Free Smite Skins

Free Smite Skins

Here is a few ways you can get free Smite skins and Gems:

  • You can get a free Water Dancer Nu Wa skin by subscribing to the youtube channel – link
  • Following @SmiteGame on twitter will grant you a Stalker Artemis skinlink If you don’t receive a code via twitter massage after following then you have to send a ticked to smite support with a screenshot of you following @SmiteGame. And YES this actually works, you will receive your skin code within 12 hours.
  • You can get a Solar Eclipse Ra skin by liking smite on facebook – link
  • You can get free 200 gems from curse for installing curse voice for smite – link
    u will receive an email with the gem code shortly after installing curse voice and adding Smite. Play a smite game while curse is running to make sure.(well you can always go to practice and come back to lobby it counts as 1 game) You should receive an email from Curse like this after installing and adding smite
  • Curse also gives you a free Curse Voice Apollo skin. You will receive another email with the Apollo skin code after you have played 5 games with curse voice( u can simply go to practice and return to lobby 5 times)
  • You can get a free Tiermonster in game Icon by signing up on their website – link Click on the account tab after logging in to receive your code.
  • You can unlock free 200 gems, 400 gems or Zeus Almighty Skin via Raptr. Sign up and earn RP points via various ways, after you have enough RP points you can purchase codes. You can easily get the Zeus Almighty Skin for 1000 RP just by signing up and completing all basic tasks, this will get you near 800+ RP points, then you can download the desktop app and optimize a game and play a optimized game while Raptr is running(u can just run the game in background if you really don’t wanna play, just make sure u run the game from Raptr). This will get you to 1000+ RP. You can find details on the website including how to install desktop app and all possible ways of earning free RP points. Note : The following Raptr rewards are limited, they may expire when the time ends, so make sure u get them before the timer runs out 200 Gems 400 Gems Zeus Almighty Skin
  • Overwolf is giving away free Metal Carnage Fenrir and Frostfrang Fenrir details can be found here – link Just register and download Overwolf from Overwolf Official Website and simply install the app, go to the giveaway section (in-app) and check both giveaways. Metal Carnage will “cost” you 30 hours of in-game playtime, whereas Frostfang will run you merely 3 hours – The timers will both count at the same time so long as you are in SMITE with the app present and logged in. You can just run the game in background and keep your client open for the duration, don’t need to play. NOTE ** Metal Carnage Fenrir promotion is no longer available **
  • Tribes Ascend player who has achieved level 50 OR has purchased the Game of the Year Edition for Tribes Ascend will received the Blood Eagle skin for the god Thor in SMITE – link
  • You can also keep track of ongoing free giveaways from here – link or link
  • You can also do surveys on the Smite website to receive free gems, got about 270 myself from it about 1.5 years ago. Some things to keep in mind though:
    • Make a fake email for verification and only fill in fake data in the survey forms.
    • When a survey asks to install software on your PC, close it. You’d only want to do the online forms or enquêtes.
    • IMPORTANT: After you’ve completed a survey, make a screenshot as prove. I’ll get back to why you should do this below.
    • Each of the surveys will have a timer varying from a few hours to a few days before you should receive gems. This timer is displayed at the surveys on the Smite website. If you haven’t received the gems after this timer ran out (which happens 95% of the time). Submit the screenshot as prove in the report form.
    • NOTE: Most of these surveys are different per country and it is also possible to have no surveys available in your country.

    And that’s it. It might take about an hour and you get about 100-400 gems. For some people its easier to just work for an hour and buy gems, but not everyone has work like me 1.5 years ago.

  •  Zeus skin for both Xbox and PC if you link your Microsoft account.

All skin codes will also unlock the gods if you already don’t own them.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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    I took a screenshot but don’t know how to submit it.Can u teach me.

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    uhmm where are the links ??

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