WakFu Review:


WakFu Review:

Set in the world of Twelve (after the twelve gods that created it) after a horriable calamity known as Ogrest’s Chaos has shaken the very foundations of the world, a young boy (yugo) awakens to a mysterious power that allows him to create portals from thin air, and a message telling him to find his family. After an attack on his village Yugo decides to set off with a few mismatched new friends to discover the reasons behind the attack and possibly discover who his real family is (a better start to a heroes journey I wouldn’t know Kupo!).

At the outset he meets a young Iop knight known as Sir Sadlygrove Percedal and his shushu (demon) possessed sword Rubilax, a Enutrof treasure hunter by the name of Ruel Stroud, and the Sadida Princess Amilia Sheran Sharm and her Cra bodyguard Evangelyne. This well rounded misfit cast is the highlight of the show as each has their own distinct view of the world and their places in it. Very few times have I ever had a hard time finding something I didn’t like about the characters as each can (and will) grow on you over the course of the show. Tense moments of suspense and danger are often broken up by laugh out loud gags that can just as easily turn into tear jerking moments of extreme emotion. To say that you’ll feel a part of this group and end up caring about them like your own friends is not an understatement but a true promise.


The art is so beutiful but story does get a little old after a while.




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