Pillars of Eternity Stronghold Basics

Learn the basics of your Stronghold, and the usefulness of the various upgrades

Introduction & Basics


I’m making this guide to help those just starting out with their Stronghold, to be able to see for yourself what upgrades would best benefit you. This guide assumes you have completed This is a work in progress, as I advance through the game myself I will update this guide with additional information. Lists of items, hirelings, or misc. purchasables may not be 100% complete as I can only show what I have available to me.


Prestige and Security
These are the two main stats that help to dictate the occurence of random events. They also affect the amount of taxes collected. Boost your Prestige and Security to increase your taxes earned while also limiting the amount of gold bandits steal. You can gain your Stronghold Prestige and Security through purchasing compound upgrades or employing Hirelings.

The renown of your Stronghold, gain it by completing upgrades and paying hirelings. Higher Prestige can help good random events to occur.

How well you can secure your Stronghold against attacks and other bad events. Also gained by completing upgrades and paying hirelings.


Random events happen during Turns. A turn occurs once you have advanced in a quest.


Taxes are collected every five turns. You should expect that bandits will take some or most of your taxes collected. Increase your Prestige and Security to modify how much tax you collect, and how little the bandits steal.

Random Events

Good and bad events will occur through your time owning a Stronghold. Some examples:

  • Adventures – You will be given the opportunity to have your inactive party members go on Adventures, giving them the opportunity to earn items, money and experience. If sent on an Adventure, they will be unusable until they finish the adventure, or you recall them.
  • Visitors – These people will come to your Keep for an allotted amount of time, bringing penalties or bonuses to your Prestige and/or Security. Bad visitors can be paid to leave early, or you can use one of your spare party members to escort them off the premises. Doing so will make that party member unavailable. Supplicants will arrive for a very short period of time, and will cause major penalties if not paid/escorted in time (their demands must be met usually within 24 hours).
  • Bandit Attacks – Exactly how it sounds, your keep will from time-to-time be attacked by bandits. You can either Auto-Resolve and let your hirelings handle the business while you’re away, or you can Manual Resolve and kill them yourself.
  • Special Hirelings – You will sometimes be given the opportunity to get Hirelings with better bonuses to Prestige/Security than normal, however they will be pricier.
The Endless Paths of Od Nua

Located underneath the Keep is a labyrinth of progressing difficulty. It is entirely optional but you can get great rewards by descending further. The beginning of the Paths can be located past the Keep’s Dungeon.

Once you have descended to certain levels, fast travel paths to those levels will unlock (saving you lots of time). You can access fast travel via the cellar doors outside the Chapel.

See how far you can progress. When it’s become too difficult, it’s probably time to move on and complete more quests.

Eastern Barbican

Prestige +1 // Security +2
This is automatically given to you once you have unlocked the Stronghold. It allows you to advance further in the story by opening the way South, and provides a bonus to Prestige and Security

Prestige +2 // Security +0
Grants a bonus to Prestige, and unlocks additional upgrades.

Brighthollow Restoration [Rest]

Prestige +2 // Security +0
Allows you to Rest at Brighthollow’s 2nd floor. Combine with other ugprades to get resting bonuses.

Also a handy way to pass time when you want to create multiple upgrades fast. Each time you rest equals 8 hours of build time.

Main Keep [Visitors]

Prestige +3 // Security +4
Restores the condition of your great hall, and allows Visitors to your keep.

Visitors can sometimes have a negative impact on your Prestige and Security. They can leave your keep early if you pay them a fee or have them escorted by one of your inactive companions (the companion becomes unavailable to use for a certain amount of time)

Supplicants are a type of visitor which will demand payment or an escort. Ignoring their demand during their visit will result in a negative impact on your Prestige and/or Security, (and potentiallyReputation) for an alloted amount of time.

Merchant Stalls [General Goods]

Prestige +0 // Security +0
Creates a merchant in your Great Hall to buy basic items or offload excess loot.

Item Cost
Camping Supplies 75cp
Potion of Major Recovery 1050cp
Potion of Iron Skin 450cp
Potion of Minor Endurance 450cp
Potion of Minor Recovery 450cp
Potion of Power 450cp
Potion of Minor Regeneration 450cp
Prybar 90cp
Curio Shop [Creature Parts]

Prestige +1 // Security +0
Provides a Creature Parts Merchant located at the center of you stronghold.
The merchant sells various Creature Parts used for enchanting, in addition, each turn you get a random creature part put into your Treasury. See the chart below for the uses of each ingredient.

Part Cost W-Enchant A-Enchant Potion Scroll
Vithrack Brain 165cp Exceptional Exceptional xxx xxx
Awakened Adra 135cp Dmg 2, Fine Fine Major Recovery Confusion, Prayer Against Bewilderment
Stelgaer Tooth 135cp xxx xxx xxx Moonwell, Valor, Maelstrom
Dank Spores 120cp Dex 2 xxx Major Endurance Missile Barrage
Spider Venom Sac 120cp xxx xxx xxx Boiling Spray, Restore Major Endurance, Wall of Flame
Ogre Blood 105cp Slay Wilder xxx xxx xxx
Ooze Plasma 105cp Fine, Slay Primordial Fine Bulwark Against The Elements, Mirrored Image Binding Web, Burst of Summer Flame
Primal Flame 105cp Burning Lash xxx xxx xxx
Primal Rock 105cp Corrosive Lash Res 2 Llengrath’s Displaced Image Twin Stones
Primal Water 105cp Shocking Lash xxx xxx Crackling Bolt, Minoletta’s Bounding Missiles, Stag’s Horn
Primal Wind 105cp Freezing Lash Mig 2 Deleterious Alacrity of Motion Fireball
Spirit Residue 105cp Slay Spirit Con 2, Per 2 xxx Paralysis
Xaurip Tongue 105cp Acc 1 Int 2 Major Regeneration Restore Moderate Endurance
Awakened Wood 90cp xxx xxx Minor Endurance Defense, Prayer Against Infirmity, Rolling Flame
Beetle Shell 90cp xxx Slash-Proofed Infuse with Vital Essence, Minor Recovery Ray of Fire, Prayer Against Restraint
Vessel Flesh 90cp Slay Kith xxx Iron Skin, Merciless Gaze Protection, Restore Light Endurance
Awakened Root 75cp xxx Per 1, Burn-Proofed, Freeze-Proofed xxx Jolting Touch
Skuldr Ear 75cp Int 1 xxx Fleet Feet, Wizard’s Double Prayer Against Fear
Troll Skin 75cp Con 1 xxx Eldritch Aim Minoletta’s Minor Missiles, Restore Minor Endurance
Vessel Bone 75cp Dex 1 xxx Power Nature’s Mark
Binding Copper 60cp Slay Vessel Mig 1, Pierce-Proofed Minor Regeneration, Spirit Shield xxx
Spear Spider Leg 30cp Dmg 1 Shock-Proofed xxx Fan of Flames
Wurm Wing 30cp Slay Beast Res 1, Corrode-Proofed, Crush-Proofed xxx Tanglefoot
Training Grounds [+1 Mig]

Prestige +0 // Security +2
Provides a bonus to Security, and you can choose to gain a Resting Bonus of +1 Might when resting at Brighthollow.

Craft Hall [Weapons & Armor, +1Dex]

Prestige +1 // Security +1
Provides a Weapon & Armor Merchant located at the west end of you stronghold
You can choose to gain a Resting Bonus of +1 Dexterity when resting at Brighthollow.

Weapon Cost Armor Cost
Fine Arquebus 4500cp Fine Large Shield 1538cp
Fine Blunderbuss 4500cp Fine Medium Shield (Heater) 1538cp
Fine Pistol 4500cp Fine Small Shield 1538cp
Fine Arbalest 3300cp Fine Breastplate 1800cp
Fine Crossbow 3075cp Fine Brigandine 1800cp
Fine Estoc 3075cp Fine Hide Armor 1800cp
Fine Great Sword 3075cp Fine Leather Armor 1800cp
Fine Hunting Bow 3075cp Fine Mail Armor 1800cp
Fine Morning Star 3075cp Fine Padded Armor 1800cp
Fine Pike 3075cp Fine Robe 1800cp
Fine Pollaxe 3075cp Fine Scale Armor 1800cp
Fine Quarterstaff 3075cp
Fine War Bow 3075cp
Fine Rod 3038cp
Fine Scepter 3038cp
Fine Wand 3038cp
Fine Battle Axe 1538cp
Fine Club 1538cp
Fine Dagger 1538cp
Fine Flail 1538cp
Fine Hatchet 1538cp
Fine Mace 1538cp
Fine Rapier 1538cp
Fine Sabre 1538cp
Fine Spear 1538cp
Fine Stiletto 1358cp
Fine Sword 1538cp
Fine War Hammer 1538cp
Torch 15cp
Towers [+1 Per]

Prestige +2 // Security +1
Provides a bonus to Prestige and Security, and you can choose to gain a Resting Bonus of +1 Perception when resting at Brighthollow.

Forum [+1 Int]

Prestige +4 // Security +0
Provides a large bonus to Prestige, and you can choose to gain a Resting Bonus of +1 Intelligencewhen resting at Brighthollow.

Chapel [Scrolls, +1 Res]

Prestige +4 // Security +0
Provides a large bonus to Prestige, and you can choose to gain a Resting Bonus of +1 Resolve when resting at Brighthollow.

In addition, there is an entrance to the Endless Paths of Od Nua at the cellar doors outside. It allows you to quickly descend several levels at a time (once you have reached certain checkpoints). You do not need to purchase the Chapel upgrade to use this feature, however.

You can purchase Scrolls from the priest inside the Chapel.

Scroll Cost
Scroll of Valor 1050cp
Scroll of Paralysis 750cp
Scroll of Revival 750cp
Scroll of Protection 450cp
Warden’s Lodge [Bounties +1 Sur]

Prestige +2// Security +2
Unlocks Bounties and you can choose to gain a Resting Bonus of +1 Survival when resting at Brighthollow.

Mark Indicator Location
Nalrend the Wise Ogre Shaman Elmshore
Sly Cyrdel Outlaw Magran’s Fork
The Dweller Forest Lurker Black Meadow
Warchief Iklak Xaurip Leader Valewood
Barracks [Hirelings]

Prestige +0 // Security +3
Unlocks Hirelings, which can boost your Stronghold’s Prestige or Security. You can hire a maximum of 8 Hirelings at a time. They have an initial hire cost, and a daily upkeep cost.

Hireling Prestige Security Initial Cost Upkeep
Glanfathan Soul Hunter(Special) +2 +3 200cp 100cp
Berathite Cleric +1 +1 10cp 10cp
Blooded Thug +1 +1 10cp 10cp
Goldpact Knight +0 +2 10cp 10cp
Mercenary Mindstriker +2 +0 10cp 10cp
Orderless Disciple +0 +2 10cp 10cp
Rauatai Linebreaker +0 +2 10cp 10cp
Skirmish Archer +1 +1 10cp 10cp
Vagabond Skald +2 +0 10cp 10cp
Vailian Shock Mage +0 +2 10cp 10cp
Vanguard Soldier +1 +1 10cp 10cp
Warden of the Wilds +0 +2 10cp 10cp
Botanical Garden [Plants]

Prestige +1 // Security +0
Generates a random plant in your Stronghold Treasury every turn

Western Barbican

Prestige +0 // Security +2
The Western Barbican provides a bonus to Security and unlocks additional upgrades
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