Tourchlight 2 Secret Rooms Guide

Well, I’d been meaning to post this some time ago. And finally there’s an opening in the tunnel of backloggery!

  • This will be a brief guide identifying 4 basic kind of secret rooms you will find.
  • Click on a picture to enlarge it!
  • The visual cues for these rooms are primarily based on what kind of map you are in.
  • The next 4 sections will outline characteristics of those maps.
  • Most visual cues to activate the door or platform will show a faint glimmer if you stand still.
Estherian Temple
So these are the underground maps you will see when chasing after the Grand Regent.
There are pots everywhere in addition to crumbling relics of arches and walkways.

  • You will often find a lone, BLUE pottery jar at the edge of a..ledge.
  • Smash it, and vines will grow out onto another ledge – which is usually across a stream and otherwise uncrossable gap.

Image courtesy of Darg. Thank you!

Generic Crypt or Tomb
You’ll see alot of these throughout the game, mostly around the Estherian Enclave, but there’s also one in the Blightbogs. People will often stand outside the entrances of these tombs, asking you to do an odd quest. Tombs will contain coffins, old lamp fixtures (etc.) for the visuals.

  • Most secret room entrances will require clicking a square button on the wall.
  • The button will be near an embedded statue in a wall. The statue is holding a bowl.
  • By “near”, I mean the button could be on an adjacent wall. Again, a glimmer will show you!

Ezhorior Temple
You will find these maps primarily in the salty, sandy areas of Act II. You can find even more when you get to the Mapworks. Ezhorior Temples are filled with regally-outfitted labs and caskets, in addition to automations and mana-draining enemies. It’s easy to miss the secret rooms, so you might want to zoom the camera in a little while you battle your way through a floor.

  • Look for walkways without a wall on the edge.
  • When you pull a lever on the side of a walkway, it will pull up a hidden platform
  • Levers can also be found near false walls. Refer to the pictures below.

Varkolyn Towers
There are two in Act III around Sundred Battlefield. Again, the Mapworks will yield similar results. The defining characteristics of these are gargoyle statues and cryptic symbols on the floor and wall.When searching for secret rooms, note the following:

  • Most secret rooms will be activated by a pressure plate disguised as an average brick in the floor, but with a diamond shape inscribed on it. These will be near a wall with a blank brick design and few or no symbols.
  • Other secret rooms are activated near a strange arrangement of gargoyles.
  • Some gargoyles will be back to back near the edge of a walkway. There may be a pressure plate right behind them which is hidden from the camera angle. Just walk up to the gargoyles and that should separate them. They will slide apart, revealing a hidden platform that was raised.

There may also be some activated through levers, but there are many aspects and versions of the tower maps, so it’s hard to tell…

So, in short, secret rooms from:

  • …Estherian Temples will be activated from urns
  • …generic tombs will be activated from buttons on walls
  • …Ezhorior Temples will be activated from levers
  • …Varkolyn Towers will be activated from pressure plates
Mission Statement
Thank you for reading this guide. Please rate and comment!
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