Ultimate Guide to GTA Online

What is GTA Online?
GTA Online is the Multiplayer component to GTA V but is considered by the developers to be a stand alone game on it’s own. The Online features the players own unique character set in the world of Los Santos from the Single Player, taking place before the events of GTA V. GTA Online has many similarities to MMOs, player progression systems, individual income, the ability to own your own place, custom vehicles and competitive PVP environments as well as PVE environments and missions.

Character Creator
The first thing you will encounter when you start up GTA Online for the first time is the character creation menu. In the PC version of the game it is more advance than the previous iterations from the Xbox 360 and PS3. The player can choose between Male and Female characters, their Heritage which affects appearance and race. Features such as eyes, nose shape and positioning, brows, cheeks, lips, etc. Appearance which adjusts hair style and color, facial hair, skin textures such as blemishes, aging, damage, eye color and so on. Apparel which will allow the player to determine their starting outfit based off of several clothing styles then determining the outfit itself as a subset, along with hats, glasses, and a crew t-shirt. Stats which will be covered more indepth later determine your characters starting abilities, or more so, how well they perform these abilities. You are given a limited number of points to adjust your starting stats if you wish to favor one stat first.

Online Tutorial
Once you have finished creating and customizing your character you will be shown flying into Los Santos, now apart of the GTA world and introduced to your first contact Lamar Davis. Lamar gives the player their very first weapon the Hawk and Little Pistol and takes the player to their first destination. Your first mission from Lamar which you will automatically be que’d for is a race Mall Or Nothing which pits the fresh level 1 player against several other players in the tutorial, this is your first competitve race mission. Players will get to choose between a variety of Sedans and colors before engaging in a Point-to-Point race with each other and Lamar. Finishing first places rewards $2,100, while finishing any place prior will reward a smaller amount based on position.

As soon as the race is finished four or less players from the previous lobby will be paired together to do their first PVE mission for their next contact Gerald. The mission Learning The Ropes requires the players to work together to interupt a drug deal under the Olympic Freeway being conducted by the Ballas. Once a player has collected the drugs and delivered them to Gerald’s apartment the mission will end and each player will be rewarded with $500 and unlock Gerald for drug contact missions.

The player along with any other players from the previous mission will be dropped into the open Free Roam world now, though the tutorial will continue for a bit longer. As soon as you have control you are directed to the nearest clothes store to spend your new money on some new threads. As soon as you are finished Lamar will contact you in-game and tell you to go rob a store with another player with the Free Roam mission Hold Up, at the same time he contacts your new partner. Both players will be notified of the store they are working together to rob on the map and should wait for each other to arrive before robbing it. Once inside the player must point their gun at the store clerc to start the robbery or shoot around him to make him work faster, once the money is dropped and collected both players need to escape the police before the money can be split.

After your first robbery you will recieve a call from a new contact, Simeon Yetarian, who will instruct you to steal a car as your new Personal Vehicle. Only certain vehicles will be allowed to be stolen and fitted with a tracker this way, very expensive or other player vehicles will not allow trackers on them. Once you have stolen the desired vehicle you want you must drive it to the Los Santos Customs where you can outfit it with a tracker and free insurance, allowing you to replace the vehicle should it get damaged.

After obtaining your new Personal Vehicle you are instructed to drive to a mission marker for a PVP mission of Last Team Standing, all the player is required to do is step into the marker to complete the tutorial, playing the mission is not required but is fun if you choose to play it. You are now free to do anything you want!

Character Skills
Just like in the Single Player, there are seven primary skills your character will have that level up as you perform them, increasing their efficency. There is also one secondy skill that does not directly affect gameplay.

The players Stamina is their ability to run, swim, and cycle in the game. The higher your Stamina is, the longer your can perform each of these actions without rest. Once the player reaches Maximum Stamina the player can perform all three of these actions without rest indefinitly, allowing for infinite sprinting, swimming, and cycling. This ability will go up by 1% for every 17 yards of running or every one minute of swimming.

This is the mechanic you will be most familar with, putting other people in the ground. The Shooting skill is one of the most important skills your character has and will increase by landing hits on enemies, making headshots and performing objectives at an Ammu-nation Shooting Range. All Online characters by default will reload at the fastest possible speed for balancing reasons, but as you increase your Shooting skill you will have less recoil, better accuracy, and will increase your ammo capacity with all weapons. At Maximum Shooting you will perform to your best with firearms and can carry up to 9,999 bullets with weapons that use such, explosive weapons are individually capped.

The Strength skill is a subtle but very useful stat to have. Benefits from this stat include increased melee damage, faster ladder climbing, improved performance in sports, and reduced damage taken. The stat increases by 1% for every 20 punches landed, playing games such as Golf or Tennis will also increase the stat. At Maximum Strength you will be able to deal the most melee damage, climb ladders at the fastest speed, perform at your peak in sports and will have the most amount of damage reduction possible.

The Stealth skill is very useful for Stealth based PVE missions as well as PVP deathmatches. When entered into Stealth mode the player will make less noise when moving and during deathmatches will disappear off the map. The skill is increased by 1.5% for every two Stealth takedowns performed (melee kills from behind) or for every 40 yards the player walks in Stealth mode by 1%. At Maximum Stealth the player can move much more quickly while in Stealth mode and will make no noise at all while moving. Firing an unsuppressed weapon or being in line of sight of another player during deathmatches will still reveal the player in Stealth mode.

The Flying skill is very useful for pilots and other players who are fans of flying any aircrafts in the game, or for aircraft or flying based missions and gamemodes. The higher the players Flying skill the better they are at taking off, landing and managing turbulence, the lower the skill, the worst these things will affect your performance. Every 10 minutes the player is spent Flying, or for every bridge the player flies under, the skill will increase by 1%. To increase this stat faster, players can participate in the San Andreas Flight School which will give the player various missions to complete while flying or parachuting. Each Gold Medal the player earns during a mission will increase the stat anywhere from 3-5%. At Maximum Flying the player will be able to land and take off much more quickly and will barely be affected by turbulence (except in bad weather).

The Driving skill is the players ability to manage and perform while Driving any land or sea based vehicle. This skill can be raised multiple ways, by popping wheelies to landing the vehicle safely after big jumps, completing stunt jumps, driving for periods of time without hitting anything, or driving into oncoming traffic without hitting anything. All of the previous methods will increase the skill by 1% every so often while completing stunt jumps will raise it roughly 2-3%. At Maximum Driving the player will have the best control and handling possible of their vehicle while Driving or while it is in the air, and can perform wheelies much more easily.

Lung Capacity
Arguably one of the least used stats in the game but it still retains usefulness for those that player sea based missions often or perform to explore the waters. The higher this skill, the longer the player can spend underwater before losing health. For every minute spent underwater the skill increases by 1%. At Maximum Lung Capacity the player will be able to stay underwater for the longest possible duration.

Mental State
This is the only secondary skill in the game and does not directly affect game performance. The Mental State skill starts for all players at empty, no bars, and increases overtime as players kill pedistrians, cops, other players, destroy vehicles and cause general chaos. As the Mental State rises the redder the players blip will appear on the map, at Maximum Mental State the players icon will be solid red. This feature is used to identify other players in the lobby who might shoot on sight or attempt to kill the player, while other players who still have white blips will be least likely to do so. The Mental State ability will reset back to empty after 45-60 minutes of doing nothing that would normally increase the stat. Players who have a high or max Mental State are worth extra Reputation Points for being killed. A player can also decrease their Mental State by killing players who have a higher Mental State.

Free Roam
Most players of GTA games will know this mode the best and it needs very little explaination. GTA Free Roam puts the player in an Open, Invite Only, Crew Only, Friends Only, Closed, or Solo session where the player can explore the entire map of Los Santos and partake in multiple activties. From stealing vehicles, fighting other players, showing off cars, fighting the police, gang attacks, impromptu races, buying clothing and much, much more. This mode is not limited by restrictions and unlike GTA IV you cannot host specific Free Roam lobbies and control things such as pedistrain density, cops, vehicles that spawn, or weapons. There are NO weapons, armor, or health packs in Free Roam on the map. All weapons, armor and health restoring items must be purchased by the player. A PC standard Free Roam lobby can have anywhere from 1 to 30 random players. There are no rank restrictions on lobbies, only Aim Setting restrictions which will put players who have similar Aim Settings (Traditional GTA Lock On vs. Free Aim) in their own lobbies.

Reputation Points
Reputation Points (or RP) is the equivilant to an experience system in standard MMOs or RPGs. As you gain more RP, you will level up quickly. RP is gained in numerous ways, from very mundance tasks such as voting on Jobs, rating a Mission, killing enemies, completing Jobs, robbing stores, and much, much more. The idea of Reputation Points is that your character has arived to San Andreas completey new to the location, so they must build up a ‘reputation’ for themselves. Which is why you are given more audacious Missions and Jobs as you get higher and allowed to buy better weapons and vehicles. Check the Rank section of the guide for a list of some unlocks, and the Weapon section for Weapon based unlocks.

Money, Money, Money. In GTA Online Money is the only currency, you either have it or you don’t and you will want a lot of it. The more things you want to own or collect, the more Money you will need to spend. Money (also known as GTA Dollars) is earned in a variaty of ways. Killing other players and picking up their dropped cash (if any), picking up NPC dropped cash, robbing stores, stealing and selling cars, export missions for Simeon, completing Jobs, collecting another players bounty, pulling of Heists, and much more. Once you have your paycheck in hand you want to keep it safe. Visit an ATM or pull up your Phone and go to Money and Services, and make sure to deposit all cash on hand. Money that is carried can be dropped in small portions when you die (up to $500 each death) and death itself in Free Roam will have a medical bill attached to it (much cheaper than Single Player).

It is impossible for you to share cash with your friends or other players. The only way to share any Money earned is after you completed a recent job (collecting a bounty, robbing a store, collecting a crate) at which point you can share the money earned there in percentages with anyone (preferably the people that helped you if any).

Want a new weapon? Maybe a new gun attachment? How about a brand new car or plane, or maybe you are the kind of person that prefers a boat on the open sea? How about some new threads or a place to crash after a day of hard work? It’s going to all cost you Money. Important things to remember; Your ammo can be replenished by purchasing more rounds at an Ammunation, having no Money would mean the only way to get ammo is from enemies corpses. Owning an Apartment or Garage requires the paying of bills daily, with the price going up per Apartment or Garage owned. Checking out the New Player Choices section for advice on how to spend your Money wisely early on.

Interaction Menu & Inventory
The Interaction Menu is accessed by holding the Interaction button for several seconds. This opens the menu which allows the player to choose from multiple options, such as setting GPS destinations on the map, starting Impromptu Races, selection an action to perform, enable Passive Mode, Highlight a specific player on the map, adjust your characters Mood, Request and Empty your personal vehicle (deliver and remove passengers/drivers), set who can access your Personal Vehicle, set who you can hear while in Free Roam lobbies, set where you will spawn in when starting up GTA Online, set your targeting priority for players, adjust the length of One on One Deathmatches you can initate, kill yourself, and access your Inventory Menu.

The Inventory Menu allows the player to share Cash with other players, either from previous jobs or Crate Drops. Access Accessories such as Gear, Outfits, Glasses, Hats, Masks, Helmets and Helmet settings. Equipped stored Body Armor and display a particular piece of Body Armor. Equip Parachutes and change the primary and reserve parachute colors, the parachute bag and what smoke trail the player uses. Eat snacks or drinks as well as access cigarettes to restore health. And set and activate different types of Fireworks.

In GTA Online the player is able to join up to five different Crews, but can only have one Crew set as their active Crew at a time. Crews allow players to access to unique unlocks, character actions, emblems, and also allow other players in the same Crew to partake in activities and missions. A Crew is created at the Rockstar Social Club website, not in-game. Crews can have desginated Crew colors, Crew Emblems which can be put on vehicles and clothing, and reward unlocks to players as they level up in their Crew. Players can join other player created Crews through the Rockstar Social Club website or in-game through the Crew menu as well as Rockstar created Crews (which have unlimited members).

Unique things players in Crews will have access to include: Crew colored T-shirts, Crew Emblems on clothing, Crew based Challenges, Crew color on cars, Crew Emblem on cars, the Black Pig, Bone Skull, White Carnival and White Monster Masks, Crew colored Parachute Smoke, and Crew colored Tire Smoke.

There are many Ammunations located throughout Los Santos, their locations do not change from the Single Player version of the game. Certain Ammunations will include a Shooting Range in which you can compete head to head with another player in Shooting Challenges as well as raise your Shooting skill. All weapons you will ever purchase will come from Ammunation stores as well as their customization options. Ammunation will sell weapons, ammo, attachments and skins for weapons, display and sell New Content weapons, body armor, gear, and some clothing options. Weapons, and their attachments will unlock based on a players rank, the following levels after unlocking a new weapon will often unlock the next attachment. Weapon skins are unlocked either through getting player kills with that weapon in Free Roam or PVP missions, or reaching a certain rank for Gold, Pink and Platinum skins.

There are a wide variety of weapons for the player to pick from, all access from the players weapon wheel and set into different categories. Nearly all weapons can be purchased from Ammunation while some melee weapons must be found in missions.

They are Pistols, SMGs, LMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Melee Weapons, Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, and Thrown/Utility Weapons.

The Hawk and Little Pistol is the first weapon the player will unlock in the game, given to them by Lamar Davis. The Pistol is a very standard weapon that every player will own by default and cannot be dropped. The damage is fairly average along with it’s range with a moderate rate of fire and accuracy. By default the Pistol holds 12 rounds. The Extended Clip can be purchased at Rank 2, increasing capacity to 16 rounds. A Flashlight attachment is available at Rank 4, and a Suppressor is unlocked at Rank 5.

Combat Pistol
The Hawk and Little Combat Pistol is the next weapon unlocked for the player. The default magazine holds 12 rounds, while the Combat Pistol sports higher damage, range, accuracy and fire rate compared to the default Pistol. The Combat Pistol’s Extended Clip attachement is also unlocked at Rank 9, allowing for 16 rounds. Rank 11 unlocks the Suppressor for the Combat Pistol, while the Flashlight attachment unlocks at Rank 10.

AP Pistol
The AP or Armor-Piercing Pistol is a devestating weapon sporting the highest fire rate out of all Pistols in the game with fairly good accuracy and moderate damage and range. This perfect drive-by weapon unlocks at Rank 33, and sports an 18 round magizine by default. The Extended Clip is unlocked at Rank 34 and doubles the round capacity to 36. The Flashlight and Suppressor attachements are unlocked at Rank 35 and 36 respectively.

Pistol .50
The Pistol .50 is a unique weapon, originally only available to owners of the Collector’s Edition of GTA V. Since there are no Collector’s Editions of the PC version, this weapon is available by default to players at Rank 1 from Ammunation, though is Free to purchase for Returning Players who originally owned the CE on Xbox 360 or PS3. The Pistol .50 has the highest damage output of any Pistol in GTA Online and features 9 round magizines (12 with Extended Clip), a Flashlight and a Suppressor attachment all at Rank 1. All the weapon skins for this weapon are available to purchase without player kills or rank requirements.

SNS Pistol
The SNS Pistol or Saturday Night Special Pistol is the weakest Pistol in GTA Online, sporting fairly average damage but with low range and moderate fire rate and accuracy. The weapon only holds 6 rounds (12 with Extended Clip) and is unlocked at Rank 1 along with it’s Extended Clip and weapon skins. It does not feature a Suppressor or a Flashlight attachment. The SNS Pistol was added during the Beach Bum Content Update.

Heavy Pistol
The Heavy Pistol is an excellent alternative Pistol to most of the other starting Pistols. It has a great damage output, matched fire rate, high accuracy and fairly moderate range. It’s unlocked at Rank 1 along with an Extended Clip, Suppressor and Flashlight attachment. It holds 18 rounds or 36 with Extended Clip, and all it’s weapon skins can be purchased at Rank 1. The Heavy Pistol was added during The Business Update.

Vintage Pistol
The Vintage Pistol is a fairly average weapon with decent damage, good fire rate and accuracy and average range. The weapon sports a 7 round magizine (14 with Extended Clip) and has only a Suppressor and Extended Clip attachment. This weapon unlocks at Rank 1 along with its attachments and skins. The Vintage Pistol was added during the I’m Not a Hipster Update.

Flare Gun
The Flare Gun is the last Pistol available in GTA Online, added during the Heists Update it is unlocked at Rank 1. The Flare Gun has no attachments and will change the color of the Flare it fires based on the weapon skin. The Flare Gun is ineffective against vehicles but can light other players and NPCs on fire. It has poor range, average damage, poor fire rate, but good accuracy. It can hold 20 Flares, one loaded at a time.

Micro SMG
The Micro SMG is the first submachine gun unlocked for players at Rank 5. It features a 16 round magizine with fairly good damage, range and accuracy and very high rate of fire. An Extended Clip (30 round magizine) is unlocked at Rank 6, followed by the Flashlight at Rank 7, Scope (which increases accuracy and zoom) at Rank 8 and a Suppressor at Rank 9.

The SMG is the second submachine gun unlocked at Rank 11 for Online Players. The SMG features similar damage to the Micro SMG but has slightly less fire rate in favor of range and accuracy boosts. It also has a 30 round clip that can be extended to 60. The Extended Clip is unlocked at Rank 12, followed by the Flashlight at Rank 13, Scope at Rank 14 and Suppressor at Rank 15.

Assault SMG
The Assault SMG is similar in terms of damage and fire rate to the Micro SMG and SMG but has much higher accuracy and good range. It is unlocked at Rank 29 with a 30 round clip. An Extended Clip unlocks at Rank 30 for 60 round clips, followed by a Flashlight at Rank 31, Scope at Rank 32, and a Suppressor at Rank 33.

The MG is the first light machine gun unlocked by the player in GTA Online at Rank 50 in the SMG category of the weapon wheel. The MG has a 54 round box magizine and has fiarly good damage, moderate accuracy and great fire rate and range. An Extended Clip unlocks at Rank 51 for 100 rounds and a Scope attachment at Rank 52.

Combat MG
The Combat MG has similar stats to the MG but has higher fire rate and accuracy. It is unlocked at Rank 80 for players Online and has a huge 100 round magizine. An Extended Clip can be unlocked at Rank 81 for 200 round magizines, a Grip attachment (decreases recoil and increases accuracy) at Rank 82, and a Scope attachment at Rank 83.

Gusenberg Sweeper
The Gusenberg Sweeper is a very strong SMG unlocked at Rank 1 during the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special. It features great damage, a huge rate of fire, great accuracy and huge range. It has a 30 drum magizine that can be extended to 50 with the Extended Clip magizine. All of its skins can be purchased at Rank 1. This weapon is no longer available and cannot be purchased from Ammunation after the expiration date.

Assault Rifles
Assault Rifle
The Assault Rifle is the first, well, Assault Rifle the player unlocks in GTA Online. Based on the Type-56 Chinese AK47 it has great damage with great range, accuracy and fire rate. It is unlocked at Rank 24 and sports a 30 round magizine. An Extended Clip can be purchased (60 rounds) at Rank 25, followed by a Grip at Rank 26, Flashlight at Rank 27, Scope at Rank 28, and Suppressor at Rank 29.

Carbine Rifle
The Carbine Rifle is an M4 and HK416 mixed together providing better fire rate and accuracy while sporting the same damage and range as the Assault Rifle. It is unlocked at Rank 42 for players with a 30 round magizine. An Extended Clip can be purchased at Rank 43 for 60 rounds, a Grip at Rank 44, a Flashlight at Rank 45, a Scope at Rank 46 and a Suppressor at Rank 47.

Advanced Rifle
The Advanced Rifle based off a CTAR-21 carbine is the final Assault Rifle unlocked for players at Rank 70. Like the other ARs it has a consistant range but more damage and fire rate with a little less accuracy than the Carbine Rifle. It features a 30 round magizine with an Extended Clip unlocked at Rank 71 for 60 rounds, a Flashlight at Rank 72, a Scope at Rank 73, and a Suppressor at Rank 74.

Special Carbine
The Special Carbine based on the G36C is first Content Update Assault Rifle featuring the highest damage out of all Assault Rifles with a huge rate of fire, great accuracy with slightly less range. It sports a 30 round magizine with a 60 round magizine in the form of an Extended Clip, along with Flashlight, Scope, Suppressor, and Grip attachments. This weapon, its attachments and skins are available for purchase at Rank 1, making it the best weapon to purchase for new players. The Special Carbine was added during The Business Update.

Bullpup Rifle
The Bullpup Rifle based on the QBZ-95 is the 2nd Content Update Assault Rifle, also unlocked at Rank 1 with all it’s attachments and skins. It has less damage and accuracy than the Special Carbine in favor of an even higher rate of fire and moderate range. It has a 30 round magizine (60 with Extended Clip) and has an Extended Clip, Flashlight, Scope, Suppressor and Grip attachments. The Bullpup Rifle was added during The High Life Update.

Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifle
The Sniper Rifle is the first Sniper Rifle unlocked for players in GTA Online at Rank 21. It is a hitscan weapon and is capable of hitting targets that are out of rendering distances for longest range kills. It has a 10 round clip by default. It’s default Scope can be removed allowing the player to fire it it with no sights. It has near max damage, very low fire rate, high accuracy and near max range. A Suppressor is unlocked at Rank 22, followed by the Advance Scope at Rank 23 that increases the zooming capabilities of the scope and greatly increases accuracy.

Heavy Sniper
The Heavy Sniper is the most damaging bullet based weapon in GTA Online, sporting maximum damage and range with low fire rate and near maximum accuracy. It is unlocked for players at Rank 90 because of its tendancy to one-shot players. It has only one attachment, an Advanced Scope at Rank 91 that increases it’s accuracy to maximum. It has a 6 round box magizine. Making it the only weapon to have maximum damage, range and accuracy.

Marksman Rifle
The Marksman Rifle is the first DMR in the game and sports fairly high damage, good rate of fire and near maximum range and accuracy. It is unlocked at Rank 1 with a default clip of 8, Extended Clip of 16, a Scope, Flashlight, Suppressor, and Grip attachments along with all its skins available for purchase. The Marksman Rifle was added during the Last Team Standing Update.

Melee Weapons
Your fists are the default melee weapon in the game. Their damage is based on your Strength stat and can be used to punch, kick, slap, sucker punch and perform Stealth takedowns (from behind in Stealth mode). While engaged in a fist fight you can throw punches or kicks, or attempt to dodge an opponents punch. Dodging a punch and punching right after will counter punch your opponent, leaving them exposed.

The Knife is a basic melee weapon that can be purchased from Ammunation for $400 at Rank 1. The Knife can be used for unique Stealth takedowns and can sometimes instantly kill the opponent if caught off guard. It is the only weapon that can be equiped while swimming and thus can be used to kill sharks.

The Nightstick is another basic melee weapon, used by police forces. It is available for purchase from Ammunation at Rank 1 for $400. It has a bit further reach than the knife and can club or sideswipe enemies, it also has its own Stealth takedown.

The Hammer is Collector’s Edition Content made available as part of the PC version of GTA Online. It is very similar to damage and range as the Nightstick but with a unique look. It is available from Ammunation at Rank 1 for a small fee or free for Returning Players who previously owned the CE Content.

Broken Bottle
The Broken Bottle is a melee weapon with similar qualities to the Knife, just in a different form. It shares similar Stealth takedown and attack animations. It is available from Ammunation at Rank 1 for free. The Broken Bottle was added during the Beach Bum Content Update.

Antique Cavalry Dagger
The AC Dagger is available from Ammunation at Rank 1 for $1,900 and was added during the I’m Not a Hipster Update. It has the same range and animations as the Knife with a little bit more power to it.

Baseball Bat
The Baseball Bat is a great melee weapon with some good damage and range. It is not found at Ammunation, instead the Baseball Bat can be picked up from other NPCs that have the weapon equipped or found during certain PVE and PVP missions.

Golf Club
The Golf Club is a great melee weapon that sacrifices a bit of damage for having the longest range. This weapon cannot be purchased at Ammunation and must be obtained by scaring or killing random NPC golfers at the Los Santos Golf Club.

The Crowbar is the rarest and often most difficult melee weapon to find, it has similaraties to the bat in damage but with less range. This weapon can only be found in certain player made maps, Team Deathmatch Cargo, or the Last Team Standing maps Cypress Flats and Paleto Bay LTS. For the player to get the weapon, the weapon settings of the match must be set to Owned+Pick Up.

The Hatchet is a great melee weapon with high damage and moderate swinging range. It is only available to Returning Players who previously played GTA V on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It is available for a small fee at Ammunation in GTA Online if you are a Returning Player.

Pump Shotgun
The Pump Shotgun is one of the first shotguns you will unlock in GTA V, it is based off the Mossberg 590 including a custom stock. At close range it will deal terrible, terrible, damage and has pretty good accuracy but lacks range and fire rate. The Pump Shotgun is unlocked in Online at Rank 17, holding only 8 rounds. A Flashlight attachment can be unlocked at Rank 18 and a Suppressor at Rank 19.

Sawed-off Shotgun
The Sawed-off Shotgun is a smaller and more compact shotgun that deals incredible damage for a reduction in accuracy and range. It shares the same fire rate of the Pump Shotgun but deals a lot more damage, capable of killing someone instantly at close range in one shot. The Sawed-off Shotgun is available from Ammunation automatically because it requires a Social Club Account to unlock. It holds 8 rounds, has no attachments and is the only shotgun that can be fired from some vehicles.

Assault Shotgun
The Assault Shotgun is a beast of a weapon, it is the first automatic shotgun in the game. It has better damage than the Pump Shotgun but not as strong as the Sawed-off Shotgun but makes up for it with much higher fire rate, better accuracy and better magizines. The default clip is 8 rounds and can be extended to 32. The Assault Shotgun is unlocked at Rank 37, the Extended Clip is unlocked at Rank 38, followed by a Grip at Rank 39, Flashlight at Rank 40, and a Suppressor at Rank 41.

Bullpup Shotgun
The Bullpup Shotgun is a very unique weapon, it is available from Rank 1 for players Online as it is a previous Collector’s Edition Content Weapon. It features a 14 round chamber and has good damage with moderate accuracy but lacks in range and fire rate. The Bullpup Shotgun has a Grip, Flashlight and Suppressor attachment and all of its weapon skins are available from Rank 1. Returning Players who previously owned the Collector’s Edition will be able to get this weapon, its attachments, and skins all for free.

The Musket is a ‘shotgun’ unlocked as part of the Independence Day Special, although it is not a shotgun it is located amongst your shotgun section in the weapon wheel. It has very good range and incredible damage, being on par with the Heavy Sniper but lacks any sort of sights. While it can one shot some players, it’s incredibly long reload time makes the weapon more of a toy. It can hold only a single round and has no attachments. It’s unlocked at Rank 1 and has a variety of skins to choose from. This weapon is apart of the Independence Day Special and ‘may’ not be available again.

Heavy Shotgun
The Heavy Shotgun is a unique weapon based off the Saiga-12 shotgun. It is the only shotgun in the game that fires slugs and as such does much better damage against vehicles than the other shotguns, capable of shooting doors off armored vehicles in a single shot. It has great damage and a moderate fire rate with decent accuracy and range. It is unlocked at Rank 1 along with an Extended Clip (12 rounds, previously was 6), Flashlight, Suppressor and Grip attachments, along with its skins. The Heavy Shotgun was added during the Last Team Standing Update.

Heavy Weapons
Grenade Launcher
The Grenade Launcher is a contact explosive weapon that fires HE rounds that explode on contact with enemies and vehicles and bounces when it hits other surfaces. It deals massive damage with a very low fire rate and poor accuracy but has very good range to it. The Grenade Launcher is unlocked at Rank 60, with a Grip at Rank 61, Flashlight at Rank 62, and a Scope at Rank 63. It features a 10 round chamber and can only have a maximum of 20 grenades on the player at any time.

The RPG is a Rocket Propeled Grenade Launcher, more akin to a Rocket Launcher. It is a devasting tool of destruction, dealing maximum damage with a large blast radius, the reload time means a slow fire rate and rockets tend to spin off couse making it have very poor accuracy, but travel time means each rocket has great range to travel, even if not in a straight line. The RPG has no attachments and is unlocked at Rank 100, the RPG can fire 1 rocket at a time and can hold up to a maximum of 20 rockets.

The Minigun based off the portable M134 Minigun, is the last weapon anyone will unlock in GTA Online, requiring a high Rank of 120 to unlock. The Minigun is a devestating weapon for all those that want to turn any busy street into a Michael Bay film in seconds. The damage is fairly avaerage but the Minigun sports the highest fire rate of any weapon in the game, with good range and moderate accuracy. The weapon lacks automatic aiming for players who use lock-on aim settings and the player is forced to walk while firing. It can hold up to 9999 rounds at maximum Shooting skill and does not need to be reloaded, it has no attachments.

Firework Launcher
The Firework Launcher is more of a toy weapon, like the Musket. It is unlocked at Rank 1 and has the weakest amount of damage of all explosive weapons but has unique fire effects, the fire rate is very low with poor accuracy and decent range. Unlike the RPG it will fire straight all the time. It can fire 1 rocket at a time and hold up to 20 more. The Firework Launcher was added during the Independence Day Special and is only available to unlock currently on Christmas Day.

Homing Launcher
The Homing Launcher is the first rocket launcher to have a lock on system on foot. Based on the Stinger missle launcher, rockets fired from this weapon can lock onto any land, air or water based vehicle before chasing the target. The Homing Launcher is availabe at Rank 1 making it the first launcher any player can own, it has no attachments, can fire 1 rocket at a time and can hold up to only 10 rockets. All of its skins are available for purchase. The Homing Launcher was added during the Festive Surprise Update.

Thrown/Utility Weapons
Tear Gas
Tear Gas is a thrown weapon unlocked at Rank 13. It is a gas based weapon that will spawn a cloud of noxious gas that will aspyxiate players overtime, the rate of damage is low allowing players to move out of its range. In tighter corners this weapon can be good for flushing others out or forcing them back and is effective against NPCs who can’t move out of the gas once caught inside. Limit of 25 gas cans, can be used from inside vehicles.

The Grenade is an explosive thrown weapon unlocked at Rank 15 and is the only weapon that can be primed. Arming the Grenade while preparing to throw it will give the player five seconds to throw the weapon or risk losing their arm. It has a good blast radius and if timed correctly and be primed and explode the moment it reaches its target. Limit of 25 grenades, can be used from inside vehicles. Grenades are the only weapon that can be thrown while in First Person Mode with another weapon active.

Sticky Bombs
Sticky Bombs are remote plastic explosives that can either be thrown or placed and do not explode on contact. Instead Sticky Bombs are detonated when they are either damaged, shot, or detonated by the player that threw them manually. Sticky Bombs can stick to any surface, including humans and vehicles. Sticky Bombs are unlocked at Rank 19, and are limited to 25 bombs and can be used from inside vehicles.

Molotov Cocktail
The Molotov Cocktail is an incendiary weapon that lights any vehicle, person, or surface it hits on fire. It deals great damage with a good blast radius but is extremely rare. Molotov Cocktails can NOT be purchased from Ammunation, they can only be found in Crate Drops and Ammo Drops (suppled by Merryweather). They will leave the players inventory when they join a new session. Limit of 25 cocktails, can be used from inside vehicles. The ONLY way to keep Molotov Cocktails as a permanent weapon is to play on Christmas Day, as it was Rockstars Christmas gift to players.

Proximity Mines
Proximity Mines are similar to Sticky Bombs in that they can be placed on almost every surface. Each Mine is motion sensitive and will detonate after 1-2 seconds of someone triggering it by walking nearby before it explodes. It is unlocked at Rank 1 and was added during the Festive Surprise Update. Limit of 5 mines, cannot be used from inside vehicles.

Snowballs are unique timed weapons that were added during the Festive Update and are only available during the holiday season while snowy weather is enabled. When in a lobby or mission with snow, the player can scoop up snowballs from anywhere on the ground adding them to their inventory, up to 9 can be held. They deal very little damage and are good for knocking other players down though can kill players over time. They will melt when changing lobbies or after snowfall has disappeared. Only available during snowy weather.

Jerry Can
The Jerry Can is the only utility weapon in the game, it’s main purpose is to pour gasoline on the ground or over vehicles and objects. If the trail of gasoline is shot it will catch fire, making it a very, very cheap if not slow weapon for destroying vehicles while saving ammo. The Jerry Can starts at 100 fuel and decreases by 1 over a short time of pouring. The Jerry Can is unlocked at Rank 21.

Body Armor
Body Armor is protective gear that allows the player to take additional damage before their health is affected. All types of armor reduce damage taken by the same amount, roughly 10-15% in addition to Strength reduction bonuses. As players Rank up they are allowed to buy bigger Body Armor that fills up their armor bar more quickly. Super Light Armor fills 20% of the armor bar, Light Armor fills 40% of the armor bar, Standard Armor fills 60% of the armor bar, Heavy Armor fills 80% of the armor bar, and Super Heavy Armor fills 100% of the armor bar. Once purchased, each body armor type can be swapped out visibly as an asethetic visual to the players outfit regardless of whether or not they have Body Armor equipped. Players can purchase multiple pieces of Body Armor to store for later use from the Inventory Menu, up to a maximum of 10 pieces of Body Armor at Rank 135.

Parachutes are utility vests that can be used while falling great distances to enable the player to land safely once deployed. The risk of death while using the Parachute is still there should the player get shot on their way down or clip their Parachute into buildings or other objects. Parachutes can be purchased from Ammunation, can be found and added automatically when entering any air vehicle, and can be located on top of tall buildings, mountains, and bridges in the world. The player can only carry one Parachute at a time and is discarded once landed. The player can customize their Parachutes, their Parachute bags, Smoke Trails, and Reserve Parachutes at Ammunation. Reserve Parachutes MUST be purchased from Ammunation after each use and will not stack, a Reserve Parachute becomes active a few seconds after the player loses their first Parachute while falling, allowing them to enable it again to ensure a safe landing. Parachute bags can be equipped for a visual and cosmetic effect but will be discarded the moment they are used.

Gear is a new set of items introduced in the Heists Update. Gear has some cosmetic appearances while also having some in-game effects. Gear is equipped from the Gear menu in the Inventory and only one piece of Gear can be equipped at a time.

Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Goggles are exactly what they are, a set of high powered Goggles that allow you to see more clearly in dark areas and during night time. The Night Vision Goggles can be activated from the Gear menu when they are equipped and turned off from the same menu. Night Vision Goggles can be purchased for $17,500 in GTA Online at any Rank but is unlocked for purchase at Ammunation once the player has completed the Humane Labs Raid Heist mission Finale.
The Rebreather is a device that appears to be a gas mask, but actually contains air supply. The Rebreather is equipped from the Gear menu and does not need to be activated once worn. While it is equipped the player can breath under water for extended periods of time. The player must purchase additional air canisters from Ammunation in order to increase its duration, up to 20 air canisters can be purchased. Each air canister allows the player to stay submerged for one full minute, up to twenty minutes will maximum air canisters. After all air canisters are extinquished the players Lung Capacity takes over for air until it is empty, at which point the player will start to drown. The Rebreather can be bought from Ammunation for $5,000 each after completing the Humane Labs Raid Finale mission from Heists.

The Earpiece is the only piece of Gear that has no additional function besides being a cosmetic addition to the players outfit. There are three earpieces available, LCD, Red, and Gray. The Red and Gray earpieces are unlocked by default while the LCD earpiece requires the completion of the Fleeca Job Finale mission from Heists. If the player talks while an earpiece is equipped the light on the side will light up as an additional cosmetic effect.

Los Santos Customs
Los Santos Customs will be a location most players are familar with from the Single Player (assuming they played that far). It is the only place in which the player can customize their vehicles in a wide array of expensive options. Some features will be locked by default and either require the player to achieve a certain Online Rank or require the player to accomplish other tasks, such as; slipstreaming, turbo starts, overtakes, race wins, sea race win, air race win, stunt jumps, rally race win, and more.

Options at a Los Santos Customs include a variety of things that mostly depend on what vehicle you bring inside. These are; Bumpers (front & back), Exhaust, Grille, Hood, Horn, Lights, Plates, Color Respray (Primary, Secondary, & Crew Emblems), Roll Cage, Roof, Skirts, Wheels (Wheel Types, Colors, & Accessories), Windows, Armor, Turbo, Transmission, Engine, Brakes, Suspension, Bodywork, Spoilers, Explosives (Traps), and Loss/Theft Prevention.

Los Santos Customs is also the only place where vehicles can be sold (either owned or stolen). Player purchased vehicles can be sold at any value and their value increases based on upgrades the vehicle has. Stolen vehicles off the street can be sold once per in-game day and are limited to under $100,000, though usually range from $3,000 to $30,000 with and without upgrades. The player cannot steal and sell another players personal vehicle.

What would a game like Grand Theft Auto be without Vehicles? Well it definitly wouldn’t be called Grand Theft Auto, more likely be Theft Murder Mayhem. Regardless there are an abundance of vehicles in GTA Online, with newer vehicles being added in Content Updates. I will not be covering every vehicle in this guide, as that is more resources than I can commit but I will cover the three kinds of vehicles; Personal Vehicles, Pegasus Vehicles, & Free Roam Vehicles.

Personal Vehicles
Personal Vehicles you will be introduced to during the opening tutorial mission (assuming you didn’t skip it like a busta). Personal Vehicles are player owned vehicles that can be stored in Garages and summoned to the player location assuming they are near a road. For a vehicle to become a Personal Vehicle it must have either a Tracker installed, Insurance, or both. Since a Tracker is required for Insurance it is safer to have both. A Tracker will show the player the location of the vehicle at all times unless its destroyed. The Personal Vehicle will appear as a car or bike icon on the map in white. Personal Vehicles can be customized at Los Santos Customs. Players can also lock their Personal Vehicles from anywhere from the Interaction Menu by setting Vehicle Access, making it available to anyone, no-one, friends, crew, or crew+friends. They also have the ability to empty the Personal Vehicle of any players from the Interaction Menu. Only one Personal Vehicle can be active at a time.

Personal Vehicles can be summoned by two methods, if a Personal Vehicle is already out and active it can be brought to the player through the Interaction Menu and selecting Request Personal Vehicle. If no Personal Vehicle is active or if the player is far away from their currently active Personal Vehicle the player can call their Mechanic (requires owning a Garage or Apartment with a Garage) and selecting what Personal Vehicle they own, from what property to bring to them. The vehicle will always spawn out of the players sight nearby.

If your Personal Vehicle is destroyed you will need to call up Mors Mutual to request a replacement. Depending on how the vehicle was destroyed will determine whether or not you have to pay for it. If a Personal Vehicle is destroyed by another player, the destructive player has the cost of the replacement deducted from their account automatically and the player whose vehicle was destroyed will have no charge to pay. If a Personal Vehicle is destroy by accident, including exploding, engine dying, being submerged in water, or any other methods the player must pay the charge to have the vehicle restored. The Personal Vehicle will either spawn at Mors Mutual or back in the players Garage.

Personal Vehicles can also become impounded by the Police if the player dies while inside or near their Personal Vehicle with a wanted level and usually by the Police. The Personal Vehicle must be recovered from the Police station within a certain amount of time or it will be destroyed. This can be done by either stealing it back or paying the impound fee.

Pegasus Vehicles
Pegasus Vehicles are vehicles that the player has purchased but they cannot be stored in the players Garage as a Personal Vehicle. These vehicles include planes, helicopters, boats, and other utility and land vehicles. Pegasus Vehicles can be requested by the player once they have purchased them for a $200 fee and will appear at a location on the map based on the vehicle in a golden vehicle icon. This icon is only visible to the player who made the purchase. Other players can steal the Pegasus Vehicle and it cannot be locked and a new one can be ordered if it is destroyed.

Pegasus Vehicles are often the most expensive vehicles in the game to unlock and all must be purchased through the in-game Internet. Websites such as Elitas Travel, Warstock Cache & Carry, Dock Tease, and Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Pegasus Vehicles can cost as low as $22,000 to as high as $3,000,000 with some vehicles requiring either Ranks or specific Missions to be completed to enable purchasing.

Free Roam Vehicles
Free Roam Vehicles are basically any vehicle that is encountered in Free Roam that is not a Personal Vehicle or a Pegasus Vehicle. Usually these are parked vehicles or vehicles driven by NPCs. Some of these vehicles can be stolen and outfitted with a Tracker and Insurance to become Personal Vehicles, this is how you will get your first Personal Vehicle in the tutorial. Stealing these vehicles can also result in a Wanted Level, or recovering a vehicle requested by Simeon will result in a 2 Star Wanted Level.

Simeon Vehicles are nearly randomized each session and change over time, they are unmarked and will trigger a 2 Star Wanted Level upon entering one. If the player loses the Cops and takes the vehicle to Los Santos Customs and resprays it they can deliver it to the S icon on the map for pay based on its condition. Vehicles marked on the map by a Green Vehicle Icon are Simeon requested vehicles and sometimes highly contested for easy money.

Other Free Roam Vehicles can include vehicles that can be purchased from Pegasus but are not Pegasus spawned vehicles. These can include helicopters, planes and boats that spawn at helipads, airports, runways, docks, bays, and so on. The player will not get a Wanted Level for taking one.

Apartments & Garages
GTA Online is a vast world with landscape and buildings endless, so where do you choose to sleep? Safehouses are located all over San Andreas along with individual Garages that allow the player to store their Personal Vehicles or own more than one. There are three types of Apartments and three types of Garages, with Apartments having Garages connected to them. Low-end, Medium, High-end.

Low-end Apartments are very small, little interior but include a bed, place to shower, some drink and drugs but no windows to see out of. Low-end Garages are very small and are only able to hold 2 vehicles and 1 bicycle. Medium Apartments are nicer, have a much wider interior, no visible windows to look out, but a bigger bedroom, drugs, drinks and an average shower. Medium Garages are fairly good, they are able to hold up to 6 vehicles and 2 bicycles and have a bigger interior to walk around your vehicles. High-end Apartments come in two variety styles, these will be noted when purchasing them off the Internet. The only difference between the two High-end Apartments is the interior design, both function the same and have the options for showers, changing clothes, TV, sleeping, drinks, drugs, telescopes and viewing the outside Free Roam session. High-end Garages are the biggest Garages available and are often paired with High-end Apartments, they can hold up to 10 vehicles and up to 3 bicycles, with a brighter interior for viewing and a TV.

Most Apartments will come with a Garage by default, the size of the Garage will vary but will be notified on the website by the Apartment you are viewing. The Apartments only serve as a place to hang out of be safe from Free Roam while still being in the Free Roam session. Other players can be invited inside your Apartment or Garage to partake in activities and weapons are disabled while inside. The player can own up to three Apartments or Garages, (ex; Two Apartments and one Garage). Apartments and Garages will cost the player money over time that is deducted daily based on the number of places owned. This fee at maximum is $300, to cover maintence and your mechanic.

Clothing is what makes your character you! It is your appearance and wardrobe Online that everyone will be able to recognize you by, assuming you don’t change outfits often. In GTA Online Clothing is purchased from local stores, Binco or Ponsonby’s. Both stores will have the exact same Clothing options and do not sell anything unique, other than having a different layout in the store. Clothing can be changed from stores or Apartments, though custom outfits can be saved and swapped out from anywhere.

Outfits are prebuilt sets of Clothing that form a full, well, Outfit. Outfits can either be purchased at the counter of the store or player built from a saved list. In order to save your own Outfit, have the Outfit equipped with everything on it that you want to wear. Go to the counter and select Edit Saved Outfits. You will then get to select 1 of 10 available slots to save your current Outfit in and give it a name. This Outfit can then be selected at anytime from the Inventory Menu. You can also purchase a variety of prebuilt Outfits based on themes and updates, including flight suits, team apparel, gangster looks, suits, and more.

Tops are the part of Clothing that cover the top part of your body, from the chest up. These can include; Suit Jackets, Leather Jackets, Track Jackets, T-Shirts, Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Baseball Tees, Polo Shirts, Sports Tops, Vests, Business Shirts, Suit Vests, Vest Shirts, Special Tops, Team Tops, Heist Tops, Utility Vests, Dresses, Bikinis, Off Shoulder Tops, Camisoles, Busters, and more.

Pants are obviously equipped to the lower region of your characters body. These can include; Jeans, Work Pants, Shorts, Cargo Pants, Sports Pants, Suit Pants, Chinos, Sport Shorts, Team Pants, Heist Pants, Skirts, Bikini Bottoms, Panties, Stockings, and more.

Shoes are equipped to the feet region and come in the following varities; Boots, Sneakers, Skate Shoes, Canvas Shoes, Flip-Flops, Boat Shoes, Running Shoes, Sports Shoes, Smart Shoes, Sandals, High Heel Boots, Pumps, High Heels, and more.

Hats are equipped to your characters head and cannot be worn with Masks, but can be changed at anytime independantly. Some Hats include; Beanies, Canvas Hats, Caps Forward, Caps Backward, Flat Caps, Trilbies, Pork Pie Hats, Fedoras, Cowboy Hats, Bandanas, Headphones, Ear Defenders, Helmets, Special Hats, SA Flight School Hats, Bulletproof Helmets, and more.

Masks are worn generally over your characters face or head and are often used when commiting crimes or robberies. If a Mask is equipped while you have a Wanted Level, you can instantly lower your Wanted Level by 1 star by taking off your Mask once you are out of sight of the Police. Masks come in a wide variety and are purchased at the Vespucci Movie Masks at Vespucci Beach. Masks, like Hats, can be changed out at anytime from your Inventory.

Glasses are worn over your characters eyes and can change the visual of your First Person Perspective along with Masks. Glasses can be changed out anytime independantly. Glasses include; Professional Glasses, Sports Glasses, Casual Glasses, Aviators, Hipster Glasses, High End Glasses, and Gun Range Glasses.

Accessories are different parts of Clothing that do not fall into any one category. These include things like; Chains, Scarves, Ties, Watches, Gloves and various Jewelry.

There is a large range of Online Activities that the player can partake in, either solo or against other players. These are found through the world and many are reoccuring features from Single Player.

Golf is a simple game in which the person who has the least amount of strokes taken wins. This is indicated by the scoring system. At the start, all players are set to 0, this is even. Each Hole has a Par number assigned to it. When the player sinks their ball into the Holes hole the number of strokes is deducted from the par to determine how far over or under par they were. For example: Hole 1 is a Par 4, if a player sinks their ball in at exactly 4 strokes, their score stays at 0. If the player sinks their ball in at 3 strokes, their score goes to -1 which is good. If the player sinks their ball in at 5 strokes, over Par, the players score goes to +1 which is bad. The more negative the score, the better they are playing, the more positive score the worse they are playing. Players can compete with up to a total of four players and can bet on one another as they play, starting on the desginated hole through, maximum of 9 holes.

Tennis is another sport game that can be played Online with up to two players in over seven different locations across San Andreas. Tennis rules are simple but can be complicated to explain, it’s often best to play it once to get an idea. Two players battle split between their half of the court. The server must hit the ball over the net and the opposing side must hit it back. A ball can only bounce once while in the play area before it must be hit back, a second bounce is an automatic point to the opposing team. The ball can be hit out of bounds as well if it is hit too hard to the side or too far. There are different times of hits that can adjust the speed and height of the ball, lobs, topspins and backspins. Like Golf players can bet on one another, as well as set the duration of the game in Sets.

Darts is another Online sport game that can be played, though only at one location in the Grand Senora Desert. It is a one to two player game in which players go head to head in trying to reduce their score from 301 to 0 first. If a player goes past 0 they start over where they left off. There are numbers around the board that are score based, hitting the black or white areas will net that player the number indicated. Hitting the outter green or red lines will give the player that number doubled, while hitting the inner green or red lines will triple it. First player to reduce their score to 0 wins, betting can be enabled.

There are several movie theaters around Los Santos, with entries costing $20. Depending on the time of day will determine what movies are showing. Most movies last a few minutes and can be viewed the same as in Single Player.
Tattoos can be added to your character from any Tattoo Parlor. There are Tattoos for your characters head, chest, back, both arms, and both legs. Most Tattoos require an unlock, from a variety of sources such as headshot kills, gang attacks, races, crate drops and more. Tattoos added can be removed at any time from a Tattoo Parlor.
This is one of the first locations every player should visit to get their character touched up. Barber shops all over Los Santos offer the same options. You can change your characters Hair Style, the color of their hair, add highlights, adjust facial hair, facial hair color, eyebrows, chest hair, face paint, and eye contacts (for eye colors). Each costs a small fee to perform and you can select all your options at once before paying.

Car Wash
If your vehicle gets dirty, stained with blood from that recent person you ran over, or covered in some unknown material. You can drive it to the Car Wash in one of two locations and get it cleaned. Do note that this leaves you vulenerable to other players.

Arm Wrestling
Arm Wrestling is another activity you can do with other players in GTA Online. It is a straight forward head-to-head match in which one player must pin the other persons arm to the surface. A form of button mashing must take place, factoring in both characters Strength stat. Players can play an unlimited number of rounds and can bet on one another.

Shooting Range
Certain Ammunation stores across Los Santos have a built in Shooting Range. This area acts as a single person or two player head-to-head experience in which players choose a weapon category to practice or compete in with a variety of challenges. The player with the higher score wins the round, a certain number or unlimited rounds can be set by the host before hand as well as choosing what weapon and challenge to use.

Convience Stores
Convience Stores are locations marked through the map and introduced by Lamar in the Hold Up Mission. Convience Stores allow the player to buy food, snacks, drinks and ciggerates as well as rob the store clerk for the money in the cash register. Once a store has been robbed it will be closed for a certain duration to everyone in the lobby. Robbing the store results in a 2 star Wanted Level, killing the clerk is a 3 star Wanted Level, Robbing different stores over and over results in automatic 3 star Wanted Levels. If for some reason the clerk dies the player can manually steal from the cash register at a quicker rate but for less money.

Jobs & Missions
Jobs and Missions are tasks that the player can complete to earn more RP and Cash, to give them more spending prowess and leveling up quicker. Completing Jobs will earn you pay based on their difficulty, time invested and Rank required. Many Missions and Jobs are available immideately, including PvP based Jobs while most of the PvE based Jobs will require the player to reach a certain Rank to host the Mission themselves but they can still join a Mission of a higher Rank if they are invited. There are many types of Jobs and Missions; Deathmatches, Races, Capture, Last Team Standing, Contact Missions, Versus, Parachuting, Survivals, and Adversary Mode.

Deathmatches are the simplest form of Missions, Player vs. Player Free For All or Team based combat in which the goal is to be the player or team with the highest number of kills. Locations offer a variety of places to hide and ambush but if players attempt to leave the play area they will be penalized. Weapons are placed through out the map and the host can set whether players can use their own weapons, must pick up all their weapons, or can use a bit of both, as well as forced weapon sets. The only vehicles that can be used are ones placed, or spawned in the map or by traffic. Players do not appear on the minimap until they are in visual range or if they are producing noise within range of you.

Races are vehicle based Missions in which players must stay ahead of the others and cross over checkpoints before crossing the finish line. The player who is in the lead when they cross the finish line first wins the Race. Player positions can switch rapidly overtime. Races can allow Personal Vehicles, or force players to choose from a set list of vehicles based on categories. The type of Race can also be set by the host as well as enabling or disabling Slipstreaming, Traffic, Cops, Weather, or Time of Day. The different types of Races are; Standard (traditional race), GTA Race (Mario Kart style race with power ups), Rally Race (Two player teams, one driver and one co-driver. Co-driver must tell the driver where to go and turn to hit checkpoints), Point-to-Point Race (Instead of laps players are only supposed to drive between every marked checkpoint till they reach the finish, no laps involved), and No-Contact Race (A standard race in which players cannot collide with other players). Races come in various forms from common land races, to air races and sea races.

Capture mode is a form of Capture the Flag but with a variety of twists. There are two teams with each having a home base. Each team needs to Capture the other teams package and bring it back to their base to score. First team to score all their Captures wins. Vehicles are common in this game mode. This game mode comes in four varities; Contend, GTA, Raid, and Hold. In Contend, teams must fight over a single package which they must deliver to their base to score. In GTA players have to steal Vehicles from a target location and bring them to their teams base to score. Raid is a rotating match in which one team must steal multiple packages from another team that is defending the packages. After a round teams swap roles and go at it again, the team that scored the most packages wins. Hold requires teams to capture packages and keep them at their base, these packages can be stolen at any time from the capture area. The team holding the most packages when time runs out or has the maximum number of packages wins.

Last Team Standing
Last Team Standing is a play on a form of Deathmatch but rounds are much faster. Teams face off with only a single life each, the ‘last team standing’ wins. If a player dies during LTS they will not respawn and must wait for the next round. Vehicles and pickups are littered throughout the map.
Contact Missions
Contact Missions are Player vs. Environment Missions in which the player must complete the desginated object, sometimes within a time limit. Objects can sometimes be destroyed and the Mission can fail if all players die with no spare lives left. Contact Missions come from your Contacts such as Lamar, Gerald and Lester among others. These missions have a higher payout than PvP missions in terms of RP and Money but can take longer to do and sometimes require teamwork.

Versus Missions are team based games with a variety of objects, these missions are PvP oriented but pay well in addition. Each Versus Mission has a different object, that usually has teams rotate roles after each round till a certain team reaches the targeted number of wins. These can be Missions such as stealing a package, to escort missions, jets vs. bikes, or destroy target missions. The objectives widely vary.

Parachuting Missions are very simple, non-combat missions in which players are to use their parachute through a series of floating checkpoints before landing safely on the ground. Players are awared points for how close to the center of each checkpoint they got as well as how close to the center of the landing zone they landed. Any player who dies from falling or crashing will lose.

Survival Missions are the true PvE challenge. Players are tasked with staying alive for as long as possible while facing a seemingly unending wave of opponents. Survivals can have from 1 to 4 players. If a player dies during a wave that player must wait until the wave is cleared before they can respawn. If all players die on a wave, the Survival ends. The Mission will end if players are able to stay alive and clear Wave 10. Body Armor, Health and varies weapons can be picked up as waves increase. There is a small downtime after each wave is cleared for players to recover.

Adversary Mode
Adversary Mode is a series of three different game modes pitting two teams against one another in different situations. The three Adversary Modes are; Come Out To Play, Siege Mentality, and Hasta La Vista. Come Out To Play is a game mode where a team of runners must reach a destination on foot while a team of hunters chases them down on bikes and ATVs. Runners have one life but all their weapons, while Hunters have unlimited lives but only shotguns. Siege Mentality pits a team of four defending a location on the map while a team of six attackers tries to kill them all. Attackers have unlimited lives but only have Sawed-Off Shotguns while Defenders have one life and their entire arsenal. Hasta La Vista pits a team of cyclists versus a team of truckers, the truckers must run over and kill the cyclists before they reach their destination.

New Player Choices
GTA Online is a massive world with a ton of options at your disposal and a plethora of content that is updated regularly. It can be very hard for a new player to take it all in, mistakes will be made but I will try to cover some of the choices you should make or avoid while playing GTA Online.

1.) Be wary of Other Players.
Other players can be hostile and shoot the moment they see you, you can tell hostile players apart from normal players by the color of their blip on the map. The more red the player is, the more likely they are to shoot you. While this is not true ALL the time, it is true often. Check the lobby list to see players and their ranks. Higher ranking players may be more likely to shoot you the moment they see you out of defense than actually trying to kill you.

2.) Don’t Follow other Players.
The easiest way to get yourself killed repeatedly is to chase after a player. Often if a player is seemlessly idle on the map but starts moving away as you draw near, it’s best to leave them be as they are likely assuming you are trying to kill them. Any attempts to follow them can result in being killed.

3.) Spend Money wisely.
If you pre-ordered the game you may have received a large amount of starting Money. While it is tempting to blow this all on hookers, the strip club or a new car, it is best to settle your Money first on a High-end Apartment as covered previously, these allow you to do Heists once you reach Rank 12 as well as give you a large amount of storage for vehicles.

4.) Pick a good starting Personal Vehicle.
Your first car will be memorable (or a piece of ♥♥♥♥), depending on what you choose. There are many good cars you can pick up from Free Roam to outfit with a Tracker. The first one you do for Simeon is free and should be taken advantage of. While you can steal ultra expensive or high end cars, you can take cars with good performance such as the Vapid Dominator or the Bravado Buffalo.

5.) Try out a little of Everything.
There is a lot to GTA Online, you should try out as many different things as you can. While Free Roam is fun, you might find that you really enjoy Deathmatches, or Races. But you will never know until you hop in to play!

6.) Don’t worry about Rank.
Rank is mostly a visible representation, a players Online Rank shows their progression in the game. While a higher Ranked player may have more unlocks than you, more progress, and more health, they can still die fairly easily and it should not be taken that a higher Ranked player is better than you. Show them you mean business!

As you play GTA Online you will get a list of Contacts in your Phone that you can call up for services or jobs. Contacts will call you on and off requesting your help, giving you reminders, or offering a new one-time only mission.

Brucie – Allows the player to order Bull Shark Testosterone which increase the damage the player deals for a short period of time.

Chastity – One of several strippers from the strip club that can be requested to your apartment.

Dom – Only calls the player to notify of parachute missions, annoying as ♥♥♥♥.

Downtown Cab Co. – Allows the player to request a cab driver like in Single Player.

Emergency Servies – Unlocked after Dialing 911, allows you to request police, medics or firefighters to your location.

Fufu – One of several strippers from the strip club that can be requested to your apartment.

Gerald – Unlocked during the Tutorial, offers drug based jobs for decent pay.

Lamar – First Contact, offers drug and theft based missions. Can allow the player to call a Mugger to rob another player of their cash. If the Mugger escapes, you get the money stolen.

Lester – Unlocked at level 10 once the player receives a call from him. Lester offers various jobs as well as various services while in Free Roam. Such as; Setting Bounties on other players, Removing your Wanted Level, disappearing Off the Radar, Reveal Players who are using Off the Radar, Locate a Boat, Helicopter, Plane, or Car on the map, and Cops Turn a Blind Eye in which no wanted level will be gained for 3 minutes.

Martin – Unlocked after Rank 21, also unlocks Gang Attacks for you that occur at different times of the day. Also provides jobs.

Mechanic – Allows the delievery of a Personal Vehicle, must have a Garage.

Merryweather – Provides Ammo Drops, Backup Helicopter support, Boat Pickup if at sea, Helicopter Pickup if on land, Call Mercenaries to attack another player (refunded if player survives), or call in an Airstrike (given a flare that must be thrown at the target location before the jet arrives).

Mors Mutual Insurance – Allows the player to pay for destroyed Personal Vehicles.

Nikki – One of several strippers from the strip club that can be requested to your apartment.

Pegasus – Allows the delivery of any Pegasus Vehicles that the player has purchased, summoning the vehicle requires $200.

Ron – Provides missions from Trevor.

Simeon – Provides missions in car theft or destruction, early contact.

Levels, Ranks, & Unlocks
Levels or Ranks are achieved overtime as you play and perform just about every action in the game. Ranks are leveled up through Reputation Points (or RP). RP is earned in jobs, missions, and performing various activities. The forumla for experience required to level up from 1 to 99 is as follows; (Current Rank x 25.5) to the 1.82 power. After reaching level 100 the fomula becomes linear; (Previous Rank XP Amount + Previous Rank Increase) +50.

Rank unlocks are as follows, excluding mission rank requirements and weapon rank requirements (which are already covered);
2: Stunt Jumps
3: Los Santos Customs, Pegasus, Shops, Store Robberies, One on One Deathmatch, Shooting Ranges, Impromptu Races.
5: Safehouses and Garages, Personal Vehicle Delivery, Movies.
6: Tennis, Golf, Darts, Arm Wrestling, Flight School, Strip Club.
7: Mavericks spawn at various helipads.
8: Import/Export Missions.
10: Bounties, 20% Armor, Lester Contact, Simeon Car Export Requests.
11: Parachutes for purchase.
12: Merryweather Ammo Drop, Cops Turn a Blind Eye (Lester), Heists.
13: Introduction to Trevor and Ron (Completing a Trevor mission afterwards unlocks Crate Drops in Free Roam).
15: Survivals, Plane Takedowns, Distract Cops, Destroy Vehicle Target.
17: Bull Shark Testosterone.
18: Gang Attacks.
19: Armored Trucks (Can be attacked for lots of money).
20: Backup Helicopter (Merryweather), Bulletproof Tires (LSC).
21: Remove Wanted Level (Lester).
22: Cargobob Spawns can spawn at Helipads.
25: Boat Pick-Up (Merryweather).
30: Helicopter Pick-Up (Merryweather), 40% Armor.
32: Titans spawn at some airports.
35: Request Mercenaries (Merryweather), Locate a Helicopter (Lester).
37: Annihilators can spawn at Helipads.
40: Off the Radar (Lester), Reveal Players (Lester).
43: Buzzard Attack Choppers at various Helipads (Can purchase the Buzzard as well).
50: Call a Mugger (Lamar), Airstrike (Merryweather), Armor 60%, Pink Weapon Skins, Luxor for purchase.
70: Rhino Tank for purchase.
75: Gold Weapon Skins.
80: 80% Armor.
100: 100% Armor, Platinum Weapon Skins, Dubsta 6×6 unlocked for purchase, Pure Gold and Brushed Gold paints at LSC.

Heists are unlocked at Rank 12 to be hosted if the player owns a High-end Apartment. If not, the player can join active Heists through the job menu after talking to Lester. Heists will pit a team of players against incredibly difficult obstacles, performance will effect payout in some situations with Finales giving players a huge payout that is split and decided on by the Heist leader. Completing Heist missions also unlocks new vehicles such as the highly coveted Hydra jump jet, the Lectro KERS bike, or the armored Insurgent truck with or without a cannon.

The Fleeca Job
The first Heist a player should complete, the Fleeca Job is a simple two player mission. Players should stick together between set-up missions so that they know how to cooperate once they reach the Finale. A good introduction Heist with a good payout. Unlocks the Armored and Unarmored Kuruma vehicle for purchase.

The Prison Break
The Prison Break introduces you to more mechancis than previously and requires four players in order to complete. Set-up missions involve vehicle thefts and target elminations to get the players prepared for what they are doing for the Finale. The Finale itself will test every players ability to perform their role to a T and cooperate in order for everyone to get out alive and with a nice big payout. Unlocks the 5-seater Velum, Casco, and Prison Bus.

The Humane Labs Raid
The Heists start to pick up in difficulty as we near the Humane Labs Raid which requires the players to recover a set of key codes to enter the Humane Labs, still a couple of Insurgents, steal an EMP installed on a Hydra jet, and steal a Valkyrie attack chopper before delivering an EMP coveted Insurgent into the Humane Labs. The Finale will require a good helicopter pilot as well as a good ground team that can punch through the facilities defenses quickly. Unlocks the Insurgent, Insurgent Pick-Up, Mammoth Hydra, Valkyrie, Night Vision Goggles, and Rebreather.

Series A Funding
If you thought Heists weren’t getting hard enough for you, now you have a crazy drug lord telling you what to do! Trevor requires you to steal various drugs from the Vagos, Ballas, Lost MC, the O’Neil Brothers, and a group of frat boy drug dealers before defending the shipment from all five forces as you deliver the payload for a whooping Finale payout. Unlocks the Techincal, and the white Mule.

The Pacific Standard Job
Ready for the biggest score of all? Maybe, we’ll see. If any of the previous missions were to hint, this is the hardest mission in GTA Online, requiring you to steal $1,250,000 from the Pacific Standard Bank and escape. The team must steal hardware from another Heist team while recovering one of Lesters contacts to rewire the Pacific Standard signals before hijacking a Merryweather convoy for thermal charges and aquiring get away bikes from the Lost MC. The Finale will require your team to be level headed and play cautiously, you will have to fight a massive amount of police. Also if the people holding the cash take damage, the final payout is reduced by each hit taken. Unlocks the Boxville, Gang Burrito, Savage, and the Lectro.

Update: For those that are seeking a solid and more dedicated group to do Heists with than your average random player, I suggest you visit this website here to make a listing advertising your group need.


Good Sport & Bad Sport
Good Sports and Bad Sports are two types of people in GTA Online. Good Sports are noticeable as you will see them everywhere, they are your every day online player who is having fun and playing the game. By doing so you will earn a random $2000 bonus regularly to encourage your behavior to continue as such.

Bad Sports are players who cause problems for other players, either by destroying too many Personal Vehicles, leaving games repeatedly, performing or abusing glitches, and causing general problems to the local player base. Bad Sports will eventually be placed in Bad Sport lobbies in which they must wait usually a full day or more before they can leave. Bad Sport Lobbies force every player to wear a Dunce Hat, and the lobbies are often more hostile and shoot on sight than normal lobbies. Rank and Money are not affected but you can only play with other Bad Sports.

Cheating comes in various forms, either through abusing glitches, or using modifications or hacks that give the player an unfair advantage or disrupt other players gameplay. Players who cheat, depending on their severity are often sent to the Cheaters Pool, where they are only paired with other cheaters and have all of their GTA Money removed. Cheaters Pool players will last there for a week or more depending on severity. Players who repeatedly cheat or cause widespread destructive or gameplay damaging behavior will be permanently or temporarily banned from using GTA Online, ranging from weeks to months to infinity. Don’t cheat, mod, or hack! If you suspect another player of Cheating, find the player in the player list and submit a report, they are reviewed by Rockstar staff. If your GTA Money is affected by a hacker/modder who gives you or takes away a ton of money, immideately contact Rockstar with a request to retrieve/remove the modded money. If you are given money and fail to contact Rockstar, they will remove it anyways, even if you spent it, which will cause you to have less money than before.


This is an inevitability when playing Online for any game and as some of you may have experienced already there may be a time when you are in a lobby with someone who is hacking. This could be seen in a variety of forms such as finding UFOs anywhere in the game world (as none spawn in multiplayer), odd phenomenons, being teleported, money being dropped on the ground inconsistantly, or the sight of a player well over Rank 1000 (usually 8000 which is not possible to get legitamately). If you think you are in the lobby with a cheater, start a record and find proof if you can or screenshot, if you can identify the player file a report under Esc>Online>Players>The Players Name>Report, then immideately leave the lobby as the risk of damage to your account could occur. If you are affected by a hacker in any way damaging, contact Rockstar Support to get them to fix your character/account.


Creator Mode
Creator Mode is a unique game mode in which you are able to design and test out various game modes and maps that you create. These maps once finished and properly edited, can be posted and shared online with everyone in the community. From Races to Deathmatches, just about every game mode can be edited or new game modes made from the Creator. If your mission receives a ton of praise and feedback Rockstar may make it an official mission, and rewarding you with an exclusive in-game T-shirt only available to publishers.

Shark Cards
Shark Cards are available to purchase through the the in-game Store. Shark Cards give the player instant access to spendable funds ranging from $100,000 to $8,000,000. Prices will vary in countries. Shark Cards are 100% optional and not required to enjoy the game, they are available as a mechanic for players to skip grinding content for money which is a valid form of money making. Shark Cards are the reason GTA Online gets free Content Updates!

Returning Player Content
Returning Player Content is an exclusive bonus that is given to players that originally played Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360 and PS3 only. The content provide through the Returning Player Content is primarily Single Player though there are several features that are available to players to purchase Online. All of this content requires that the player have played an Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the game and completed the prologue missions on their Rockstar Social Club Account.

GTA Online Returning Player Content Includes: the Hatchet Melee Weapon, the Dodo Seaplane, the Kraken Submersible, and the Marshall Monster Truck.

Character Transfers
Are you a returning player from the console versions of the game? This is the section for you to read if you plan to bring your characters over to GTA Online on PC!

Characters that are eligable for transfer include; Character Data from Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox 1 and PS4.

Characters that are NOT Eligable for transfer include: Character Data from Xbox 360 or PS3 that has been moved to Xbox 1 or PS4 first. Character Data must be transfered from the Xbox 1 or PS4 if the Data was moved from the Xbox 360 or PS3 first to next-gen consoles.

Q: If I transfer from Xbox 360/PS3 to Xbox 1/PS4 then transfer my Xbox 1/PS4 Character Data to PC will I still recieve Returning Player Content?
A: Yes!

Q: If I transfer from Xbox 1/PS4 to PC will I recieve Returning Player Content?
A: No, your Profile must have originally played on an Xbox 360 or PS3 version of the game FIRST for it to qualify for Returning Player Content.

Q: What is transfered?
A: Everything, except for Paid Shark Cards on their respect platform. Any unspent money from Shark Cards will NOT transfer.

Content Updates
This section will cover all current Content Updates on the PC version of the game and will be updated to reflect new updates only when they have released! Content Updates include new material added to GTA Online and will always be free!
Beach Bum Content Update
The Beach Bum Content Update was the first Content Update for GTA Online, released on November 19th, 2013. The Update includes: 4 new beach themed vehicles; BF Bifta, Canis Kalahari, Bravado Paradise, Pegassi Speeder. 2 new weapons; Broken Bottle, SNS Pistol. 4 New Haircuts; two male and two female. New Tattoos. 30+ Multiplayer Jobs and assortments of Beach-themed Clothing.

Valentine’s Day Massacre Special (No Longer Available)
The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special is a limited time DLC that was available on February 13th to March 3rd 2014. Afterwards, all content was removed from the game. Players who bought any of the items were able to keep them forever. This update included a new weapon: the Gusenberg Sweeper, a new vehicle; the Albany Roosevelt, assortments of Valentine’s Day and Vintage Mobster Clothing, a new female Hair Cut, Blow Kiss action and 10 new jobs.

The Business Update
The Business Update was added March 4th, 2014 shortly after the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special. This update included: 4 new vehicles; Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester, Grotti Turismo R, and the Buckingham Vestra. 2 new weapons; the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine. New Masks, business suits and clothing, new hairstyles and currency themed tattoos!

The High Life Update
The High Life Update was added on May 13th, 2014 at 4:20 A.M. EST. This update included: 1 new weapon; the Bullpup Rifle. 4 new vehicles; Dinka Thrust, Pegassi Zentorno, Dewbauchee Massacro, and the Enus Huntley S. The update also included new vehicles to purchase that previously had to be found in Free Roam or were Single Player only, including: Coil Voltic (Topless), Invetero Coquette (Topless), Bravado Banshee (Topless), Grotti Stinger (Topless), Ocelot F620, Vapid Dominator, Ubermacht Sentinel Convertible, Ubermacht Sentinel XS, Schyster Fusilade, and the Maibatsu Penumbra. New clothing was much less, only including some male suits. The ability to purchase two properties was added. Mental State stat was added. Non-Contact Race options now added.

I’m Not a Hipster Update
The I’m Not a Hipster Update was added on June 17th, 2014. The Content Update includes: many new Hipster style clothing for both genders, 7 new vehicles; Lampadati Pigalle, Vapid Blade, Declasse Rhapsody, Vulcar Warrener, Benefactor Glendale, Benefactor Panto, Benefactor Dubsta 6×6. The update also included 10 existing vehicles being added the the Internet: the Albany Primo, BF Surfer, Bravado Buffalo, Franklin’s Bravado Buffalo S, Bravado Youga, Cheval Picador, Dundreary Regina, Karin Rebel (clean), Trevor’s Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer, and Michael’s Obey Tailgater. The update also added 2 new weapons; the Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger.

Independence Day Special (No Longer Available)
The Independence Day Special is another limited time event Content Update added July 1st, 2014 to August 1st, 2014. This update included: 2 new weapons; the Musket and the Firework Launcher. 2 new vehicles; Western Sovereign and the Vapid The Liberator. New Independence Day clothing was added for both genders, including outfits, fireworks were added in multiple colors, Patriot Parachute Smoke, Patriot Tire Smoke, 12 new animal Masks in 6 styles and 2 colors. Four new Patriot Horns. Mullet Hair Style. Stars N, Stripes Face Paint. 7 new low-end to medium Apartments. All content was removed in August, players who purchased any of the content were able to keep it.

The San Andreas Flight School Update
The SA Flight School Update was added on August 19th, 2014 and featured many air based missions and gear. The update included: 2 new planes; the Western Company Besra, and the Buckingham Miljet. 1 new helicopter in 2 livery styles; the Buckingham Swift. 1 new vehicle; the Invetero Coquette Classic. The San Andreas Flight School was added to Online, including new single player online missions that help increase your flying stat, and include big payouts for getting Gold Medals. Reserve Parachutes were added along with 25 new Flag themed Parachute Bags. 6 New Multi-colored Parachute canopies. New Flight Suit and Flight Cap.

The Last Team Standing Update
The Last Team Standing Update was added on October 2nd, 2014, as the one year Anniversary of GTA Online. The update includes: 3 new vehicles; Shitzu Hakuchou, LCC Innovation, and the Lampadati Furore GT. As well as 2 new weapons; the Marksman Rifle and the Heavy Shotgun. 20 new flag designs added for Parachute Bags. 5 new full camouflage suits and masks with bulletproof helmets. 2 new types of Masks; Combat Mask and Skeletal.

The Festive Surprise Update
The Festive Surprise Update was added on December 18th, 2014 this update included: 4 new vehicles; the Vapid Slamvan, Bravado Rat-Truck, Dewbauchee Massacro (Racecar), and the Dinka Jester (Racecar). 3 new weapons; the Homing Launcher, Proximity Mines, and Snowballs. Over 90 new festive clothing options and 5 new themed masks and over 30 new tattoos. Previous years Christmas Clothing was readded temporarily till the update expired. Players who played on Christmas Day were rewarded with an Exclusive Stocking Mask, and the ability to permanently keep Molotovs in their weapon wheel.

Heists Update
The long awaited Heists Update was added March 10th, 2015 this massively large update included: 1 new weapon; the Flare Gun. 16 new vehicles; Dinka Enduro, Vapid Guardian, Karin Kuruma, Karin Kuruma (Armored), Lampadati Casco, Jobuilt Velum 5-Seater, Mammoth Hydra, HVY Insurgent, HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, Buckingham Valkyrie, Maibastu Mule (No Livery), Karin Techincal, Brute Boxville, Declasse Gang Burrito, Savage, and the Principe Lectro. It also added 11 existing vehicles to the Internet; Nemesis, Gresley, Landstalker, Surge, Schafter, Jackel, Oracle XS, Seminole, Rumpo, Merryweather Mesa, Prison Bus, and the Dinghy. Tons of new clothing were added, including dozens upon dozens of masks, new utility vests, gas masks, gear such as Night Vision and Rebreathers, and earpieces. New Outfit system added to store player made outfits. The Heist Planning Room. 3 new Free Roam Activities; Destroy Vehicle Target, Distract Cops, Plane Takedown. The Daily Objectives system.

If you have read this far and even read the entire guide here I thank you. This guide took me over ten hours to make and gather image and video sources for as well as personal experience invested into it. If you could leave a rating and a comment on my guide with your opinion or critique of it if any. For those that are eager to start playing GTA Online on April 14th, and have read this guide up to this part, keep a look out for DuoVandal on GTA Online. If you spot me in your lobby send me an in-game text or let me know through voice that you read my guide. Any player that does this and has left a rating here I will personally give them a free copy of the Romero Hearse vehicle in GTA Online. This car is extrodinarily rare in Online and while it can spawn on its own, the rate is supremely tiny. I can instead bring mine out and force several to spawn in the lobby for people to collect and store! Happy Hunting!
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