Sorceress’s Endless Mode Guide

This guide describes what you need with sorceress to reach wave 50 perfectly in endless mode.


To reach wave 50 in endless mode alone, the sorceress will at least need 1 weapon, 3 traps and 1 trinket. They are Polymorph Ring, Mana Rage, Mana Well, Spore Mushrooms and Floor Portal. The following paragraphs describe their features, occasion of usage and arrangement one by one.

Polymorph Ring
Polymorph Ring is the ultimate weapon exclusively for thesorceress. Once equipped, sorceress can transform big orcs into harmless chicken, potion with only one shot. I love especially to use polymorph ring to cope with the Earth Lord. You would not need to worry about its cleavage any more.

When reaching wave 40 and further, you will often see a big swarm blending with Earth Lord, Troll and Ogre. At this moment your top priority will be to transform Earth Lord with Polymorph Ring as soon as possible. Remember don’t shoot Earth Lord with other weapons or traps since they have become much tougher and stronger even after it is split into smaller Earth Elemental and Earthling. You will need many many shots to kill them. And don’t attempt to use Spore Mushroom to change Earth Lord to your side. They will be reset when split to smaller orcs and then keep moving towards the destination. Sometimes Earth Lord may be transformed into other big orcs. Don’t worry. Leave them with Spore Mushroom.

Mana Rage
Mana Rage can increase the mana capacity by 35%passively. The sorceress can use Polymorph Ring 5 times when equipping Mana Rage without recharge. It can also complement the mana exhausted by Polymorph Ring by activating the mana rage.

Mana Well
Same as the above. You will need much mana complementfor using Polymorph Ring when facing huge amount of big orcs moving closely. Allocate several Mana Wells in different places to ensure that you have sufficient mana supply to cope with any swarm of big orcs.

Remember that the restoration time of Mana Well is very long. To ensure all the Mana Wells are fully charged before next wave starts, you should place some Floor Portals in front of your main defensive area. That way you can have enough time to recharge the Mana Well.

Spore Mushroom and Floor Portal
In my strategy, Spore Mushroom is for big orcs other than Earth Lord. My suggestion is to arrange one row of Floor Portal in the front with one row of Spore Mushroom following. And it would be better to have some space between two rows if possible.

When reaching wave 35, Floor Portal can effectively divide the big swarm of orcs into smaller group. This can earn you precious time to avoid mana exhaustion too early and to reset Spore Mushroom and Mana Well. It can also give you extra coins. This is very important since the orcs wouldn’t drop coins actively when died after wave 35 or so, even though you have equipped Scaverger Trinket.

Strategy and Conclusion
When big swarm of orcs proceed closely, let the sorceress move backward elegantly and try to aim at the most threatening orcs. To implement this tactics, the sorceress would need enough depth for the main defensive area. This is so called “trade space for time” strategy. If there is no defensive area of enough length in the map, produce it by using Barricade.

Once reaching wave 40, it would often happen that some smaller orcs are in the forefront of the procession to hinder the sorceress from aiming at the main targets since all the traps and weapons can’t kill them effectively. If no throwing trap is equipped, the sorceress can use the Stone Staff to make the smaller orcs stoned or the Sceptre of Domination to get them killed by bigger orcs. The decoy is another good choice. If throwing trap like push trap or spring trap is equipped, throw smaller orcs directly into the lava , cliff or whatever. If no lava or cliff in the map, throw them to the back of the procession to prevent them stepping on Spore Mushroom.

As for other little orcs and flyers, I have no special suggestion. I believe everyone would have their own skilled strategy and combination.

The above strategy is applicable to all endless maps. I use it to reach wave 50 with sorceress alone without any orc reaching the end. The only fault is my negligence that too close to orcs. I hope it could be useful for those sorceresses struggling for wave 50. If you want to break your own best record, remember that Polymorph Ring would be the only effective weapon, in addition to Spore Mushroom, to cope with orcs after wave 60 for the sorceress. But I din’t try this since it’s too boring after wave 60.

Special thank to FlipStylepro and Zeckt. They taught me many things about OMD2.

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