanken in any orders /!\

To take them press your “Use” keybind

The Micro stand is in Nero’s Lair near the big saw and a shelf:

The Cables are in front of the electricity for open the canal ritual piece ( cop badge ), under the strairs:

The Micro is on the rift room above Widows Wine near a bench:

After go to the Burlesque ( footlight ritual ) and in front of the ritual table you will notice a Micro ( Press “Use” keybind to active it ) and the music will be played.

Zombie Shield/Rocket Shield
The zombie shield, The usefull zombie shield, the life savior … ( ok ok, i stop that )

For the zombie shield you have to find 3 parts

  • The top
  • The Bottom
  • The Thrusters

All the parts are near/in the perks rooms:

The top is on footlight perk place; ( we can see the shield part on the left and the perk on the right )

The bottom is on canal bridge of the perk place:

The thrusters are in the waterfront perk place /!\ This piece is very little and can be hard to find sometimes so spam your “Use” keybind to find it or just search. /!\:

When you have the 3 parts go to a crafting station and go build the shield and take it; now your back is cover until the shield break. If it break go to the crafting station where you build it and re-take the shield.

Civil Protector
I love the civil protector and this guy worth his 2000 pts cost.

The civil protector help you to kill:

  • Zombies ( logic no ? )
  • Meatballs ( RAPS; very usefull for the main EE )
  • Flying thing
  • Margwas

And this guy also revive you

To activate him you have to find 3 Fuses all around the map ( don’t worry they are little but not hard to find )
There is one on each district:

On the waterfront Bridge ( open the station door or the Perk room one )

On the Footlight brige ( open the station door or the Perk room one )

On the Canals Bridge ( open the station door or the Perk room one )

The fuses are little blue pieces and they are blinking so thats why i said it’s not hard to find them if you don’t find them you’re stupid or blind

Fuse look like that in-game: ( this one is the canal one )

When you have the 3 Fuses go Here on the rift Area and place the fuses Here:

Free Mega gumball Easter Egg
On Shadow of Evil you can get a free mega gumball very easily.

To start you will need Widows wine perk and the 4 semtex ( widows wine grenades ) and go here:
You have to put you nades like that or it will not work:

Put your nades in the Lions mouths and if you done correctly you will hear a little lion roar, and in one of the lions mouth there will be a little white ball. Press “Use” keybind to take it.

Then go to this location:
and press your “Use” Keybind( again yeah ) and wait 1/2 rounds for it become bigger:
and take it (Should i say it’s “Use” Keybind again ? ) and tadah ! free mega gumball.


  • You get a Random one ( free perkaholic ?! )
  • It’s 1 per person & per map
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