Magic 2015 The Basics of Magic

What is Magic? Why should I care?
Magic, is a card game played in the world of Planeswalkers, you use one of five colors of ‘Elements’ in this game.

Starting off with my favorite, White.

White can be a defensive AND an offensive deck pack.
As Magic games say, ‘it lays down the law’ with Buffs.
They may be mere tokens at first, but they WILL turn into ‘Counter Slaves’ as I call them.


Red specializes in whittling your life down as soon as possible and as fast.
Many times you will see instants cast on you that kills many creatures. Get used to this.


Blue will always ruin your plans of attack or spells and will use your creatures to your advantage. As of Magic 2014, there are creatures that when they enter the Battlefield, they turn into a COPY OF CHOSEN CREATURE. This is very good/bad for you and and your opponent if you’re low on health.
Don’t let Blue Deck users fool you.


Black Deck users will drain your life to zero unless you pay up, with your hard earned creatures. When you use them though, you could easily destroy the Campaign if you play your cards right.


Green Deck users will summon somewhat powerful creatures early game. They will also use temporary buffs to power these creatures up before battling. As much as +9/+0.

Now that we have colors out of the way, we should go over Cards, Strength, and abilities.
The Colors labelled with a rectangle show the cost of Mana required to summon Serra Angel.
You can see the strength and defense of Serra Angel. 4/4. This means that Serra Angel can take 4 points of damage before being sent to the graveyard. But as you can see, Serra Angel has ‘Flying’ and ‘Vigilance’. Flying makes Serra Angel Unblockable to creatures that do not have Reach or Flying themselves. This means that Serra Angel can freely damage an opponent in attack phase without creatures blocking it. Vigilance means that creatures with this ability don’t have to Tap when attacking. Tapping means creatures cannot attack or block when used in attack phase or with an ability.

How do I play Magic?
Magic can be played with 2 or 4 players. Regardless of how many players, the game is played the same way.

First, we will go over Phases and what to do during a game.
Step 1

  • The player who goes first in the Playing Order will set down their Mana and creatures for Attacking and Defending. This is called the Precombat Main Phase.
  • Then, the player has creatures without Summoning Sickness attack. This is called the Combat Phase.
  • After Combat Phase, players can put down any creatures needed for Defense incase a lot of creatures died. This is really only needed to be thought of if you accidentally Sack’d a weak creature. This is called the Post-Combat Phase.
  • After your turn is over, you are put into the End Phase. This is a phase meant for last second Instants.

This repeats through Players until the game ends.
Next, we will go over what to do if you’re Defending in a game.
Step 2

  • As the player who goes before your opponent and once your turn ends, your job is to defend against any spells or Creatures that come at you during the opponent’s phases.
  • When your opponent attacks, make sure you know what to block with. If he/she is throwing a 3/2 at you, it wouldn’t be smart to block with your 1/2 because not only will it destroy the creature, but it will only damage the attacking creature. Sure, it is stopping the creature from dealing precious Life Damage to you, but if the Creature has Trample, it will all be for nothing.
  • (If you are able to.) Cancel Spells. This means nulling Instants, or removing Sorceries. Depending on the opponent, they will have spells that can instantaneously, damage/destroy your creatures. This is super important if you are up against a Blue User or are a Blue User yourself.

Next, we’ll go over what your playing style is and what color would fit you.

Which color should I use?
You’re wondering what color you should play as?

If you’re looking for a strong and powerful deck, stick with Green. Maybe Green/Blue if that exists, Green not only because of it’s strong and cheap Creatures but the possibilities with Blue Spells.

If you like playing it slow but want a huge army to wipe out your enemies with. Play White. Trust me, you will want to play White. If you’ve tried it out before, you have to agree when I say COUNTER CRAZY.

If you like being a troll and ruining people’s lives, play Blue. You can completely destroy any player’s plans if you have enough mana, creatures, and Cancel Spells. Lots of Cancel Spells.

If you’re a power junkie, use Black. This will suck up your enemies’ Life with Vampires and Demons. Also if you’re into Goth I guess you could play it for your theme. 😛

Want a quick and easy game? Play Red. Red will use weak creatures to distract your enemies then storm in with Instants and destroy your opponents in game and in real life.

Instants, Sorceries, and Equipment
Now we go into a very complex strategy. Magic. IN MAGIC.

First we will go over Instants. Instants are spells that can be played any time in the game. Your turn, Your opponent’s turn, Anytime. For example, if a Creature is about to attack, you could play a card like this: This gives all your Creatures on the field +2/+1 increasing their Attack Power by 2 points and their Defense by 1. Allowing a clutch in what would’ve been a weak Token Creature.

Next, we go over Sorceries. My favorite. This can change the game in many different ways. For example, you are in a bind and you need to get rid of a buff on the opponent’s side of the field. You could play this to Exile the Buff:

Lastly, we go over Equipment. This is actually quite simple to understand and can be useful. Equipment is just what you think it is. Swords and shields. Like this for example.

The rectangle is labelling how much Mana is required to equip the Equipment to the Creature.
(Sorry the card is so big. :P)

The Campaign
Now that you know how to Play Basic Magic. I will go over how the campaign works in Magic 2015.
Each Chapter is about 5+ levels long each. Every battle takes a part of the story with it and/or a challenge to go with it. Like for example, ‘Beat … in 20 turns’. At the end of the Chapter, you will face a Planeswalker from the Lore and canonical stories. Like Ajani Goldmane, a tiger who specializes in White Spells. Or Lilianna Vess, who makes you suffer with Black Magic. Some levels will be easy some will take you a few tries.

Mulitplayer is just what you expect it to be. Play with your friends or go online to fight people around the world. There are two modes you can play Online. One V. One which is your usual PvP match between two compeititors. There is another mode called Two-Headed Giants where you and a friend face off against two other people. Same rules apply here except for an important key factor. You and your partner’s life are shared. But at 30 instead of the usual 20.

In Conclusion, Magic can be very complicated and I hope this guide gave you some Basic Knowledge on how to play Magic: The Gathering. Thank you for reading!


  • Me. Making This.
  • Wizards of the East Coast Staff for making these spectacular cards.
  • Youtube. For giving me stuff to listen to while making this.
  • Shreg, an irl friend who kept my sanity intact and proofread the ENTIRE guide to make sure it looked good.
  • Pepsi. The soda of Caffieneated goodness.
  • Steam. For allowing me to make this.
  • You. For reading my not as noobish guide. Not to mention the first I have done on my own.

Thanks for reading! Moustache Shoes!

Glossary below here.

Glossary(For people still unfamiliar)
Here are the words Underlined throughout the Guide.

  • Summoning Sickness – This is what occurs when the Creature is first Summoned. It is unable to attack for your phases but CAN Block Creature Attacks.
  • “Sack’d” – Short for Sacrificed. Using a Creature much weaker than an Attacking Creature to block an attack.
  • Trample – An ability that goes on Creatures that allows them to transfer damage in a battle with a blocking creature to the owner of the Creature. For examaple, If a 5/6 with Trample attacked and you blocked with a 5/4, it would kill your Blocking Creature and also take the remainder damage to you. 5/6 -> 5/4 = 1/1 -> 5/0 – 1 Life from you.
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