Gauntlet Review

The Game is tones of fun! Simple! Runs good! Not plauged with bugs like an early early alpha like many other “released” games. Runs good! Works! Doesnt fail at the simplest of game functions on a regular basis like other games! Did I mention its fun and it works?

Also, its an RPG style game on a simpler level in tradition of the gauntlet series, 4 classes (With the new OMFG OP pay to win 5th class) can adventure together through the dungeons on their quest, teamwork is pretty important on the harder difficulties. Mage, warrior, elf ranger, and valkryie. (And the new necromancer that can raise endless minions) Fun! Simple! Easy to learn! Simple multi player classic RPG fun! Really not much more to say unless you want a super thorough description.

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