Rust Basics starter guide

Things you need to know
Rust is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game that is still in Alpha and bugs are common. If you have an problems please report them on the Fourms[] . Updates[] can be found here also.

How to Aquire Basic Items
Basic Items are already unlocked without the need of reserch. Other items like Med pack Crafting or higher grade armour require blue prints. These Blue prints can be found in containers on blue spots around the map (Refer to navigation to see all Blue spots). But before making those items you must find the basic items. This is a list of where to aquire most basic items needed for crafting:

  • Sulfur = Mined from rock>Sulfer ore>Put in furnace>Sulfur
  • Metal Fragments = Mined from rock>Metal Ore>Put in furnace>Metal fragments
  • Stone = Mined from rock>Stone
  • Wooden Plank = Collected from tree>become automatically wood>10 wood crafted into 1 plank
  • Wood = Collected from tree>Becomes automatically wood
  • Anything related to Cloth, Blood, Leather, Raw Chicken or Animal Fat refer to the hunting section
Your First Day on Rust
On your first day you will spawn in a randomly chosen location. You have 3 main objectives on your first night, You must collect the following by hitting the item with your rock / stone:

  • Obtain 115 wood (Hitting trees)
  • Gather 3, 6, 9, or 12 raw chicken breast (THIS CAN BE OBTAINED FROM ANY ANIMAL, Refer to hunting section)
  • Obtain 15 cloth (Collected from any animal)

By Sunset when you have collected these items you must build the following. To craft / check your inventory press Tab and click Crafting at the top of your screen.

  • A basic shelter/wood shelter = 50 wood
  • A wooden door = 30 wood
  • A wood storage box = 30 wood
  • A camp fire = 5 wood
  • A sleeping bag = 15 cloth

After building the following you will be low on Hunger and will need to set up your shelter for the night. Find a good site away from the main road and place your basic shelter. Once done, go ahead and plop your wooden door (NOTE: You must place it from outside the shelter, and move around a bit till it turns green, its a bit jittery when placing). Your base is now protected from others because your the only person able to accses the door (NOTE: If your door is open people can enter your shelter). Inside your shelter you must place your storage box, Camp fire and Sleeping bag, so manage your space good. I reccomend placing your Sleeping bag first then Storage box then Camp fire (Personal preference). You are going to need to start cooking your food, to do so split your Chicken breast in to 3 sections (For example if you have 9 you would make 3 groups of 3). After,HOLD E on your camp fire and click OPEN. Place each meat group into one of the Cook slots to cook more meat at a time. When finished, Light your camp fire and wait for your meat to cook. Again hold E to access your camp fire and take all your cook meat that will apear above the cook slot. And bam! You have survived your first night on Rust!


  • You will encounter many players such as your self. Stay calm and try to look for a calm escape
  • People will come to the light produced by your fire at night inside your home. It is recommended to cook your food as soon as possible before darkness hits
  • If players come to your door asking for help do not do it! This is a trap made on noobs by bandits! Remember, its survival of the fittest! If they really dont seem to know what there doing link them to this guide 😉
  • If a player tries breaking in dont panic! It takes 20 minutes with the basic rock to break in, 15 with a stone hatchet and 10 with a normal hatchet. Doors can be blown off instantly with C4 but no one, I repeat no one will waste a c4 on a wooden shack.
  • If players come knocking on your door during the night do not move, do not talk simply stand in your home. This will make players think your offline or just not there. If your camp fire is on do not turn it off!!! This will just show that you are active in your home!
  • Strongly reccomended to check the hunting section for tips on hunting animals

(NOTE: The sleeping bag is a spawn checkpoint. Every 5 minutes you can press “Spawn at camp” on your death screen and you will be respawned at your Sleeping bag. You can not actually sleep in the sleeping bag)

Health and First Aid Items
One mistake many new players make are wasting their first two bandages. In the game there is a 75% chance that a hit with any weapon will cause a “bleeding” sign. Your basic bandage will not recover health but will patch your bleeding wounds. Higher grade Medkits will heal some health and also patch your bleeding wounds. If looking for health, Make sure you are not in the hunger state and sit by a camp fire to creat the Comfort sign. This will slowly regenerate health. If on the run, use pieces of cooked meat to regenerate 10 health per a use. If you are injured by jumping off a high surface you will not be brought back to normal state with a bandage! You will automatically heal but will heal faster if you are in the comfort zone by sitting next to an active camp fire.

(NOTE: Basic bandages can be crafted with two cloth without a blueprint!)
(NOTE2: If looking how to aquire Chicken Breast AKA Meat refer to the Hunting section)

Hunting basics / tactics
Hunting is one of the most important points in the game. Animals are fairly hard to hunt and are a challenge to kill for new players. Animals contain the following items:

  • Cloth
  • Blood
  • Raw Chicken Breast
  • Leather
  • Animal fat

Diffrent animals give more/less of each item

  • Boar (friendly)
    • 10 cloth
    • 10 raw chicken
  • Deer (friendly)
    • 10 cloth
    • 10 raw chicken
    • 8 raw chicken
    • 40 cloth
    • 3 blood bags
    • 10 raw chicken
    • 8 cloth
    • 10 blood bags
    • 8 leather

Killing a Boar: Some tactics to killing animals that also work on players is the hit and sprint combo. This works only with Boar’s and some times Deer’s if skilled. The tactic to killing a Boar is using a rock and left clicking then running at the boar. You can not hit and sprint but this counters that. So in the 2 seconds you have till you hit use the sprint key to hit the boar.

Killing a Deer: The best way to killing a deer is using a hunting bow, not even a weapon. Arrows are cheaper and more usefull against animals than bullets. Another Tactic that works sometimes is crouching while hitting/approaching the Deer which will not startle it. (NOTE: this might be a glitch and could be patched soon if so.)

Killing a Wolf or Bear: (Note: This method requires two players) Player 1 will get the attenshion of the animal and have it chase after them. Player 2 will run after and use the Boar tactic and hit the animal from behind. Once in a while the animal will glitch and stand still while locked onto the player for a bit. That is when Player 1 stops running and Player 2 gets a ton of hits into the animal. Version 2 consists of the same tactic but having Player 1 run inside a wooden shelter with the door closed and not moving then having Player 2 attack the animal from behind while it stands there.


  • 4 Hits to kill a Bear
  • 2 Hits to kill a Wolf
  • 2 Hits to kill a Deer
  • 2 Hits to kill a Boar
Smelting Items / Ores
This is a very confusing yet simple process just like cooking food with the fireplace. Put the ores on the top row, and the fuel on the bottom row but leave one slot in the bottom open for charcoal. The middle row will be where the finished product will produce.

(NOTE: This process requires a furnace)

Radiation/Killing Infected
All Rad towns (Radiation towns) will slowly give you more rads (found at the rad marker under your food level) the deeper and longer you stay inside the zone. Radiation pills can be found to help decrease radiation or eating foods such as meat will lower radiation as well. Once your charecter hits 500 Rads you will aquire the radiation sign and will slowly start to die. To avoid getting radiation go in with as much clothing as possible and get out as fast as possible. You can slowly overcome radiation by being in un-effected zones with a lot of wild life. Radiation zones contain many zombies that will not infect you but give you the bleeding sign which is bassically an infection, (Refer to the Health section so learn more about curing yourself). A tactic to killing infected/zombies is a modification of the Hunting tactic to kill boars (The Hit and run tactic). In this tactic you will get your rock ready and sprint at the zombie landing your hit while in contact with it, but running straight through the zombie after landing the hit. This must be done while sprinting the whole time, no pauses or else you will be hit.

(NOTE: Red zombies are weaker and take 3-4 hits to kill with the stone as to Black zombies who deal more health loss, are stronger and run slightly faster)

(NOTE2: Rad Towns will have weapons, loot, blueprints, armour and anything that is needed in later survival. These towns are jackpots. Refer to the Navigation section for more)

(NOTE3: Red Zombies die in one hit by a pickaxe found most common in loot boxes.)

Rust features a huge map that will confuse both new players and experinced players. The Map is dynamic and unique at each angle.

Rust Map Basics:

  • The sun always rises East and makes its way till its setting point West
  • All blue highlighted areas are good areas for finding blueprints to items but are filled with bandits and zombies/infected, for more info look at the radiation section
  • If looking to navigate with the road to a certian location, look for mountains and water bodies to direct your path.
  • Good base locations that have Stone/Mineral spawns, Wildlife source and trees are:
    • Wateland south
    • Coast Resource
    • Resource Valley
    • Next Valley
    • Rad Town Valley
  • A good way for you and a friend to meet up is by using the road to travel to a meet up spot. If one person is finding the other, let the based player set a sort of landmark like a lit fireplace in the middle of the road. Or link your friend to this guide and show him the Navigation section 😉


Survival of the Fittest
In Rust you will be killed multiple times for no reason at all. The truth is, any gaming community has its ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. You will have to kill to survive or stay low and hide. During your first few days wood and med kits will be essential to your survival. This does not only apply to you how ever, other players have realised this and will do many tricks to get you to come out side during the night or chase you half way across the map till they give up. If bandits are after you your number one bet would be to run in a small zig zag patern and dont stop till your sure there gone. No one will waste a lot of time on a guy with a rock (Unless you have clothes on). Players just on the ground are logged off and will almost all of the time have a med kit and a torch on them. Just keep hitting them while crouched like harvesting an animal. You can also use the run and hit tactic (Refer to the hunting section) to catch up to players.

As hard as it may seem to belive, Rust requires a really good set up to run. For those of us (like my self) Who dont own good rigs this game will be a problem to run. I have a few tricks and tips to help run your game smoother. The first one is to reduce your resoloution in the launch settings. 800 x 600 is not recommended as you can not see server listings and your menu is very messed up, only use this as a last resort. The smallest good screen setting that is full screen and not buggy is 1024 x 768. This mode will cover your whole screen while giving you the best possible performence. Always make sure your game is not in windowed mode or you lose all purpose in lowering your resoloution.

  • Set your game to 1024 x 768 in full screen mode
  • In the options menu in game lower your Render distance detail to 1/3 of the way
  • While in game open up your console and type the following commands in order (Press f1 or Alt f1 if on a laptop)
    • grass.on false
    • gfx.all false

You can also toggle nudity if wanted. The game automatically puts pants on naked people but to disable this to see the diffrence between cloth pants and uncovered areas type censor.nudity false

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