Project M: A Quick Guide to the Popular Smash Bros Mod

Every gamer has a memory of Super Smash Bros, and with the rise of e-Sports and the release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3ds, Smash is just becoming more popular. However, most hard core smashers would agree that Melee (released 2001 for Gamecube) is the greatest entry of the four game franchise. With its fast pace and heavy gravity, Melee attracts most competitive smashers. Following Melee was Brawl (release 2008 for Wii), and while Brawl offered a larger selection of characters, stages, items, modes and general content, the slower, bouncier gameplay deterred many smashers from moving away from Melee. Up until this year, there was no medium. The release of Smash Bros for Wii U/3ds offers a mix between the styles of Melee and Brawl, but it took seven years for the Brawl follow-up to come out and it still doesn’t match up to Melee’s destructive pace. Fortunately, some good people on the internet came up with a solution: Project M.

What is Project M?

Project M is described on their website as a “community-made mod of Brawl inspired by Melee’s gameplay.” So essentially, Project M is the closest thing out there to a direct sequel to Melee. The best thing? Project M is free to download on their website. All you need is a Wii, Homebrew and a 2 GB SD card. And of course, following the lead of hard core smashers, a Gamecube controller is recommended.

What Makes Project M Special?

300px-Project_M_CharactersProject M, at its roots, essentially takes all the content of Brawls and adjusts it to Melee’s style and flow. That means that Project M boasts a larger roster, better graphics, more stages and more flexibility. It also has unique features made specifically for the game. For example, the “Turbo” mode allows characters to end the lag time after a successful attack; this leads to long, brutal combos that are always fun to watch.

But this is just what’s included with Project M. Brawl Vault, a community website, offers hundreds of additional mods ranging from small things, such as different textures or skins for characters, to large things, such as additional stages/characters. Also on Brawl Vault are links to programs that help you mod the game yourself, so you can change characters, stages, textures and sounds of the game. So at the end of the day, you can have Mario fighting Goku on a stage you designed yourself. It’s the most personalized version of Smash Bros around.

Why Play Project M?

Project M was made by fans for fans. The game has been constantly getting updates and currently is on their 3.6 Beta with more changes to come. While the game may never be quite the same as Melee and will never compete with the size of Smash Wii U/3ds, it has become a game of its own. Project M is often offered as a platform at competitive Smash Bros tournaments, and with the growing popularity of Smash Bros as a FGC, there is no sign of Project M’s popularity dwindling. Smash Bros is also recognized as a great way for gamers to break into e-Sports. Smash Bros in general has low barriers to entry as it doesn’t takes years of practice or loads of money to become a good player. Project M, with its personalization, should be enough to draw anyone who is even slightly interested in Smash Bros.


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