Limitless The Tv Series Review

Summary: Based on the film of the same name, with the help of the NZT drug to utilize all of his brain’s capabilities, Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) works with the FBI in New York with Special Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) and Special Agent Boyle (Hill Harper) to help solve cases. Brian also secretly knows Senator Edward Mora (Bradley Cooper), who has big ambitions for both of them.



Limitless retains the flippant style of the movie, especially in Brian’s voice-overs, which distinguishes it from many of the others. The guy is a mega-genius, but he’s a likable one. It started as a continuance of limitless movie but suddenly ( very illogically ) they involve cops and it becomes another case solving genius story.

I cannot understand why anyone take this story and turn it into nothing. There are so many case solving genius TV series , why would you make another one? With that said i still enjoyed the Show and rate it 4 our of 5 stars. It is worth watching. Lets hope they move beyond the cop plot they currently have set.

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