Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Achievment guide


In Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater (i will use THPS) , there are 15 archivments which is divided in 2 groups, that are archivments that you unlock by progressing in the game, and the other that you unlock by doing some especial things in the levels (playing in another mode than carrer mode, or finding gaps, or even doing big combos.)
Take in mind that levels that make part of DLC Revert pack (Airport, Los Angeles and Canada) are not needed to complete any archivment, and the Revert move that come in the dlc can help complete some archivments.
So lets get started:

Level Archivments
School´s Out

This Archivment you will have to complete 4 goals In Warehouse level in carrer mode to unlock.

Danger Zone

This Archivment you will have to complete 4 goals In School II level in carrer mode to unlock it.

A Mall Rat

This Archivment you will have to complete 5 goals In Hangar level in carrer mode to unlock this one.

Going Back to Cali

This Archivment you will have to complete 5 goals In The Mall level in carrer mode to unlock this.

Da Jam

You will have to complete 6 goals In Venice Beach level in carrer mode to unlock this archivment.

Uh Huh, Uoi Uoi

Complete 6 goals In Downhill Jam level in carrer mode to unlock this archivment.

Bringing Home Some Bacon

You will have to complete all goals in all level in order to get this archivment (you will also unlock the officer D.ick to play in the game), Take in mind if you have the DLC you will not need to complete the goals on the DLC levels to unlock this archivment.

Other Archivments
Old School

This archiv requires that you make 200.000 point in one run (2 minutes carrer mode) in warehouse level, without make a manual. If you remember in the Tony Hawk´s 1 For psone (Good times) there is no manual move in the game, that why the old school name in the archivment….
This one its no big deal, just grind in to a big half pipe in other side of starting point of level and make a lot of tricks if you do a 20000 point trick and 10x multiplier its alredy done, use your special trick to make a lot of points and you have no problem on this one (if you dont know were to look your specials, its on select caracther screen and on the skate shop the special moves)

Manual Master

In order to get this one, you will have to perform 15 manuals in one combo with rodney mullen in School II level, you must be asking: Why this?. The aswer is simple, in real life Rodney Mullen in like a god of manuals, you tube it and you will see.
This is probably one of most difficult archivments to get, but there is some things to do to make it more easier. First one is buy all manual balance upgrades in the select caracter screen and second is to play in free skate mode in order to get infinte time to try it. (to select it just press left or right in the level selection screen)
After that, the most fast way to get it is, stand still and do a manual, jump, then do another manual, jump again…. after the 6th manual he will start to unbalance so you will need to get the balance in the green zone after each jump or you will fall pretty fast. In some time of practice you will get it. And remeber after you get the 15 combo to land safely on the ground or will not count.

Ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts

In order to get this, you have to collect all balls (pellets) in one combo on hawkman mode in Hangar level.
This Archiv can be very tricky if you dont finished the projectives mode yet (if you have finished you will realise that is more easier get the COMBO letters than get all the pellets in one combo)
To make you life easier, get air, Rail balance and manual balance upgrades to the max and on the first half pipe grind, dont jump after get the pellet, grind to the end and after that make a manual to not lose the combo, or you will not get the speed needed to jump to another grind place, if you fall after collected a pellet, you will have to retry the level.just have a little of pacience and you will see that is not hard as seems it. (funny fact is this archivment is the less completed with 1.5% of completion rate)

Race to the Finish Line

To get this one, you will have to get to the end of the Mall level 3 times in Big Head mode.
This mode of game consist in: you head start growing and you have to do tricks in order to make decrease size and don´t explode. This archivment is easy to get, you just have to get the speed upgrade to the max in order to make it more easier. and dont fall, because more time pass more fast you head grow.

The Best, Around

This Archivment consist in make 500.000 point in Venice Beach Level in carrer mode and is pretty easy to get if you have the DLC Revert pack, as the revert move make you combo multiplier increase very fast. But don´t worry if you dont have it, this level is the bigger one in the game, and you have a lot of places to get great combos (i recommend the left side of starting point, there is some cool half pipes to do many combos)

Gap Skiing

This one is the easier of all archivments and you probably get it while playing the game normally. You just have to get the 100 sky jump Gap on the Downhill Jam Level.
This gap is found on the nearest end of the level, when you jump on some ramp to a big rock and come down to a kind of mini cave with some water flowing on it , after you pass the pipe gushing water, jump and you get the gap, more further you go, more gaps you get (this jump consist on 4 gaps that are : 25, 50, 75 and 100 sky jump, in order to get the archivment you have to get the 4 gaps) if you are not jumping to high to get the 100 jump gap, just buy some air or hang time upgrade on the caracter selection screen, no big deal.

I don’t want no 2 minute Man

This Achivment consists in making a 30 second combo after time is out on the Marseille level.
This one is a hard Achivment to get but there is some tips to help you get it: Upgrade to max your manual balance, Rail balance and lip balance stats and play in projectives mode, since projective mode have only 1 minute of time you will have more tries.
A good way to do this one, is when there is 1 second left to end you run, start a manual then go to a big grind zone, if you do this right you will get 20 seconds of combo without become too unbalanced, and to finish grab a lip trick on some pipe in order to get the remainig seconds, its no hard, but its no easy either.


You Have to Complete the projectives Mode to get this archivment and unlock a secret, smelly caracther.
This mode its more like a carrer mode on hard mode, you will have 1 minute of run time and have to make 5 goals that are the same on all levels that are:

  • Sickest Score: Make a amout of points on level (can change)
  • Collect C-O-M-B-O: Its like collect SKATE in carrer mode but in this mode you will have to collect COMBO in one combo (obvious).
  • Collect 8 Skateboards: They are scattered around the level, use the pause menu to find it if you have trouble in finding it.
  • Land a XXXXXX Combo: You will have to make a combo of specified amount of points on each level.
  • Boneless the magic bum 3x: do the Bonelles trick (front, front, ollie) on bum on three different locations (same as the bum goal on Venice Beach on carrer mode).
Final Considerations
I hope this guide you help you. i will put some pictures later if needed in order to make easier to understand =D.
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