CS:GO How to Research Bets

1. Twitter ( https://twitter.com/ )
Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with all the current things going on in Counter Strike it is also a great way to keep up to date with all the teams and there players. Going through and checking Twitter can be quite helpful sometimes not always though. Some things to look for are if there is a last minute roster change, If one of their team players isn’t feeling well, there team is taking a holiday soon and they hint that they don’t really care for the match. You will obviously find a lot more.

. News direct from the source
. See updates as soon as they come out

Esea is all over the world and chances are that the team you are betting on are in a Esea league. Even if your team is also playing Cevo game it’s still worth checking Esea for their previous results. In Esea you can also check some other things like scrims along with various other stats. When I look at scrims its important to note even if your team lost to a lower unknown team. Not to really worry to much about it. Most likely your team was trying new strategies or they don’t care.

. Check Scrims
. Statistics
. Check team pages with links to there websites and Twitter.
. League tables
. Demos
. Available in many different languages
. Forum
. News ( http://news.esea.net/ )

3. Hltv ( Hltv.org )
Hltv is great it always has the latest news on the Counter Strike pro scene. See news quickly showing roster changes, up and coming tournaments and lots more. Best place I can think of to view and read news quickly.

. Check official roster
. Check a load of different stats
. Check all previous results for games that can be bet on
. News from roster changes and from the cs go scene
. Up and coming tournaments

4. Cevo NA/EU ( https://cevo.com/ )
Currently Cevo just does NA and EU tournaments. These tournaments tend to be big with lots of lower tier teams compete. Cevo also have leagues as well.

. Check Tournament brackets
. Demos (Videos of games)
. Statistics
. News
. Forum
. YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/user/playCEVO )

5. Analysts
I would always try and use at least 3 Analysts. When it comes to betting you want to make sure you’re cross referencing your sources. Never just use one source and bet according to that make sure to always use a few and get the general vibe for who you think has the upper hand to win the match. Here is a list below that I would recommend.

CS:GO Esports Betting Anaylst & Advice (Me) http://csgoesportz.com/

CS:GO Bet Guru http://www.csgobetting.guru/

CS:GO Lounge Anaylst + Advice https://www.facebook.com/CSGOAA?fref=ts

CS:GO Lounge Betting Advice – CS:GO BA https://www.facebook.com/CsGoBettingAdvices?fref=ts

6. Closed Betting Steam Groups
There are closed steam betting groups around where to be able to enter and view the steam group content you are required to pay keys to get in. Quite often you have to pay every month. Personally I have never use these and most likely never will. Of course there are pros and cons to these groups.

7. Open Betting Steam Groups
If you hunt around hard enough you can find quite a few open betting groups. These tend to post advice on occasions but aren’t always consistent. May be a good idea to join a few of these groups and check them quickly to see what the Advisors have to say.

8. Cs go betting reddit ( http://www.reddit.com/r/csgobetting/ )
The reddit is a great place to go to check out the basics like when the game is going to start, the lineup, how many maps ect. Some people to Analyze games on the reddit but quite often people just write one to two lines trying to sway you to bet on a team. I would only take note of the long paragraphs people have written. Don’t let the little comments sway you anyone can write them. Find some trusted Analyses on the reddit and read what they have to say.

. Community comments and analyses
. Basic game info like lineup, time of game, number of maps
. Betting discussions
. Discussions about over gambling and betting websites

9. Demos (Videos of previous matches)
I don’t know about you guys but I would definitely not want to watch demos of other teams all day. But sometimes it’s a good idea to have a brief look and see where a team went wrong or other notable things from the game that can help.

10. Streams
You can learn a lot by watching Pro streams. They sometimes talk about their pro matches coming up and how they feel about them, you can watch their team practice. Basically just get a general feel about their team and if they’re going to win. You can see if they are taking the upcoming game seriously or not. Quite often these pro streams are very open about this and after a few minutes you can get a general idea.

11. Watch Matches
One of the best forms of research is watching games that you bet on and the games you don’t bet on. Take note of different things that happen in these matches. Remember chain logic doesn’t always work just because team A beat team B doesn’t mean they’re going to beat team C.

11. 99Damage (German) ( http://csgo.99damage.de/de/start )
A German website that a lot of people use to look things up. Personally i don’t use it because i don’t speak German. Worth to check out though heard its a good site.

. News
. Statistics
. League tables

Author’s Notes
I hope this guide has helped you guys with your betting. Stay tuned for more guides to come. I have quite a few guides that I am currently working on and I will post them as soon as I can. I also post CS:GO analyst and advice on my website. All the guides i post here can also be found on my website down below.

My Website: http://csgoesportz.com/

My Social Media:

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CSGOBetAnyst

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