PS4 Modding Guide

All credits to Team Reckz0r & x-s4nd3r.
***IMPORTANT***** – You need the DAY ONE Update to jailbreak the PS4, otherwise these files will be considered unrecognizable.

Let’s Get started with our PS4 Modding Guide:

1. Create a folder on your USB storage device. This is where you’ll put the exploit.
2. Create a “SANDERPS4” folder. Inside that folder, create another folder named “EXP.”
3. Extract the PSORBISEXP.PUP file from the package, and save it in the EXP folder.
4. Make sure your PlayStation 4 is turned off.
5. Connect the USB storage device to your PlayStation 4, and press the power button for at least 7 seconds. The PlayStation 4 will start in Safe Mode.
6. Select “Update System Software.”
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
8. If your PlayStation 4 doesn’t recognize the jailbreaking file, make sure that the folder and file names are correct.
Remember: Do not go online or your console will be banned

The 2nd way you can do it is in the video below:
I’m gonna show you how to install PS4 games on your console for the first time.
The interesting part is that, in this case, we don’t need to work with the firmware!So first of all, we need a computer and a PS4 console. Both PS4 and computer must be connected through the same network by a router, modem router or need to find your IP address and write it down, you can find it in the network centre in your PC.After that, in your PS4, go to the Setting – and then Network, and make sure you have checked the “Connect to internet”In the “Set up internet connection” we need to create a “new connection” based on proxy.
Click on it, choose “Lan” and then “custom”. Put all the fields on “auto”or “do not use”
In the “proxy” click “use” and enter the IP address we already got. enter 8080 in “port” and click on Next. And then click “Test internet connection” and wait for it. We only need the IP address to show it’s successful. Don’t care about internet connection. and close the page when you are done.
Then go back to your computer
We are gonna edit the download link and put a new link there. That’s the bug! in this case We need to install a web debugger software to see all send and receiving package files.
We can use different programs to do this, here i used an easy one called “PSX Download helper”, which you can download it from the link I provided in the description.

So Install and open the program, and then choose your IP and enter 8080 for the port.
Click on the green button in order to lunch the program and to receive the packages.
Keep your computer open in this mode, and go back for your PS4 console. Now your PS4 should be connected to the internet. To make sure it’s connected click on “Test internet connection” from “setting”. It should shows successfully connected , if not, you probably made a mistake in one of the previous steps. you can use “view network status
from “Network” to check your status.
After that go to the “Playstation store” from the main menu, and select a free or demo game from the “free to play” section. Make sure select a game with the maximum size, something like “DC Universe” which is almost 23GB. In this case you can switch this link to a new game which should be less than 4.9gb because of BlackLight Game Size.

So select your game, and click on download. Now from “notification” go to “download” and make sure it’s downloading. If there is a Update file over there, just remove it, and keep the game to be downloaded.
Now go back to main menu, and then setting ,and then network; and disconnect the internet, and go back to the main menu.

Now go back to Setting – Network and set Network Connection off, go back to your computer again, we should see the download links. Select the download link, make sure it’s not the update link . And then from the middle Field click on the chinese browse button to browse into your computer and select the game you already downloaded. Remember download your game in PSN package before starting this tutorial.
Now go back to your console, and from “setting” select “network” and connect your internet. and from notification go to downloads. You will see that PS4 is downloading your game instead of the free game. And also the size of the game is should change to its size.

Now wait for download to be completed. After downloading and installing the game it says “Cannot install”, but ignore that. the game is already installed. You can see the game from the main menu.

That’s it!

Hope you guys enjoy this special way of installing games.
I like to call it PS4all. but please purchase games if you are able to. this is only for those who can’t afford the games.

Thank you all for watching this video. and we are waiting for other guys to crack the PS4 games so we can play games all together!

Thank you!

I will update this post when i find new ways to hack your ps4. Please be very careful and have a fun time modding your console.

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