Pillars of Eternity – Helpful Tips

  • While creating a character, it is best to remember that there are no good or bad characters, and different people appreciate different aspects of the game. You don’t thave to be white knight to get the most out of the game
  • Be creative! Experiment with builds and make character you want to play, not the character that guides say you should
  • Explore! Don’t rush through main quest if you’re playing for the first time, you’ll miss out on lots of quests, rewards and experience
  • If you’re having trouble with completing certain side quest, don’t hesitate to leave it and return to it later when your party grows stronger
  • Remember to save your progress constantly. Make separate saves before important events
  • With patch 1.05, loading a Trial of iron game will now force a save to happen to prevent save scumming
  • Pick up everything. You have more than enough space in your stash to keep all the loot you find. You don’t have to worry about becoming over encumbered
  • Don’t forget to collect ingredients. Crafting and Enchanting will make your life easier
  • Always sneak. That way you can spot enemies before they spot you, giving you time to prepare. Also, sneaking enables you to find hidden objects and traps
  • Use Fast Mode while sneaking to move at normal speed while still detecting traps & hidden objects
  • You can check the option to automatically change to Slow Mode when combat starts, if you’re having issues with micromanaging your party effectively
  • You can enable developer commentary in options menu, to hear developer notes on certain zones and development process of the game. Keep it off on your first playthrough for better immersion 🙂

  • You can split a stack by double clicking on it
  • You can select multiple items in your inventory screen by holding down CTRL or SHIFT while left clicking them
  • Holding SHIFT while right clicking an item will send it to your Stash
  • Items like lockpicks, prybars, hammer & chisel and grappling hooks don’t have to be in your inventory in order to use them. You can keep them in your stash
  • You can keybind abilities by hovering your mouse over them, and pressing the desired key or extra mouse button
  • With patch 1.05, you can now assign a hotkey for switching weapon sets
  • Pressing CTRL + [Number] while having a character (or group of characters) selected, will bind that character/group to that number
  • You can queue your abilities by holding down SHIFT, then clicking them in order you want them executed. Keep in mind that your character will move out of position if you queued abilities with different range
  • Same way, you can issue movement commands while holding down SHIFT, creating waypoints. There is no visual feedback on movement paths, though
  • With patch 1.05, you can change the portrait and sound set of any custom character(companions are not customizable) from the character screen, by clicking the gear icon
  • With patch 1.05, you can rename save games, making it easier to navigate through heaps of save files
Party management

  • If you’re using custom formation, you can rearrange portraits in the lower left corner as you like. The leftmost character will be the one you’ll hear responding to your movement commands
  • Apart from doing Solo achievement, there is no reason not to have a full party. Apart from premade companions, you can recruit as many adventurers as needed, and swap them depending on the situation. You won’t get monk, barbarian and rogue premade companions during the course of the game
  • You can hire up to 8 adventurers, and they will level up even though if they aren’t currently in your party
  • With patch 1.05, there is a new option in the Difficulty settings to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 without losing the experience, when they get added to the party for the first time. That means you can level them up to your liking, picking skills & talents as you see fit
  • Heavier armor doesn’t slow down your attack and cast speed, but the recovery time between them. If your character doesn’t need to spam abilities, you can boost his defenses by equipping him with heavier armor. For example, support oriented Priest can wear heavy armor, and still buff whole party with useful AoE spells, while still being able to soak some hits
  • It is recommended to put 3 points in Athletics on all your characters, to minimize combat fatigue (-90% combat fatigue)
  • With patch 1.05, your pet can’t become fatigued
  • Always keep your eye on buffs and debuffs on the side of your character portraits. Managing debuffs is very important in higher difficulties
  • Skills don’t effect stats, and vice versa. Stats are combat oriented, while skills aren’t
  • It’s a good idea to specialize certain character to some skill. You don’t need all characters having average points in Mechanics or Stealth
  • Investing points in Mechanics is very useful throughout the game, have one character focused on that
  • Train your tanks to engage more enemies. For example, Fighters have Defender abilities which allows them to engage two additional targets. Or Hold The Line talent trains any character to engage one additional enemy.
  • You can invest points in Survival for your tanks. There are some really useful potions from which they can benefit greatly
  • Have in mind that item bonuses don’t stack. For example if you have both cloak with +2 Might, and ring with +1 Might, you’ll get +2 Might from cloak. Bonus from the ring will be suppressed
  • Check your character screen Active Effects section for suppressed bonuses. Try optimizing your party by properly distributing gear and minimizing suppressed bonuses
  • Don’t neglect Accuracy. If you’re having issues with your attacks missing, try equipping your characters with weapons that give additional Accuracy (Club, Dagger, Rapier, Spear)
  • Make use of weapon slots. It’s good idea to equip your characters with weapons of different damage types, so you can easily switch between them depending on enemy defenses

  • You can turn your group to face certain direction by pressing and holding the right mouse button
  • Customize Auto-Pause category in settings to your liking. It’s recommended to turn on auto-pause for “Enemy Spotted” and “Hidden Object Found”
  • Positioning is very important during combat, so make sure your tanks engage as many enemies as possible, and your squishy characters are covered
  • Don’t forget to use Bestiary. You can find it under your Journal. As you kill monsters, more information will become available in your bestiary, giving useful hints about their strengths and weaknesses
  • When dealing with larger groups of enemies, make use of the environment – try pulling them to choke points.
  • When fighting teleporting enemies like Shadows or Phantoms, make sure to cover and buff your squishiest characters. Keeping your squishy characters surrounded in tight formationsleaves no available spots for enemies to teleport to them
  • Make use of Flanked status effect by surrounding enemies. Flanked enemies get -10 Deflection
  • Dealing damage is just as important as mitigating damage. Priests, for example, have nice set of useful support spells
  • AoE (Area of Effect) spells can affect both your party and enemies. Red circle will affect both allies and enemies, while yellow circle will affect only enemies. Some AoE spells affect only your party
  • You can only set one trap at a time per character, resulting in max 6 traps. Traps can be also picked up (thanks to Cluascorp & biedrzynski for the tips)
  • Keep in mind that one character can only have one summon active at a time. For example, that means that if your Chanter already summoned a Phantom, using a figurine will destroy the Phantom
  • Following the previous tip, make sure you distribute your figurines to all of your characters, so you can strategically summon all of them if the fight requires it
  • Don’t hesitate to use all your “Per Encounter” abilities during the encounter, no point in saving them
  • Later on, your “Per Rest” spells become “Per Encounter”. 1st level spells become “Per Encounter” at level 9, and 2nd level spells become “Per Encounter” at level 1
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