Infinite Crysis Stolen Powers Guide

Infinite Crisis gives you an opportunity to mix your characters possibilities to handle each match differently. They are like bonus “spells” for your character to use.
The are many powers, each unique. Every one of them also has different kinds of versions about them, but let’s get into that later.

In a match you can choose 2 powers from the list of 12 different kinds of powers.
The powers are:

Consume, “Deal 250 True Damage to target enemy drone or creature and you are healed for 50. Environmental objects can also be targeted and are destroyed after healing you”

Detonate, “Deal 40 Power Damage to all Champions and drones near target enemy drone, creature or environmental object. Creatures in the area (including the one targeted) are dealt 160 True Damage instead and environmental objects are destroyed”

Healing Wave, “Heal yourself and nearby allies for 50 Health. Further Healing Waves within 30 seconds will have their effectiveness reduced by 50%”

Invulnerability, “Gain a Shield that blocks 60 damage for 2 seconds”

Meteor Drop, “Drop a meteor on the target location, dealing 60 Power Damage in an area around it. The meteor persists for 120 seconds as a Small Environmental Object”

Psychic Assault, “Places a 35% slow on a target enemy for 2.5 seconds”

Super Speed, “Gain 20% Move Speed and move through enemies for the next 4 seconds”

Super Strength, “Super Strength allows your Champion to pick up and throw Environmental Objects.
Pick up Large Object: Throws the object, dealing Attack Damage and Slowing enemies in an area.
Pick up Small Object: Throws the object in a line, dealing 80 Attack Damage to the first enemy it hits, and knocking them up”

Surveillance Camera, “Gain 3 charges that are spent to place Stealthed Surveillance Cameras that grant vision in an area around them for 180 seconds. Up to 2 Surveillance Cameras may be on the battlefield at once. Charges are refilled automatically upon returning to base”

Teleport, “Target an allied Turret, Drone, Surveillance Camera or Control Point with no contesting enemy Champions, and blinks to it after 4 seconds. Cooldown is reduced if teleporting to a Turret or control point”

Trap, “Gain 3 charges that are spent to place Traps (2 seconds to prime) that last for 45 seconds and are triggered by the next enemy Champion to step on them. They will be Rooted for 1.5 seconds and revealed for 5 seconds. Up to 2 Traps may be on the battlefield at once. You regenerate a new Trap every 45 seconds or by returning to base”

X-Ray Vision, “For 8 seconds your Champion has increased vision range, can see enemies in Stealth, can see through barriers and into stealth pads”

All the information is from
Opinions and ideas are collected from all around IC forums, reddit and in-games itself.

Enhanced Stolen Powers
Every character in Infinite Crisis contains it’s unique stolen power that matches the characters personality. Joker has Detonate, while Flash has Super Speed. Nothing special then.

All the powers are different compared to the basic power. Some are more, some are less.

The challenge is to find perfect powers for every situation. You can’t always run the same powers in very match, if you actually want to be the best in your role.

Atomic Green Lantern’s: +Movement Speed after consume
Mecha Superman’s: +More health based on your bonus health
Nightmare Batman’s +Restores bonus health
Stargirl’s: +Power Damage while on cooldown
Swamp Thing’s: Grants credits while used

Atomic Joker’s: -Cooldown
Harley Quinn’s: +Power Damage
Joker’s: -Movement speed for targeted area

Healing Wave:
Arcane Green Lantern’s: +Power Armor and Attack Armor to you and nearby allies
Poison Ivy’s: +Attack and Power Damage for you and your allies

Doomsday’s: +Shields durability
Katana’s: +Attack and Power Reflection
Shazam’s: Restores health
Supergirl’s: +Attack Damage

Meteor Drop:
Arcane Supergirl’s: +1% damage for every 2% healt target is missing
Atrocitus’: +Slows enemies
Gaslight Joker’s: Applies Wounding (-50% healing received) to the area
Green Lantern’s: Scales with Power Damage (35%)

Psychic Assault:
Sinestro’s: -Target’s power aromor
Star Sapphire’s: -Reduces incoming heal for target
Starro’s: -Attack Damage for target
Zatanna’s: +Slow and duration

Super Speed:
Atomic Woner Woman’s: Deals damage to enemies she passes trough
Flash’s: +Speed
Hawkgirl’s: Gain longer move speed for bonus Basic Attacks

Super Strength:
Aquaman’s: +Movement Speed after you throw the object
Superman’s: +Attack Damage while cooldown
Wonder Woman’s: +Distance, -Damage

Surveillance Camera:
Gaslight Batman’s: +Distance
Green Arrow’s: -Charge, +Stealt Vision
Robin’s: +Two additional charges

Catwoman’s: -Cooldown
Cyborg’s: Faster teleportation
Nightmare Superman’s: +Power Damage

Batman’s: +Time enemy is stuck
Mecha Wonder Woman’s: +Primes faster

X-Ray Vision:
Atomic Poison Ivy’s: -Cooldown
Blue Beetle’s: +Gold for destroying Surveillance Cameras
Gaslight Catwoman’s: +Vision
Nightmare Robin’s: +Damage

What goes where?
When it comes to picking the right power, it’s not too easy thing to do.

If you go to places like to find out how to build your character, you should always keep in mind, that this match might be different.
If your team already has two Psychic Assaults, you might skip it.

There’s also some specific places, where you should always use some specific power.

If your going to jungle, you should definetly pick up Detonate. It helps you clear the camps faster and making you rich.
Playing as ADC in the bot lane, you should almost everytime take Invulnerability. It helps you stay alive stronger, when enemy assassin tryes to kill you while attacking their team. Also Psychic Assaultis a strong choise, when you don’t want your enemy to escape.
If your moving a lot in the map, like as an assasin, you should take Surveillance Cameras. Also as a support the Surveillance Cameras can be useful, same as the Healing Wave.

Choosing between unique powers is mainly about your character’s strategy. If you want Traps, you should think do you want to place them as a surprise to the Stealt Pad, or just place it close to their normal movement area. If Stealt Pads, Batman’s might be the one for you.

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