This Review is based on current state of game.

Game Pros
• Open world
• Not a GPU/CPU heavy game. Easily runnable. Smooth as butter.
• Beautiful cut scenes/visuals
• Clean menu
• In-depth story
• Night/Day Cycle
• Weather effects how you take on missions
• You can easily get immersed in the game and play it for hours without even knowing it
• Tons of mission and side objectives
• Everything you do in-game affects the current and future missions
• Those who can stragically plan better will have an easier time progressing through missions with a higher score
• Various weapons/tools/items/gear to research
• Custmomizable “Mother Base” with soldiers and objects/items from the open world
• You can infiltrate other players bases and steal soldiers/resources
• Dog Companion that grows with you throughout the game (Must find puppy on battlefield and extract it to acquire one)
• Intelligent AI (If they want to hunt you down and kill you. They will)
• If you punch one of your soldiers in the face, They’ll thank you for it.
• Not a game you can just breeze through in just 10-20 hours. Yes. It will take a lot more time.

Controversial Features
• Mission checkpoints can have a large gap. Punishing your stupidity and impatience

Game Cons
• Other than the prologue which contained a ton of cut scenes. There isn’t a lot of cut scenes after that. Wish there was a little more (Not that big of a deal)
• AI and player pathing has a few bugs when encountering ladders or something of the sort in small places (Doesn’t happen a lot. But had to throw it in)
• Can feel repetitve at times (Go here and kill/rescure this person)
• Hackers have already been spotted while online (FoB Attacks)

Relateable Games
• Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is already on my favorite games list. The amount of content and things to do is incredible. The developers took some serious time to plan out everything. Overall, they put thought into every little detail to make this game what it is. If you got the time and patience to take on a lot of soldiers on your own, investigate, interrogate, and annihilate. Then this is the game for you. If I left anything out, please leave a comment below!

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