Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 100% Achievement Guide


You Will Obey

Make an uruk yours.

You get this achievement after interrogating an Uruk for the first time, which happens after you use the bow for the fist time.

The Bright Master

Discover some of the Wraith’s past.

You can get this in the first Gollum mission called “An Interested Party”. You have to follow Gollum footsteps in wraith world, once you reach the final destination of the footsteps a scene will play out and that’s when you get the achievement.

To Rule them All

Witness the creation of The Rings of Power.

You can get this by finding the treasure in the mission “The One Truth”, which is the third and final mission involving Gollum.

Gorthaur the Cruel

Destroy the Monument Gate and topple the statue of Sauron.

You get this after finishing Hirgon’s last mission, “The Monument”. During the mission you have to push a cart rigged with explosives into Sauron statue, which destroys the statue.

Ratbag the Great and Powerful

Get Ratbag promoted to Warchief.

You need to finish all three of Ratbag missions to get this achievement. The first mission promotes him to a Captain, the second mission promotes him to a bodyguard of a Warchief, and the third mission promotes him to a Warchief.

The Hammer Falls

Kill The Hammer.

In the very last mission “The Black Captain” in Udun area you will face The Hammer. The fight is relatively and you should be able to kill him easily. After killing him the second area will unlock.

For My Brother

Kill the Great White Graug.

You meet Torvin after finishing the very first mission in the new area. After meeting him you can do his missions which involve hunting down a giant Graug. You get this achievement after doing his last mission.

The White Wizard

Lift Lady Marwen’s curse.

This can be gotten by doing the same mission in the previous achievement. You simply need to finish “Queen of the Shore” to get the achievement.

Beyond Hope

Save Lithariel’s life.

During the “The Rescue” mission, Lithariel gets captured and all her men are killed. The achievement pops up after you finish the mission. The easiest way to do the mission is to brand all the enemies you come in contact with, as they will protect you while you are carrying Lithariel to safety.

The Tower Crumbles

Kill The Tower.

You can face The Tower by initiating “Lord of Mordor”, which is one of the last missions in the game. To kill him you have to sneak up and stealth drain his illusions/clones until all his health goes down.

The Hand is Severed

Kill The Black Hand.

You can kill The Black Hand in the final mission “Mordor in Flames”. The entire fight is made of quick time event, so you just need to press the right buttons in the fight to win.


Memories of Eregion

Activate all Forge Towers.

There is 12 towers in total, 6 in Udun and 6 in The Sea of Nurn. To activate the towers you just have to get on top of them and forge.

Strike True

Unlock 2 Bow Rune slots.

The Cold Light

Unlock 3 Sword Rune slots.

Paid in Blood

Unlock 4 Dagger Rune slots.

These achievements are fairly easy and you should get them before finishing the game. You just need to get enough Mirian to unlock them.


The Free Folk

Complete an Outcast Rescue Mission.


Complete all Outcast Rescue Missions.

Outcast Rescue can be initiated by helping certain type of prisoners, you know which one will give you a mission by seeing a fist on the map. After rescuing these prisoners they will tell you about how some of their friends are going to be killed, after that you can start the Outcast Rescue mission. There is a total of 24 Outcast Rescue missions, i would recommend to immediately help prisoners that give the mission as that will make it much easier to finish this achievement later on.

Repaid in Blood

Complete a Vendetta Mission.

Vendetta missions start when a captain has killed another player, and you have to take revenge by killing the captain. You need to be online for these missions to show up.

Legend of the Maker

Complete a Bow Mission and begin growing the legend of Azkâr.

The Maker’s Bow

Complete all Azkâr Legend Missions.

There is 10 bow missions in total, that involve you doing certain tasks using your bow. Majority of these missions are easy and straight forward as they just require you to kill Uruks. Some of the missions cannot be started until you acquire specific abilities. Your bow will draw faster and deal more damage as you finish these missions.

Legend of Shadow

Complete a Dagger Mission and begin growing the legend of Acharn.

The Last Shadow

Complete all Acharn Legend Missions.

There is 10 dagger missions, majority of missions you need to take out Uruks using stealth or otherwise you fail. Similar to the bow, some require specific abilities. The dagger will assassinate targets easier as you finish these missions.

Legend of Vengeance

Complete a Sword Mission and begin growing the legend of Urfael.

Fire of Justice

Complete all Urfael Legend Missions.

There is 10 sword missions, in which you have to fight large group of Uruks or something similar to that nature. Some require specific abilities, and your sword swings faster and deals more damage as you finish these missions.

Hunting Challenges

Thrill of the Hunt

Successfully complete 4 Hunting Challenges.

Master of the Wilds

Complete all Hunting Challenges.

Hunting challenges are side objectives that can be done while roaming around the map, and there is 10 of them in total. The challenges start easy and get tougher by each completed challenge. They also reward you with Mirian which can be used to get attribute.

  • Challenge 1: Kill 3 Ungol Spiders.
    Spiders can be found around stronghold, caves and along roads. If you are having a hard time finding them use Wraith World as that makes them glow, which makes it easier to spot them.
  • Challenge 2: Kill 5 Flying Creatures
    Flying creatures can be found just about everywhere, you will have to use your bow to kill them as that is the only way to take them down.
  • Challenge 3: Kill 3 Caragors.
    This one should be gotten quite easy as Caragors are everywhere. The easiest and safest way to kill them is by headshotting them twice with the bow.
  • Challenge 4: Kill 4 Mordor Rats.
    Similar to the spiders, these can be found near strongholds and Ukruk camps. I would recommend using Wraith World to spot them easier.
  • Challenge 5: Kill 8 Ghuls.
    Ghuls only show up when its night time, they attack in groups and die with a single hit from any weapon. They can also be encountered while doing some of Hirgon’s missions.
  • Challenge 6: Kill 3 Morgul Bats.
    Bats can be found in cave entrances. They are somewhat hard to find but they stay in groups, so you only need to find them one to complete this challenge.
  • Challenge 7: Kill 1 Graug.
    Graugs are the biggest and most badass creatures in mordor, and they can kill you easily if you are not careful. Fortunately, if you have the skill “Shadow Mount” you can easily dominate them and then kill them.
  • Challenge 8: Kill 1 Dire Caragor.
    Dire Caragors are tougher than normal Caragors, they are white and have bigger spikes. They can be found the most in the Sea of Nurnen. They are also highlighted with a bigger spike symbol than other Caragors, it’s similar to the spike that Graugs have.
  • Challenge 9: Kill 1 Ghul Matron.
    Ghul Matron is bigger and more dangerous than a normal Ghoul, hey are also almost as strong as captains. They can be found in the very first mission from the Sea of Nurnen. Alternatively when its night time search for a Ghuls group, when you kill the majority of them you will notice that they will escape and notify more Ghuls. Keep doing this until a Ghul Matron shows up.
  • Challenge 10: Kill 1 Horned Graug.
    Horned Graug is similar to a normal Graug but they have horns and stronger than a Graug. If you haven’t done “The Great White Graug” mission, you can do that since its the easiest way to find a Graug. If you have already done it you can revisit the cave as they regularly spawn in there.
Survivalist Challenges

Scout of the Morannon

Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge.

Ranger of Ithilien

Complete all Survivalist Challenges.

Survivalist challenges require the player to gather different plants and herbs that can be found around Mordor. These challenges are very easy as you can pick them up while playing normally, they also reward you with Mirian which can be used to get attribute. There is 10 challenges in total.

  • Challenge 1: Collect 2 Niphredil.
  • Challenge 2: Collect 3 Pipeweed and 1 Lothrond.
  • Challenge 3: Collect 2 Remmenthond and 2 Azuradan.
  • Challenge 4: Collect 2 Niphredil, 2Lothrond and 1 Azuradan.
  • Challenge 5: Collect 4 Blue Milk and 2 Mallos.
  • Challenge 6: Collect 3 Elgaran and 3 Earthbread.
  • Challenge 7: Collect 3 Gwinuial 4 Alfirin.
  • Challenge 8: Collect 2 Naugrimbas, 3 Carandol and 2 Orchamarth.
  • Challenge 9: Collect 7 Athelas.
  • Challenge 10: Collect 3 Blue Milk, 2 Elgaran and 2 Gwinuial.

Crowned with Living Light

Collect 50% of the Ithildin.

Bearer of the Shining Lamp

Collect 100% of the Ithildin.

Ithildin is a series of collectible symbols that can be found on walls and stones. Each Ithidin is a piece of an old painting. and after finding every Ithidin the painting is complete. Ithidin is highlighted in the map which makes them easy to get, but you need to be in Wraith World to be able to see and collect them.

In total, there are 32 Ithildin images, 16 in Udun and 16 in the Sea of Nurnen.


Paths of the Dead

Collect 25% of the Artifacts.

Shadows of the Ancient Past

Collect 100% of the Artifacts and listen to their memories.

Artifacts are collectibles that are usually placed in hidden, hard to find, or far form the ground places. Each artifact has a unique memory, which can be found and played by inspecting the artifact. Similar to Ithidin, you need to be in Wraith World to collect and see them.

In total there is 42 artifacts, 19 in Udun and 23 in the Sea of Nurnen.

Others (part 1)


Free 5 caragors from cages.

Easy to do, there is plenty of Caragors trapped in cages everywhere. Just shoot the cage with a bow to free them.

Fly you fools!

Make 20 uruks flee by dropping Morgai Fly nests.

Morgai Fly nests can found in strongholds, you are certain to see find when fighting Warchiefs. Just shoot them down with your bows.

Jaws of Death

Attract caragors with bait 5 times.

You can find meat pieces hanging in strongholds, shoot them down and Caragors will be attracted.

And it Burns, Burns, Burns

Use the Detonate ability to burn 50 Uruks.

You need the Detonate ability to do this, simply shoot campfires or barrels if there is Uruks nearby to set them on fire.

Divide and Conquer

Eliminate the bodyguards of two Warchiefs, then draw them out and kill them.

You will need to find a Warchief who has at the very least two bodyguards. Bodyguards refers to the amount of captains that are under his command, and can find out how many captains are under his command be going to Sauron’s army page and highlight a Warchief, there will be blue lines showing which captains are under his command. If you found a Warchief with two bodyguards initiate the mission for taking him out, and kill the two bodyguards before killing the Warchief.

Height of Despair

Use Strike From Above while at least 60 feet above your target.

This is easy to do in strongholds since there is plenty of tall buildings and Uruks. Another way to do it is from Forge Towers, but there isn’t many Uruks close by so it could be harder to do.

A Graug’s Heel

Capitalize on a Warchief’s Fear.

First you will need to find a Warchief who has a fear weakness. If none of them has a weakness find a captain and help him become a Warchief. The easiest fears are fear of caragors and fear of burns.

Power Vacuum

Kill all 5 Warchiefs before any Uruk take their place.

As soon as you the game lets you kill Warchiefs do all the missions involving them. Don’t use advance time while going for this achievement. If you are having trouble you can use brand on all 5 Warchiefs and then initiate the mission that gives an order to a Warchief, and kill him in that mission. Repeat for the rest of warchiefs.

Iron of Death

Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target.

Easy to do, when you get the Death Threat ability find any Uruk and issue a death threat to the weakest captain you can find. I would issue it to someone who can be killed instantly with a headshot from arrows or assassinations.

A New Master

Brand a Captain while in combat.

You will need the brand and combat drain abilities to do this. The easiest way to do this is against captains who have the weakness “can be instantly grabbed”. Get enough combo to use combat brand and then use it on them. If you are trying to do this against normal captains just get their health low enough and then combat brand them.

The Spirit of Mordor

Start a Riot by commanding a Warchief to attack another Warchief.

After branding a Warchief simply command him to start a fight against another Warchief. A mission should appear on the map involving him fighting another Warchief, start the mission and help him kill the other Warchief. Its also possible to do against captains.

Black Celebration

Poison a Captain at his own Feast.

First you will need to do the second Outcast mission to get the Poison ability, then you will need to find a Feast mission. If you can’t find any Feast missions just advance the time until one pops up, start the mission and use the poison on the grog barrels.

Rise and Fall

After an Uruk kills you to become a Captain, help him become a Warchief, then kill him.

Find any Uruk and let him kill you so he can become a captain. Help him become a Warchief by ordering him to become a bodyguard of a Warchief and then betray the Warchief. After that he will become a Warchief and you can kill him.

Stinking Rebels

Brand 5 Bodyguards of a Warchief, turning them against him in combat.

Find the Warchief with the highest amount of bodyguards and start branding them one by one. If you are still missing bodyguards brand any other captains and command them to become bodyguards for that Warchief. Once you have done all of this command one of the bodyguards to betray the Warchief. This is the easiest way to do it since they will all gang up on him and there won’t be many Uruks around helping him.

Others (part 2)

Burning Vengeance

Perform an Execution on a flaming Berserker.

For starters remove every epic rune from your sword since there is a bug that stops you from getting the achievement when you equip them. To get this achievement you need to find a Berserker, these are the guys with dual axes, and set them on fire and then execute them. There is many ways to do there but here is a few.

  • Use firearrow on the berserker and then execute him. Or you could throw him over a campfire if you don’t have firearrow.
  • Brand the berserker to make it easier. Then throw him over a campfire/use firearrow and then execute him.
  • Fight a captain if the normal berserkers are dying too fast. When his health gets low enough find a way to burn him and then execute him.

The White Rider

Liberate 30 slaves in 180 seconds while riding a caragor.

Ride a Caragor and quickly find any slaves and kill the Uruks guarding them.

No Power in Numbers

Help a Captain survive a Recruitment Power Struggle, and then kill him and all his new recruits.

Brand a captain and command him to be a bodyguard of a Warchief, the majority of time this will initiate a recruitment mission. Help him with the 3 waves and after that the mission should end. If you have the dispatch ability use it to instantly kill all the branded Uruks, if not kill them normally.

A Mighty Doom

Acquire a level 25 Rune.

The way runes work is like this: The power of the captain/warchief plus bonuses. Bonuses are as follow

  • +2 for being a warchief
  • +1 for being a revenge target
  • +1 for having intel
  • +1 for exploiting a weakness
  • +1 for activating a Hate or Fear

So what you generally wanna do is find a Warchief (+2 bonus) who who has 20 power(+20), and know his intel (+1). Die to him once (+1), and then fight him again and either activate his hate/fear or use kill him using weakness.

What you don’t want to do is issue a death threat since that increases the chance of epic runes, and these don’t have levels so they don’t count.

Lord of the Hunt

A Short Introduction
Begin a new hunt with Torvin.

When you start the Lord of The Hunt DLC you’ll immediately be talking to Torvin. He’ll start you off with a small quest involving Caragaths. Once you finish the quest, the achievement will unlock.

I Had To Put Him Down
Kill a Caragath with an Execution

Shadow Mount a Caragath and then execute it while mounted for absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

Nom Nom Nom!
Eat a captain with a Wretched Graug.

Before you can do this, you’ll need to complete a quest called ‘Unwarranted Aggression’. It will allow you to summon Wretched Graugs by shooting certain bait. The earliest wretchd Graug you can get will be after completing that mission. You’ll still be mounted to it even after the quest ends. If you’ve already lost that Graug, you can find some bait by teleporting to the center-bottom waypoint and facing west.

I strongly suggest branding a captain beforehand. Once branded, just mark the captain. He won’t run away or fight back so it will be insanely easy to hit him with the projectile.

Wretched Retch
Use a Wretched Graug’s Projectile Vomit on an Uruk Captain or Warchief.

Just like with Nom Nom Nom!, a Branded captain will work for this achievement.

Hot Flashes
Catch a Ghûl Matron on fire during the Lord of the Hunt campaign.

The most efficient way to do this is to just use the fire arrow skill. The best time to do this is during the ‘Matrons Rising’ quest which teaches you how to bait Ghûl . You’ll have 3 chances to do it.

The Collector
Have a dominated Caragath, Wretched Graug and Spitter Ghûl simultaneously.

You can only do this after killing 4 of the 5 Warchiefs AND learning how to dominate Ghûl using Wraith Burn. I personally used the waypoint at center-bottom to get the achievement. There’s a Wretched Graug bait hanging on west from the waypoint and there’s usually a roaming/caged Caragath in the vicinity of the bridge (also west of you). North of the bridge is a Ghûl mound that you can then rush to in order to dominate a Spitter Ghûl (ranged attack Ghûls).

Jaws of Shadow
Complete 25 Caragath Stealth Kills.

Even when the enemy notices you, there’s still a very small window of opoortunity to execute the stealth kill so there’s no harm in bum rushing your opponent.

Rattle the Hive
Bait 10 Ghûl mounds.

Simply shoot 10 mounds in the overworld.

O Mother, Where Art Thou?
Have 20 Branded Ghûls at one time.

This one’s pretty easy to get once you are on the tutorial mission. Just try and be fast when attempting to dominate the Ghûl after the first spawn because the first swarm you get (if you don’t get 20 right away) will wipe out the enemy Ghûl quite fast. So charge your combo fast and use Wraith Burn as soon as you are in range.

Ghûls Gone Wild
Kill a Graug by dispatching your Ghûls on him.

During the same mission where you learn to dominate Ghûl. You will get to fight a Graug at the end. Shoot the Graug with concentrated arrows to the head to stun it. Once the Ghûls have whittled down the Graug’s HP to about half, use your command to kill all of your branded Ghûls. Their deaths will trigger explosions that will finish off the Graug.

The Flames Make It Go Faster
Activate the Blazing Steed.

You will need to do all of the Lord of the Hunt trials to get this ability. The last trial will give you the ability and to activate it you will need to stealth bite 3 urks.

The Most Dangerous Game
Defeat all the Beastmaster Warchiefs.

This is the main objective of the DLC. Each Warchief will have a different appearance condition which relates to the type of beast they have ‘tamed’.

The Hunt is my Mistress

The Hunt is my Mistress
Complete all objectives in the Test of the Wild.

Now for the hardest and most challenging achievement in this game so far. For this achievement you need to:

  • Play Test of the Wild from Trial of Wars game mode.
  • Kill 5 Warchiefs and 20 Captains (Normal Urks won’t get promoted to captains while doing this trial).
  • Kill 10 Captains using beasts (Warchiefs don’t count).
  • Gain 13,000 points (You get 1,000 points by finishing before the 40 minutes mark).
  • Do all the above in 40 minutes.

You will certainly need to retry achievement couple of times to get it. You will need to get familiar with where Captains spawn, beasts locations, where riots take place and the closet Graug bait is to these riots. So before you do this seriously I would recommend doing few practice runs, get familiar with the above.

The way I did this is as fast as I spawned I looked for intel, and used them on all Warchiefs until I found Ugakuga, since he is the easiest Warchief to dominate. Once you know his location start the mission and dominate him. He won’t allow you to grab him at all, so you will have to hit him lightly until he gets on his knees and then dominate him. Now you will want to start a riot against Warchiefs who have bodyguards, since you need 10 beast kills on Captains. As soon as the riot start hit the Graug bait and mount the Graug, and eat all the Captains and then the Warchief (The Warchief with exploding arrows is the exception, kill him as soon as the riot start since he can easily kill your Warchief). After all of them are dead you want to execute the Graug since he gives 200 points, order your Warchief to start another fight, and since the Warchief will disappear after you give him the order dispatch the rest of the Urks in the area to get more points. Before starting the next riot you want to quick travel (Or advance time if its early on as you want Warchiefs to get as many captains as possible) for the Graug baits respawn. Repeat until you have 10 beast kills.

After getting the 10 beast kills you should have roughly 8,000-9,000 points. You will want to do some combos now to get the rest of the points. I usually use Shadow Strike Chain since you will be safe from attacks and its fast kills. If there is some baits near the riot you also want to hit them, so you can mount the beasts and kill them. If you happen to see bunch of beasts and there is still enough time you can execute them for the extra points. If you have killed all the Warchiefs and Captains and you have more than 12,000 points then you can dispatch your Warchief after the final riot and you should get the achievement. If you are still short on points then start doing combos on your dominated Urks, but leave the Warchief alone since once you kill him the trial will be considered done even if you didn’t get all the points. If you are still low on points you want to travel to any place where there is a lot of beasts (The spawn location usually have tons of them) and start executing them.

I managed to finish on 38 minutes mark with 15,000 points, on my 8th try. If you feel that you have wasted too much time on one of the fights/riots or you died you will most likely want to restart as you will likely have wasted too much time to be able to finish under 40 minutes, but that’s up for you to judge.

This guide has some good tips that can help make this easier.

Bright Lord

The Silver Fist
Brand 20 Uruks in 60 seconds.

Eregion Reforged
Build all the Forge Towers in Udun.

From Shadow to Shadow
Stealth Brand a Captain.

Beyond Epic
Get a Level 30 Rune in Test of the Ring.

The method for getting a level 30 rune is exactly the same as the level 25 rune. The only differences is the new max level cap for uruks which is now 25. The rune also has to be obtained in the Test of the Ring and not the Bright Lord campaign.

All of the Warchiefs will start off as Fearless so what you want to do is get intel on the TOP ROW of captains. Find one with a fear of burning/betrayal (since they are easiest to exploit using the One Ring). Once you find this captain, feed him all the way up to level 25. If done right, he should be the strongest among all the top row captains.

After setting up your captain, kill any Warchief as well as his bodyguards. Once they have been wiped out, there is a very high chance that your fed uruk captain will become the new warchief. From here on out it’s the same process for getting the rune.

Here’s a point breakdown to get the level 30 rune:

  • Level (+25)
  • Being Warchief (+2)
  • Having Intel (+1)
  • Revenge Target (+1)
  • Exploiting Weakness/Fear (+1)

Lord of the Ring
Complete all objectives in the Test of The Ring.

Burning Shadow
Shadow Brand 20 Uruks.


The Scouring of Mordor
Challenge the Dark Lord in Mordor.

Wraith Flash Dominate 50 Uruks.

Battle Forged
Maximize the power of the Ring by completing all of the One Ring missions.

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