Advanced Player Start Guide

Custom Race Creation
Home System – Irdii Lv12 home planet (can terraform to Lv41, no other home planet can get this high) + a Lv 4 planet

Racial Trait Selections

Racial Traits Point Value Percentage Discription Reason for Selection
Production +2 +25% Manfacturing Bonus Faster build times for improvments and ships
Clever +2 +20% Reserch Bonus Earn technology upgrades faster
Content +2 Morale Bonus High morale = more production and research
Farmers +2 +25% Population Cap Bonus Higher population = more production and research
Fertile +1 +15% Population Growth Bonus Higher population = more production and research
Dense +2 +20% Ship Hull Storage Bonus Add more modules to ships
Fast +2 +2 Moves Get to places faster than the AI
Militant +2 +20% Military Manufacturing Bonus Build faster than your enemy
Tough +2 +20% Hitpoint Bonus Have more hps than your enemy
Economical -2 -20% Gross income Penalty Sell useless techs to the minors until economy is up
Popular -2 -25% Tourism Income Penalty Sell useless techs to the minors until economy is up
Traders -2 -25% Trade Route Income Penalty I rarely mess with traders, save for diplomacy bonus
Courageous -2 -25% Resistance Penalty Good offense better than defense
Resilient -2 -25% Strategic Repair Penalty Hitpoint regen is worthless, Healing hull tech for the win
Likable -2 Diplomacy Penalty Easy to make this up in early diplomacy bonus techs

The custom rase has a good bonus to production, research, growth, ship space and faster ships. The negative traits are useless to me in my play style. I only send out trade ships to build up relations with aliens I want on my side. The negative planet defenses are worthless because I rarely let an AI get near a core planet.

Racial Abilities
Must Have:
Intuitive – Free research (Huge starting bonus, depending on the map size 4-5 free techs)
Any of these work well for second:
Colonizers – First building is free (Currently bugged and a shipyard counts as free)
Prolific – Doubles amount of colonist in a colony from a colony ship
Starfaring – +1 module on starbase creation and all ships are immune to nebulas (I am loving this one right now. I play with alot of starbases and abundant nebulas so I get alot of use on this one. Plus it is fun to ambush the AI in nebulas.)

Iconian Tech Tree
I like this because of the bonus to capacity, early ship regeneration, and colony management. This fits my play style of building an empire while researching techs to build and maintain many fleets. To be honest the the Lv2 Healing Hulls in the Engineering tree is a little to helpful. Currently ships heal for 5-10% of total hps after ever round of combat. Also has the best end game colony and ship bonus technologies.

Turn 1
Racial Ability Intuitive Picks

These picks give the ability to build a constructor with three modules and a specialized colony ship. The ship has 6 interstellar sensors, 4 environmental supports, 1 Hyperdrive, and 1 Colony module. These are early game sensor barge with a colony module as an added bonus.

Home Planet – Rush a lv1 research building. Find a research tile bonus to place the research building. On the home system it is best to find as many hubs, with a hub being 1 tile with 6 tiles around the center tile, as possible. One hub is needed for factories and one for laboratories, with the leftovers for population and other improvements. Note: Terraforming will be used to complete hubs, not every start gets 1 or more complete hub on creation.

Economy – Set to 100% research (A building was bought nothing to put production into)

Research – Planetary Improvement with the goal to get to Xeno biology for a growth bonus early game.

Ships – Scout closest stars to look for a planet and colonize the first Lv9 or higher planet. Once you find a planet select the pragmatic choice. Select Constructive Ideological trait and upgrade the 3 free constructors to the specialized colony ships.

Shipyard – Move the shipyard so it is within 6 tiles of both the home and colony worlds. This might take a few turns, but there is no production going to the shipyard yet.

Turn 2
Home Planet – Rush the lv1 research building to lv2

Economy – Set to 100% research (A building was bought nothing to put production into)

Research – Enhanced Production (Should have completed Planetary Improvement)

Ships – Continue to scout and look for anomalies. A new colony should have been created by turn 2. If a colony was created upgrade the free constructors to the specialized colony ships.

Colony Planet – Rush a lv1 research building with the same considerations on hub management. On colony planets decide either a financial, influence, or research path and improve the tiles with that goal in mind. Once the colony planet is complete then place the colony on continuous project for that bonus.

Ideological Traits
With every new colony you have to make a moral decision upon colonization. These decisions give points toward ideological traits that can be purchased. The first colony alway select constructive out of the pragmatic tree. The 3 free constructors can be upgraded to colony ships to expand even faster.

Turn 3
Home Planet – Rush a second lv1 research building next to the first research building for the adjacency bonus.

Economy – Set to 100% research (A building was bought nothing to put production into)

Research – Enhanced Production (Goal is Xeno Biology)

Ships – Continue to scout and look for anomalies. The 3 upgraded colony ships should be ready. Also a large section of the map around the home planet should be visible. Locate two nearby planets, look for lv12+ and send 2 of your colony ships. Goal is to get two planets colonized and select the Benevolent Pioneering ideological trait for another free colony ship. Use the other senor colony ship to find a lv15+ planet. Use the new free colony ship to colonize any nearby planet.

Colony Planet – Rush the lv1 research building to lv2

Turn 4
Home Planet – Rush the second research building to lv2.

Economy – Set to 100% research (A building was bought nothing to put production into)

Research – Enhanced Production (Goal is Xeno Biology)

Ships – Continue to scout and look for anomalies. Continue to look for planets to colonize with the remaining colony ships.

Colony Planet – Rush a lv1 factory it is time to get ready for production.

Turn 5
Home Planet – Rush a lv1 factory. Remember to look for a good hub.

Economy – Set to 100% research (A Building was bought nothing to put production into)

Research – Enhanced Production (Goal is Xeno Biology)

Ships – Continue to scout and look for anomalies. Continue to look for planets to colonize with the remaining colony ships.

Colony Planet – Rush a second lv1 factory next to the first factory for the adjacency bonus.

Turn 6
Home Planet – build 2 factories, 1 farm, 1 hospital, and terraform the best tile.

Economy – Set to 60% research, 40 % production with slider bar 100% to social building. Then go into the planets that are sponsoring the shipyard and set this to 50/50. Your economy should have around 50-60 research and 25-35 production points. Your wealth should be about 500 and losing about 4-8 credits a turn. Do not worry about the income your flagship will survey enough credits to keep you going for a long time, if not put about 5% into wealth.

Research –Xeno Biology

Ships – Continue to scout, look for anomalies, and colonize with your remaining colony ships.

Shipyard – Build a basic colony ship with as little as needed. This will reduce the build time and increase how fast new colonies are formed.

Colony Planets – Build the same as the home planet setup. Click into the “Govern Planet” and change all new colony planets to 100% manufacturing. Upon colonization do this for new colony planets until production is good enough to use the global settings.

What to do Next
Start building the three constructor module ships. You will be able to create 3 Starbases from a single ship, which is cheaper and faster than building single constructor ships. When I look for a sweet spot that has a few resources within the ZOC of the starbase. The AI goes after these sweet spots very early in the game and you need to beat them to the locations. Theses resources are key to early game weapons and buildings.

If the AI is near change the production wheel and slider to build ships faster. Once your area is locked down then return the production wheel back to 40/60. It is better to have a little slower growth for a few turns in the beginning than losing colonies and resources to the AI.

Technology Goals
Work on getting Universal Translator, Xeno Commerce, Supportive Population, Manufacturing Specialization, Advanced Construction, and as soon as able Support Field Mastery to give +2 radius to Starbases.

Use diplomacy to trade a few strategic resources for all the techs are missing. Most of the resources never used in the first 50 turns and they are returned in 50 turns. Basically you let the AI borrow some resources that are not needed for technology that your race gets to keep. Hold off on trading away Promethion because it can be used for early access to very fast ship drives.

Planet Goals
Home Planet
Full hubs for Manufacturing (orange tiles) and Research(blue tiles)
Partial hubs for Financial (yellow tiles) and Agricultural (green tiles)
Two tiles for Morale (light blue)

Colony Planets
Focus either for a Manufacturing, Research, or Financial hub. This depends on what event selection is made at the colony’s creation and tile bonus improvements. Build up the colony on the path selected and when there is nothing to build select the appropriate project to give your empire a boost.

Shipyard Hubs
Look for a system or cluster of systems that have 5 good quality planets. Place a shipyard in the middle for greater amounts of production for the shipyard. It is better to have few shipyards with more planets feeding it than to have one shipyard per planet. Also this is much easier to maintain.

Manufacturing Hub
While out exploring space look for a grouping of 4+ planets clustered together with at least one high level planet. Here you will want to build up so that the shipyard is linked to all these worlds. On the larges one you will want to have max manufacturing, max military and high population. This planet will have the Hyperion military buildings linked for the highest bonus to increased ship hit points, range, logistical points, and capacity.

Ideological Traits
In Galactic Civilizations II good, neutral, and evil were unlocked via the tech tree and you were locked into what technologies or abilities they provided. New to Galactic Civilizations III are moral choices that are more fluid and each decision earns points that can be spent on ideological traits. There are 3 areas to choose from: Benevolent (Good), Pragmatic (Neutral), and Malevolent (Evil). You can always pick the same selection and stay within a moral area or you can mix it up. Note every trait purchased increases the cost of the next selection. If you go outside one of the trees to pick a selection it might make it harder to obtain later traits.

Path I select unlocks the ability to have 4 colony ships within the first 3 colonization events. Then I work towards unlocking the planetary improvement for the tree I wish to play throughout the game. If I am on a large or higher map I unlock the planetary improvements for the other two trees as well. Then I earn the ability to generate points in all the trees every turn. This allows me to select whatever moral selection is best for me at the time of the event and still spend the points the event gives.

Here is my Path:

  1. Paragmatic Constructive 10 points
  2. Benevolent Pioneering 15 points
  3. Paragmatic 25 points
  4. Benevolent Eminence 30 points
  5. Malevolent Intimidating 30 points

Ensure every planet that is large enough has all 3 planetary ideological improvements. The improvements give 1 point per ten turns to the tree they belong too. I normally have 20-30 planets with the improvements which nets me +3 to all ideological trees every turn. I also have random events set to abundant to earn more points after the initial planet rush.

Military Hub for Elite Ships
Military Hub
I find it best to max the hyperion shrinker and logistics systems to build the best ships. The hull size on the ships is greatly improved and the extra logistics allows for a bigger fleet. Right now the hyperion shipyard is kind of a waste with only +1 hps per level. This needs to scale better when huge halls have 775 hps.

Example Setup

Results in a level 13 Hyperion Shrinker



Starbase Goals
Mining – Get all the resources in your starting area. If able get the resources near the AI before they can. For module selection pick mining, sensors, and save the last one. If a relic is in range take that over sensors, unless an AI is nearby. Once Support Field Mastery s unlocked go back to all the mining Starbases and increase the range.

Economy – Get one up for the home planet system first. Then after all the mining Starbases are finished go back and ensure every system has at least one economy starbase.

Influence – Put a few of these in the holes in the area of influence and at the edges of your empire.

Military – I do not use these until middle of the game when an AI is either near or close to attacking. I place the bases along the border with my fleet nearby to attack anything that comes within range.

Resources and Relics
Early guide for what resources to obtain.

Resource Icon Color Offensive Module Reason to Obtain Planet Improvement Reason to Obtain
Durantium Red Prototype Durantium Driver +8 attack for 24 mass Duranitum Refinery +1 production, +3 manufacturing adjacent bonus
Antimatter Yellow Prototype Antimatter Missle +16 attack for 18 mass Antimatter Power Plant +2 all adjacent bonus
Thulium Light Blue N/A N/A Thulium Data Archive +3 reaserch adjacent bonus
Elerium Blue Prototype Elerium Beam +16 attack for 12 mass Elerium Defense Shield +75% planet defence, +3 military adjacent bonus

Relics are extremely useful because they give a raw percentage boost to your empire. The starting bonus is 10% per relic. With research every new level unlocks a module to increase the bonus by 10%.

Relic Icon Color Starting Empire Bonus
Approval Green +10%
Culture Light Blue +10%
Economy Gold +10%
Manufacturing Orange +10%
Research Blue +10%
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