Infinite Crysis Coast City – Jungle Basics


You clear jungle Camps to earn money and experience, help your teamates in top and bot lanes, keep an eye on the map Relays and objectives (Raider and Doomsday Device). Why do we need a jungler? Your allies wiill be able to earn more credits and levels with one character less on the same lane, and you can pick that same elements clearing the neutral drones.

It’s good to have some skill with the champion you pick for this task, but most important: Judgement. If you gank a lane without success you lose time, this menas you lose money and experience = fall behind in game progression.

What is the Urban Jungle?
Yes, always keep in mind the importance of this things, because most of the times objectives WIN games. But let’s go step by step…

This is the “Urban Jungle”, you will go around all this area as a Jungler, don’t stay in lanes for too long when ganking, and of course you must be careful so the enemy jungler can’t predict your position and make an ugly ambush. Remember: ALWAYS CHECK THE MINI-MAP.

First, the jungle Camps. All around the map you can see groups of neutral drones, once cleared, this Camps give you credits to buy new items and experience to level up your champion without taking the experience from lanes. This camps are your raw material. When you are not helping your allies ganking a lane, capturing relays, or securing any other objective, you are going to be clearing this camps. To do this time efficient, you need to take a path according to the respawn times of every camp.

Jungle Camps and respawn times:
  • Destroyer – Respawn time: 3 minutes. Once the match starts, always clear this camp first.
  • Scrappers, Maulers and Tripods – Respawn time: 55 seconds.
  • Raider – Spawns at: 8:30
    Respawn time: 5 min.
  • Doomsday Device (DDD) – Spawns at 10 minutes mark.
    Respawn time: 5 min.
Important question: One or two junglers? The current meta is 2 junglers, 1 solo top and 2 bot. This team comp allow the junglers to aid both lanes often and you keep a lot of pressure on the enemy team. However, there’s only one “big camp” (Destroyer) in Coast city. If you take alone the Destroyer starting the game, you hit lvl 2, if you share the camp with another jungler both champs need to clear another camp to reach lvl 2. Why do we care about this? Because if you don’t gank efficiently with 2 junglers (this means, you don’t get any kill/assistance, destroy tower or counter jungle) one of this junglers fall behind, due to the lack of means to get good experience. If you always share the Destroyer, both junglers will end falling behind and unable to help properly in teamfights. Going solo jungler allow you to take a lot of exp and credits from camps, but you need around 25 seconds to travel from top scrapper to bot lane (with a base speed of 383), sou you are unable to keep presence on both lanes too often.

To me, it’s a matter of choice. I have played both, duo and solo junglers, and results rely on your team composition, skill and communication.

Let`s go straigth, “gank” means: come out from nowhere, catch the enemies off-guard and blow them up with you lane allies. Always try to get assist and let your allies take the kill. If your ally can’t catch the enemy or take unnecesary risk on the skirmish, then you go for the kill.

Coast City has a lot of paths you can go across the map and gank your enemies, if you take the Super Strength Stolen power, you can open even more paths and do some extra damage – stun with the object you carry.

If you are near the Top Scrapper, you can gank top lane from both sides of the Relay. If you are clearing Top Tripod or Destroyer, take the down path near the Doomsday Device. Always try to use the stealth pads and be aware for enemy Surveillance Camera.

Ganking top its tricky. The “tri-pad” is usually watcher by Surveillance Cameras, you can avoid them by taking the south side and engaging from behind, near the enemy turret. If you use Super Strength you can pick up a vehicle next to the Raider to open a new gank path (highlight in red).

Sometimes, your teammates will die or leave the lane to take a relay, objective, assist or kill on a different side of the map, leaving a turret without any defense. If one of your lane towers is in danger you MUST go to protect that tower until your allies return. ALWAYS PROTECT STRUCTURES IF YOUR TEAMMATES REQUIRE IT, but make sure you know when a tower is lost and you can do nothing about it, don’t waste time. Again, it’s a JUDGEMENT call.

Counter-jungle if your enemy jungler has a slow jungle clear time, bad sustain or your team have vision control on the enemy jungle. How? Take his/her jungle camps (make sure you leave a small drone to delay the respawn time), fight the enemy jungler if you have clear advantage or predict the enemies gank path to help your allies with a counter-gank. Once you get more experience, the other junglers will become more predictable and you’ll know what to do.

Power Relays and main objectives
Power Relays are one of the most important things in Coast city. Control the Relays, and you control the game. Why? A single Relay captured gives your team +5 credits per Coin farmed. If you hold your team gets +10 credits per coin plus Elite drones spawning on top lane. This allow you to push faster through the lane; if your enemy is busy defending bot lane, DDD or Raider, you can distract them and let the Elite drones push the lane alone. By holding the 3 Relays, Elite drones spawn on both lanes. All this means = Snowball.

Team Relays unlocks at 5 minute mark and once captured will unlock again after 3 minutes. The top Relay opens at 15 minutes mark. If you dominate the top lane around this time, make sure you can get this top relay.

The other matter you must consider is: Vision and map awareness. Every time you capture a Relay, an small drone spawns and travels around the map, clearing any Surveillance Cameras on its path.

Raider gives your team Gold and grants also a good pack of experience, you can take this objective alone or with some help because the Damage output from the Raider is low, nothing you can`t handle Raider spawns at the 8:30 minutes mark and once killed will respawn after 5 minutes.

But most important, the Doomsday Device. Killing the Guardian, located on the center of the map, gives you gold, exp and the DDD. You need to click the device to pick it after a short animation. Once you pick up the DDD you have 1:30 mins. to use it. When the time expires, the DDD fires automatically. Your team needs vision on this objective as often as possible. You need around 23 seconds to walk from Raider to the DDD, so dont waste time and keep that in mind if you think the enemies are taking down the Guardian. If you use [[Super Strangth]] you can pick up a vechicle next to the DDD and get a quick entrance.

Stolen Powers and Starting items
Stolen Powers

I won’t write about every spec of each stolen powers because most of them are not efficient for a Jungler. I will only highlight the Stolen powers I found useful, but it`s a matter of choice and common sense, and depens completely on what kind of champ you are using as Jungler.

  • Detonate. Always take this as jungler: short cooldown, clear jungle camps faster, sustain and a little burst to secure Raider or Guardian. Almost any Enhaced version of Detonate is fine to do the job, it`s completely situational. If you think 2 minutes cooldown is a very long wait, feel free to pick Consume, with less damage and a small amount of healing (30 + 8 per level) and a 60 seconds cooldown, half the time.
  • Atrocitus’ Meteor Drop. Good to engage, 20% slow and area damage, but it’s easy to dodge unless the enemy is off-guard. Try to avoid this one.
  • Teleport. Allows you to keep a good map presence, but not worth at all because this power has a very long cooldown, even with Catwoman’s Teleport
  • Hawkgirl’s Superspeed. Good to chase down enemies, up to 7 seconds of +20% move speed. You can take this one only if you use a champion without any kind of gap closer.
  • Green Arrow’s Surveillance Camera. If your team don’t have enough Cameras, you can take this one, helps you to clear enemy cameras and take control of the map vision.
  • Super Strength. I found this one very useful. You can pick up light objects and throw them to an enemy to deal damage and slow for a short duration, if you pick a heavy object you deal more damage inside a good area and stun enemies hit. Picking up heavy objects can also open new paths to gank lanes or shortcuts around the urban jungle. I suggest taking Superman’s Super Strength so you can get a small Attack buff, or Wonder Woman’s Super Strength to increase your range when ganking or engaging in teamfights.
Starting Items

About the starting items, not much can be said. Completely situational. I play Atomic Green Lantern as main jungler and always buy Marauder Shield (2) and Modular Tektite Vial (2). The same items works for any other tanky jungler you preffer to use. If you don’t use mana at all, take the Modular Health Vial (2) instead.

Use Marauder Knife (2) when using AD auto-attack based champions, the Vial of your choice.

And use Marauder Ring (2) if you are using a Power Damage Champion to jungle, not recommended because most of them don’t have sustain to clear the jungle camps without dropping to very low health. Risky if the enemy choose to counter-jungle. Avoid jungle role with a Blaster champion.

The only Jungle item worth to be upgraded at max is Marauder Shield. If you take Marauder Knife (2) or Marauder Ring (2) dont go further and focus on your core items.

Good jungler picks (on my gameplay experience):
  • Atomic Green Lantern
  • Nightmare Batman
  • Doomsday
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Nightmare Robin
  • Hawkgirl
  • Mecha Superman
  • Swamp Thing
  • Flash
For more information about Stolen powers and Items mentioned in this guide, please visit:

Jungle Basics – Dawnbase[]

I hope you find this guide useful and see you soon in- game.

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