How to Burn Wii Games

How to Burn Wii Games, by Carson

First off, this website will let you identify your Wii’s DVD drive, so you will know what modchip to use ​

Learn how to burn Nintendo Wii Games for free, that are able to play online with WiiConnect24. Playing these will not get you banned.

How to Burn Playable Games for the Nintendo Wii

Written by Carson

Difficulty: 1/10

First off, you’re gonna want quality media. Wiis are very picky and the type of DVD-R’s you use. I highly recommend Verbatim, they will work every time. You don’t need Dual-Layer, you can use DVD-R or DVD+R.


All aspect of this tutorial done
DVD Burner
Quality DVD-/+R Media (Verbatim)
ImgBurn (Click to download, Freeware)
A Place to download games


Step 1: Insert the Blank DVD into your DVD DriveStep 2: Open ImgBurn. You should see a screen like this:


Step 3: Click “Browse for a File”:


Step 4: Select the .ISO file you have downloaded. Click “Open”:


Step 5: In ImgBurn, set the Write Speed to either 2x or 2.4x:


Step 6: Click “Write”:


Step 7: Congratulations, your game is now burning! It should look like this:


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