Unlocking All Burnout Paradise DLC

Unfortunately, you’ve entered an unsupported world; Burnout Paradise is no longer supported by Criterion Games, and we’ve resorted to writing guides for helping other players in purchasing and accessing the Downloadable Content (DLC) for this game that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game already have.

Lots of guides have cropped up in the past couple of years, and the community for this game is still ripe to look for concrete answers. After getting the game through the Humble Bundle[humblebundle.com], I was really interested in getting all of the DLC, and now I think I’ve figured it all out.

This guide is entirely legal. Methods involved in this guide include part-mods and part-purchasing, none of which infringe on the game’s copyright or break any laws. However, I can say that I have received no viruses (performed scans using avast! antivirus and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware) and the game runs quite well.

Without further ado, read on to learn on how to unlock Burnout Paradise‘s DLC!


The Party DLC was the first DLC for Burnout Paradise which allows for a pass-the-controls group party in the game to complete challenges.

This DLC has been patched into the PC versions of the game, so there’s nothing you need to do to unlock this DLC. Just go into the game and select “Start a Party”!

Legendary Cars, Time Savers, Toy Cars, Boost Specials
This section contains information on how to unlock four DLC packs at once: Legendary Cars, Time Savers, Toy Cars, and Boost Specials.

What’s Included?

  • Legendary Cars
    • Carson GT Nighthawk
    • Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger
    • Hunter Manhattan Spirit
    • Jansen 88 Special

  • Time Savers
    • Unlocks all 75 non-DLC cars
      • Also unlocks some Carbon variants
      • Also unlocks all Platinum and Gold paint schemes
    • Unlocks all 4 non-DLC bikes
    • Unlocks all Burning Routes

  • Toy Car Collection
    • Toy Carson GT Concept
    • Toy Carson Inferno Van
    • Toy Hunter Cavalry
    • Toy Hunter Citizen
    • Toy Hunter Manhattan
    • Toy Hunter Takedown 4×4
    • Toy Jansen P12
    • Toy Krieger WTR
    • Toy Nakamura Firehawk

  • Boost Specials Collection
    • Carson Extreme Hot Rod
    • Hawker Mech
Step 1: Purchase

The first step in unlocking these four packs requires a purchase. Where you perform this purchase and how much you pay depends on where you live.

United States: Amazon
If you live in the United States, your best bet is to purchase this pack of DLC through Amazon, through one of the following links. Compare both links, because the prices might be different!

Worldwide: Green Man Gaming
If you live outside of the United States, Green Man Gaming (GMG) is the only method you have to purchase this DLC, through the following link:

Step 2: Redemption

You might have noticed by now that these purchases, no matter where or how, all involve Origin. If you have played Burnout Paradise, you should know that you created and logged into an EA account for online multiplayer (or opted out of the option). This account is also an Origin account, and it’s what we will use to redeem this DLC.

If you are using the Origin Instant Access through Amazon, then you will have to link your EA Origin account to your Amazon account. When the purchase completes, skip to Step 3 below. (I can personally vouch for this method, as it’s the one that I used since it was cheaper for me at the time.)

If you are using the Origin Code through Amazon or GMG, then follow these instructions:

Step 3: Play!

Now, run the game and you should be able to select any car from the list of Legendaries, Toys, and Boost Specials. In fact, you should also have access to ALL of the 75 cars from the standard single-player as well as the 4 bikes.

Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers was another DLC pack released for Burnout Paradise that added a new online multiplayer mode called Cops & Robbers, allowing players to race using cop cars and bust other players.

To this day, there is no method to unlock the Cops & Robbers DLC. A modder has found a way to add the vehicles themselves to the game (see below), but the online mode itself is likely never going to be added to the PC version.

Big Surf Island

This is the big one. The Big Surf Island DLC pack. Similar to Cops & Robbers, this DLC was released exclusively for PS3 and Xbox 360. HOWEVER, an amazing player by the name of smilingfrog has been developing a mod for this game called Vanity Pack. This mod has been in development since 2009, and it is currently in the 10th stage (of an unknown number of stages) of an open beta for Version 2.0.0.

BE WARNED! A beta test implies that anything can go wrong! (In the world of video games and computer programming, we like to say “during testing, anything that can go wrong does go wrong”.) For me, Vanity Pack crashes every time I exit the game or try to start a Party. Your results WILLvary! This is not a final release! But it’s in progress, and it’s proof of concept for sure.

Vanity Pack 2.0.0, when fully released and out of beta, will include the following features:

  • Big Surf Island, including all billboards, smash gates, Super Jumps, events, stations, repair shops, junkyard, vehicles, etc.
  • Cops & Robbers vehicles (NOT the multiplayer mode)
  • All of the sponsor vehicles (GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. exclusives)
  • The ability to drive the traffic vehicles
  • And much, much, much more!

Unlike many other mods such as illegal DLC unlockers, Vanity Pack is not considered an illegal change to the game because, from now on, it does not unlock any DLC that can be obtained through a purchase (see above sections). In fact, illegal copies of the game are not supported with Vanity Pack – you will need a legit Steam, Origin, or verified retail version of the game to get the full potential out of the Vanity Pack.

If you want to brave the very likely possibility that you will encounter crashes and bugs and the like and want to try out the beta, {LINK REMOVED}[burnouthints.webs.com]!

In total, seven DLC packs were created for Burnout Paradise. To get them on PC, these are the only methods:

  • Party – included with the game
  • Legendary Cars, Time Savers, Toy Cars, Boost Specials – one purchase of USD$9.99 or cheaper
  • Cops & Robbers – unavailable
  • Big Surf Island – unavailable except through an advanced mod

I hope this guide helped all of you in your quest for getting all of the DLC for this game! I’ve just purchased the pack of DLC from Amazon and I’m all set to tear up the city. I’ll see you guys in Paradise City! 🙂

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