New to Level 65?

This is a very simple guide for absolute newbies or returning players

When people refer to:
Oculus 2 = Idoneal set gear. You receive this from completing the story quests
Deva = Devastator gear, good gear from the last patch
Ambit = New endgame gear you can get from…BR
BR = Bathysmal Rise
RG = Ravenous Gorge
*** * NM = if you see these acronyms at the end they refer to that dungeon’s Normal Mode
*** * HM = Hard mode. Ex: BRHM = Bathysmal rise hardmode
VM# = refers to the current best gear for any patch. We are currently in VM4.
FoA = Fate of Arun is the name of the patch we’re in. It’s useful to check out patch notes and all around this search term will be of great use if you’re looking for something.
Recommended path: Follow the story quests with some Sabex Armory and Catacombs runs whenever you can to get your masterglyphs. Finish story quests, get your Idoneal armor and do Jewelry. Somewhere in-between when you get enough credits, think about a belt or brooch. Jewelry in vaults and RG and then you can move onto BR. Of course do whatever, whenever depending on your skill lvl.

This should be your first and foremost priority. Crystal and Glyph setups are what makes the biggest difference in this game, IMO more than gear. Learn your class appropriate crystal and glyph setup.
You have 2 options to get your masterglyphs
You can run 2 dungeons which will drop glyph boxes (Sabex Armory or Marcellous Catacombs). Chance is random on which glyph you get.
Doing Vanguard dailies/weeklies will give you Vanguard credits which is a currency that allows you to purchase a glyph coupon. This glyph coupon will let you exchange the coupon for the glyph you want. To open the glyph shop you must purchase a coupon

Alright so, hopefully you got to 65 through doing the story quests but alas, that is not what ends up happening for some people.
If you find your armor lacking, finish the story quests which show up at the top when you open your Vanguard Quests menu, it will show 3 orange quests.
If you finish all 3 of these quests the game will reward you with a full Idoneal armor set and jewelry, as well as 4 zyrks which are super helpful.
But wait you say. My +9 62 armor set (called Emina) from story quests is better. Yes, that’s true in most cases, alot of people use a mix of both. Please be selective and choose what’s right for you (for example I use Idoneal wep and jewelry but Emina chest shoes and gloves)
Either way, the pieces you should be wearing are either +9 Emina (the 62 set) or Idoneal. That should put your ilvl around 175 (with no innerwear/belt/brooch). do not get rid of/extract your idoneal set, it will be getting a buff next patch.
If you have +12 Devastator, you don’t have to worry about all that and you’ll be alright with the dungeons and such.
Next, you have your glyphs and Idoneal? Good, now you have a variety of things you can do to get your next set of gear, in a somewhat flexible order, which will be Ambit gear and next gen Jewelry.
Run Vaults for next gen Jewelry. You basically kill a BAM, who has a chance to drop jewelry. There’s 2 versions, a solo version and a 5-person. They’re quite tough right now, so you actually need to dodge and be in decent shape gear/glyph/crystal-wise.
Ravenous Gorge. RG is difficult. You need a good understanding of the mechanics of this dungeon before you go in and good dodging, as in bosses will 1/2-shot you if you get hit. This is not a facetank dungeon, it’s a whole nother level from SA and MC.
Ambit gear can be obtained in various ways.
Drop from BR runs. People say the Idoneal set is what you need to do this, however in my experience, even with a perfect understanding of the mechanics, unless you have enough to DPS the 1st boss out of a phase at 30%, you won’t be able to make it past the 1st boss. I suggest a brooch and belt if you don’t already have one.
Purchased with Vanguard Credits

Through collecting ambition tokens. This is super grindy and inefficient, so it’s not recommended.

[Teratoday]( is a good resource for guides. They have BR guide. (and class guides) Seriously, in this game you NEED to read guides to do dungeons.

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