GTA Online: All About Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives are three random tasks given to each players who has rank 15 or higher each day that will net cash and RP awards when completed.

Each Daily Objective completed will reward you 25,000GTA$ and 3,000RP with most of them requiring little to no fee, making Daily Objective one of the best and fastest way to earn cash.

Definition of Daily Objective

Daily Objectives are three random tasks given to each players who has rank 15 or higher each day that will net cash and RP awards when completed.Each Daily Objective completed will reward you 25,000GTA$ and 3,000RP with most of them requiring little to no fee, making Daily Objective one of the best and fastest way to earn cash. They reset every 6:00AM UTC.

Checking your Assignments

Enter your Interactive Menu (default:M), then choose Daily Objectives.You will see three objectives. These are your today’s objectives. Complete all three to earn cash and RP. They don’t need to be completed in order, so start with one you feel comfortable.

Like I mentioned before, the goals reset on every 6:00 AM (UTC). So make sure you are not late to the party!


Bribe the cops then cause havoc
You’ll need a long vehicle such as Bus or truck with oil tank, etc. Bring it to a place with large traffic such as Senora Freeway. Block the entire lanes and then call Lester, and activate Cops Turn Blind Eye Grab your favourite explosive and then you know the rest. It requires $5000 fee.Call a Mugger on another player
You can call a Mugger on a player after Rank 50. Go on public server and then call Lamar then choose Mugger. Choose any random victim and take a drink. Requires $1000 fee.

Challenge a player at Darts
Challenge a player at Golf

Something you can’t do alone, simply host these activities and then invite someone (either a stranger or your friend). Golf can only be played on Los Santos Golf Club, while Darts are only available on an inn located on Sandy Shores. Alternatively, simply join another’s session. Remember that while these activities can be played alone, objective will not register if you do so.

Collect a bounty
Something you can’t do alone again, it’s self-explanatory; simply kill a player with bounty on his/her head. They are indicated by red skull mark on GPS. Watch out, as there are lots and lots of other players who will hunt them down for goods.
Alternatively, get a friend over to your server and set a bounty over his/her head, then kill him/her. This will save you some time, but will require a mininum of $2000 fee.

Collect an Ammo Drop
From Rank 12 and onward, player can call Merryweather Security Consulting and request an ammo drop. Simply do it and collect the drop. It requires $1000 fee.

Complete a Contact Mission
Call any contact and start their mission. I recommend Gerald as his missions are extremely easy. However it doesn’t really matter.

Complete a Flight School lesson
Self-explanatory; BTW, you are allowed to complete lesson that you’ve already completed before. Also, don’t worry about getting Gold medal. Remember, your objective is to get your Daily Objective reward, not to get a gold medal. (although it helps!)

Complete a Gang Attack
If you are at or over Rank 18, you can initiate a Gang Attack by entering the red circles scattered around across the San Andreas. Survive them to complete this task.


Deliver a vehicle to Simeon
Simeon Yetarian, in case anyone was incompetent enough to not even finish the very first mission of the Story Mode, is a corrupt automobile dealer of Armenian descendant. He will very often send a spam mails which kindly asks players to deliver specific vehicles for him after reaching Rank 10, probably to annoy you. The vehicles ranges from SUV like Cheval Surge, to a fine sedan like Obey Tailgater. After jacking the specified car from the street (you can access the list via your phone), you will gain a two wanted stars. You must respray the vehicle at the Los Santos Customs and deliver it to his garage in Elysian Island.
Rank 10.Destroy 5 vehicles
Destroy 10 vehicles
Destroy 20 vehicles

Best way to do this is to follow “Bribe the cops then cause havoc” but without using Lester’s function. A word of advice, usually Gerald’s mission tend to disable Wanted Levels, so my advice is to start one of his mission (by calling him), and then complete the task.

Evade a 2 star wanted level
Evade a 3 star wanted level
Evade a 4 star wanted level

Fastest way to earn 2 star level is by killing civilians. Using same logic, earn 3 star level by injuring police officer, and earn 4 star level by entering Fort Zancudo.
Best way to evade them is to use the underground tunnel located near the Union Depository.

Fall 325 feet and survive (=99.06m)
Self-explanatory. Remember to get a helicopter/plane[] and a parachute. You can see your current altitude via accessing the first-person viewmode while in cockpit. Look for the dial that says ALT; big hand measures in hundreds while small hand measures in thousands (in feet). Diamonds to UnluckyFriedKitten for this information!

Fly under a bridge in an Air Race
Self explanatory. Join an Air Race and then fly under a bridge. Knife fligts allowed. (Fly between two buildings while on knife position) As Air Race can be played alone, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Have a private dance at the Vanilla Unicorn
Enter Vanila Unicorn Gentlemen’s Club located on Elgin Avenue in Strawberry, Los Santos. You know the rest!Hold up a store
Convenient Stores are located all over San Andreas. Rob them to complete the task. Two wanted star will be attained, three if clerk was killed.


Kill 5 players
Kill 10 players
Kill 20 players

Participate in Deathmatch, you know the rest. The End. Killing same player over and over again is allowed. But watch out, if you do that he could grind his teeth to death to revenge you!Kill a revealed player
Kill someone whilst off-radar

Call Lester to either hide yourself or reveal players. Best way to complete is to get a friend involved and complete it with the help of him/her. But be aware! Your friend ain’t gonna like when you kill them! But don’t be a ♥♥♥♥♥ who goes into passive mode after you kill someone.


Mod a vehicle at a Car Mod Shop
Bring any car into Los Santos Customs and then mod it. Sports cars are not allowed so use cheaper vehicles. A good thing about this is that ANY modification will complete it. I tend to choose a License Plate upgrade as they only cost about $200. You can choose more expensive upgrade but remember if you want maximum payout you’ve got to save some!


Parachute dangerously
Parachute from 200 feet. It’s roughly 60.96 meters. Do it similar to “Fall 325 feet and survive” task.
Alternatively, if you want to beat this more like a pro, the “D” at the infamous Vinewood Sign is roughly 60 metres high. So you can very easily complete this task by going there and jumping from the very top of the “D” sign. Parachute also spawns, saving you an extra $500.
Also, when I said “D” I mean literal “D”. Nothing sexual intended.Parachute from 325 feet (=99.06m)
Parachute from 500 feet (=152.4m)
Parachute from 600 feet (=182.88m)
Self explanatory. Do it similar to “Fall 325 feet and survive” task.

Participate in a 1 on 1 Deathmatch
Self-explanatory; hardest thing about this task is that no one plays this mode as it is glitchy currently. Best to get a friend involved!

Participate in a Capture:Contend
Participate in a Capture:GTA
Participate in a Capture:Hold
Participate in a Capture:Raid

Like one-on-one Deathmatch, people rarely plays Capture gamemode. I personally invite my friends to complete it, but good luck and god help you especially if you happened to got Capture:Hold. You don’t need to finish it.

Participate in a Deathmatch
Participate in a Team Deathmatch
Participate in a Vehicle Deathmatch

Self explanatory, easy to complete. You don’t need to finish it.

Participate in a Last Team Standing
Self-explanatory. Just FYI, the LTS on Paleto Bay and Cypress Flats got a hidden weapon.

Participate in a Parachute Jump
Self-explanatory. Can be completed alone.

Participate in a Bike Race
Participate in a GTA Race
Participate in a Land Race
Participate in a Non-Contact Race
Participate in a Race
Participate in a Rally Race
Participate in a Sea Race
Participate in an Air Race
Participate in an Impromptu Race

All self-explanatory and easy to complete. Some can even be completed on your own! The only problem is the Rally Race and Impromptu Race which becomes annoying since it requires two players and no one accepts it. Best to have a friend involved, again. For Rally Race, I (and half the humanity) recommend using Criminal Records Race with one lap. For Impromptu Race, I prefer to use Alta Street as it is very straight road and is located in center of the city.

Participate in a Survival
Self-explanatory. You don’t need to finish it.

Participate in a Versus Mission
Self-explanatory. Cannot be completed alone so prepare to face menacing strangers or your blood-thirsty friends.

Perform a Stunt Jump
Self-explanatory; locations for stunt jumps can be found at here[].
WARNING: There has been a numerous reportings about this task. It appears that jumps you previously completed is not eligible for completing this task, making player who has completed all stunt jumps unable to get his reward. I do not know whether this bug was fixed or not as I’m yet to recieve this task. Contact Rockstar Support if this particular problem occurs.

Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds
Self-explanatory; I find it easier to perform wheelie on airport runaway.

Play a game of Arm Wrestling
Play a game of Tennis

These games require two players. So either play with strangers or your favourite friend. Remember that for Tennis, opponent must not disconnect during the play. Also Arm Wrestling works like total bum in PC version. I don’t know why but it simply is so glitchy.

Play a game of Darts
Play a round of Golf

Hooray! These can be completed alone. Golf can be played at Los Santos Golf Club, while Darts can be played on an inn located in Sandy Shores. You don’t need to win so I usually get my macro ready.

Pull a parachute 30 meters from the ground
Self-explanatory; do it similar to “Fall 325 feet and survive” task. 30 meters is roughly 98.4 feet.

Ride on one of the Fairground Rides
Fairground Rides are located and can be ridden at the Del Perro Pier, Vespucci Beach, Los Santos. It requires 10$ fee. Rollercoaster completes faster.


Steal 5 vehicles
Steal 10 vehicles
Steal 20 vehicles

Self-explanatory. Similar to Destory X number of vehicles tasks, enter any Gerald’s mission as it will disable police activity.Steal a vehicle from the military base
Get a fast vehicle like Dinka Akuma, or protective vehicle like Armored Karin Kuruma. Enter the Fort Zancudo using the ramp on Mount Josiah. Simply enter any military vehicle there. You don’t need to bring it out of the base, just enter and it’s done. R.I.P. however, as you are gonna have a hard time getting out of there. Alternatively you can call Lester to have Cops Turn Blind Eye, but will you really spend $5000 for this?

Use some Bull Shark Testosterone
Players can ask for a delivery of Bull Shark Testosterone from Rank 17 and onward. Call brucie and he will drop it near for you. Collect it to complete this task. Requires $500 fee.


Visit the Ammu-Nation Shooting Range
Shooting Range is only available on Ammu-Nation located on Phillbox Hill and Cypress Flats. They are marked on GPS with distinctive icons. Simply enter them. Although range usually requires two person, You can do it alone. Remember that COMPLETED sign must appear to complete the task, so do not leave before that!Watch a movie
On Oriental Theater, Tivoli Cinema, and Ten Cent Theater, players can watch a movie. Simply watch it to complete the task. Requires $20 fee.


No tasks start with Y-Z currently. Reserved for future updates. (unlikely, I know.)


Daily pay:
3,000 RP
Since each Daily objective have 3 tasks, that’s 8333.33$ for each task. Remember, highest fee possible is the “Bribe the cops” task, which requires a fee of 5000$. So even if you get this task you are earning! (As long as you don’t spend too much on explosives…)Weekly pay:
15,000 RP
The bonus is elligible for players who participated in all seven consecutive Daily Objectives. That means if you miss today’s objectives, you will have to start your streaks from the very start. You will get this bonus when you complete your seventh Daily Objectives. This is not a bonus pay, by the way. So you won’t get $100,000 AND a normal daily pay of $25,000.

Monthly pay:
50,000 RP
Similar to the weekly pay above, the bonus is only valid when you complete your Daily Objectives consecutively for 28(7×4) days straight.

In addition to all these:
Your 10th completed activity will have an additional $10,000 bonus.
Your 25th completed activity will have an additional $20,000 bonus.
Your 50th completed activity will have an additional $50,000 bonus.
Your 100th completed activity will have an additional $100,000 bonus.

So, let’s use some math.

25000*(28-4) + 100000*(4-1) + 500000*1 + (10000 + 20000 + 50000) = TOTAL $1,480,000
3000*(28-4) + 15000*(4-1) + 50000*1 = TOTAL 167,000 RP

Remember, these calculations only took pure rewards into consideration. The total will increase due to you getting an extra RPs and GTA$ by completing various activities requested (such as Deathmatch, bounties, etc.)

How do I check my current progress/streaks?

You can check your current Daily Objectives streaks by accessing your Online character, go in to pause menu, Statistics, Awards, then General. It’s on the last page, and you will see the mentioned 1, 7, and 28 days awards with how much days you’ve completed so far.
Diamonds to Galbra :3 for this information!

It’s All About Money

Although Daily Objectives are glitchy, pays less than Fleeca Job (which is currently highest paying job considering it’s easy difficuty and relatively high payout) and sometimes hard to get, it still is a nice way to earn extra cash. Best way is to have a faithful friend and help each other as there are things hard to complete alone. But it’s your choice. Have a good luck being an ultimate slave of GTA Online!

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