Nosgoth Tips & Tricks

Basic Hunter Tips


The Hunter can deal consistent damage in the middle of a vampire attack and with his abilities off cooldown he can more than handle himself with crowd control or finishing a leech with a massive blast of damage. It’s best not to stack too closely with your team when using the Hunter as you are most affective when you are able to shoot. By “stack” I mean right next to; keep a space between you and your team but always try to keep line of sight as you need to be ready with your bolas.

Lead your bola shots, the further away your target is, the further in front you must aim. Use regular bolas until you get your eye in because it has a lower cooldown than poison bolas but in the end, poison bola is better. Don’t forget, bolas have a slight drop so it is possible to get a vamp on a roof without line of sight with some practice.

If being chased by vampires, bounce a grenade off a wall as you run by it to save turning around to throw it.

Sometimes it’s best to save bola for when you need to reload. The bolt thrower has a reload time of 3.5, which is the longest of the hunter weapons, and the standard bola has a duration of 3.3. This would give you just enough time to reload while the vampire is trapped.

If you see a jump tyrant coming, time your bola to hit where and when the tyrant lands. This prevents the tryant from following up with the ground slam combo.

With a bola + grenade load out: Instead of bola then shoot, try bola then grenade as to make the most efficient use out of the CC duration while not cutting it short by exceding the damage limit and setting them free.

Sticky grenade are good against tyrants.

Basic Alchemist Tips


The alchemist can deal a lot of damage given the chance and depending on loadout, can provide healing and CC support. Your goal as alchemist is to create that chance. Your best bet is to stay hidden until the engagement given that the cannon is generally low range. When the engagement ensues is when you lob your high damage rounds into the frey hopefully killing the leeches before they kill your team. An unanswered alchemist can be a real problem for the vampires.

If trying to do some poke damage at vampires on nearby rooves don’t spam your cannon because when you need to reload your entire clip you will be vulnerable. Instead reload after every pot shot.

Don’t forget to bounce your shots off walls or ceilings when appropriate (unless you use the viscous cannon which sticks to things it touches).

Light bomb does no self-damage so don’t be scared to throw it at your feet if a vamp wants to go toe-to-toe.

If you are in a pinch, you might think of backing yourself into a corner and creating a triangle using the fire wall ability. This means a vampire must stand in the fire to attack you. BUT most players will not fall for this, intead they will just wait until the fire stops and then kill you. You should drop fire somewhere that you can kite around it instead. This puts space between you and your enemy. (Thanks to Konf for the edit)

Your cannon does a bit of self damage at close range. Drop your healing mist at your feet to nagate this damage while you blast a vampire that’s all up in your grill.

With the acid ability, when you have unfortunately become the target of choice, run into an open area and throw your acid bomb straight up. This gives you just enough time to run clear of the acids aeo so you don’t hurt yourself but also … it can give an element of suprise as vampires will not expect an acid bomb to come from above as they chace you. They would dodge away if they see you throw at your feet or in front of you but little do they know with this technique that acid is about to rain from the skies!

When you need to lose a tail, use fire wall in a way that the wall becomes parallel to the direction you are running (best done parallel to a close wall). To do this, turn 90 degrees to the way you are running and then drop fire, then continue running in your original direction. This should be a quick manuever. This means that the vampire theoretically runs along the length of the fire wall instead of just through it in one step. Using the a parallel wall nearby gives even less room for them to move. (Thanks to Belynx)

Basic Scout Tips


The scout can chip away at approaching vampires like a hammer on concrete. Keeping your bow charged as vampires try to position means you can land a heavy hit, softening them up before they engage. If there’s more than one sentinel then I suggest using a warbow, which is also good against jump tyrants. Scouts want to be behind the fight and behind your team; make it so the vampires have to go through them to get to you. The logic is that this will give the scout more chance to do more damage as the vampires engage.

Stay behind your team and keep your bow fully drawn (when practically possible) as vamps try to get a position – don’t let them! Or at least make them take damage as they advance on the rooftops. As a general rule, keep it charged but let go now and then to get a better sense of your surroundings to make sure a vampire doesn’t get behind you. But when in battle, just spam and don’t bother charging your shots. (edit thanks to Ghûldarkar)

The volley ability has the largest area of effect of all the human and vampire abilities.

Volley is good because you can throw it further than any other AOE ability. Great for suprising vampires as they feed on your previous wipe.

Placing a trap in a position with one entrance at a dugg in location can give you a great defensive advantage. You damage them as they approach and BAM! 400 damage to finish them off. Take care though, the trap also damages you.

If you can catch vampires climbing a wall inside your volley then they will take a considerable amount of damage.

Don’t be so obvious when using trap. If you think simply luring your opponent into the trap will get you the win, then you might think again. But remember to give your opponent some credit, you may fool them a few times but sooner or later they will be onto your tricks so don’t keep doing the same thing. Don’t just keep placing a trap in the same tunnel or alley ways unless it is simply very hard for the vamp to avoid.

Basic Prophet Tips


The Prophet is infamous for being able to 1 v 1 a vampire and come out on top. Her pistols make for great medium range dps but lack accuracy at longer rangers. Make sure you place each shot on a vampire and they’ll probably run if they’re smart; often that means not spamming your shots when at range as this makes your aim unsteady. The Prophet also has some of the best support abilities in the game, meaning that the player must be aware of their team and to be ready to pop that shield at the right time or who to heal up and when.

When using draining curse and going head on with a vampire, try to position yourself in a corner and place draining curse just in front of you so that the vampire must stand in its area of effect in order to attack you. Be careful not to place it too close as to damage yourself with your own ability.

Sacrifice can be used to efficiently heal your team. The prophets heals the team at the cost of its own life and then uses the shrine to heal. This means only one person has to use the shrine, saving the charges for further use.

Hex shot is slower than a normal shot, so time it and aim it correctly.

Disabling curse, one of my favourites, does not silence an ability that is already activated so use it pre-emptively. For example it is great to use just before a pesky Reaver uses evade or shadow step. Instead of a quick escape they get a quick death XD, same goes for a Tyrant and ignore pain.

Basic Vangaurd Tips
Basic Reaver Tips


The Reaver is fast, agile and attacks with furocity (even moreso if uing the haste ability). The two types of bombs serve as pre-initiation tools for corralling humans into a location for attack or seperating them; it’s useful to think of them as crowd control abilities if you want to greatest use out of them. Playing as the Reaver you are able to get into the fight fast and escape just as quick if need be.

A reaver pounce and its variants landed at the right time can cause an enemy that tried to use their ability at the same time to proc the cooldown without getting to use it. This is effectively a silence. Same with the tryrant ground slam.

When using choking haze, try throwing it just behind your enemy and then pounce them into the area of effect for more damage. You will also take some damage but not as much as your enemy.

The sweeping kick ability is great for hit and run damage. Try to use it on unsuspecting humans as their back is turned because you are actually quite vulnerable for the moment it takes to complete the kick itself.

Sweeping kick actually has an area of effect, meaning you can do damage to multiple targets with one attack.

Don’t try to get away with using evade then eating in front of a human because the evade is cancled when you eat.

Evade only works on projectile base ammo, so any aoe damage or alchemist cannon shots will still damage you.

When possible try to pounce a human off of an elevation they might be standing on. For example, you can take a human right off the wall at Valeholm. In general, just take note of where your pounce will land; try not to pounce a lone human only to end up in view of the rest of them by way of your trajectory.

Be careful using shadow step on Freeport because you can end up in the water. Apparently vampires can’t swim XD

Use sweeping kick for a liitle extra movement without it going into cooldown. Simply dodge (space) a fraction of a second after using sweeping kick and it will only go halfway through the animation giving yu a little … kick … the you movement. Alternate this with your attack>dodge movement.

Basic Tyrant Tips


The Tyrant can be generally described as the tank or intiator class, don’t be naive though as you can’t take a total beating and expect to get out alive. The charge ability is formidable and unstoppable but does not negate any incoming damage, only ignore pain mitigates damage, so don’t stand around after charging or jumping without poping ignore. The scariest Tyrant players come out of no where and demand the opposing teams attention with recking force.

Ground slam can actually interrupt human abilities and cause the cooldown to proc without them actually getting to use it.

Charge and throw are a great combo. If skilled you can even charge, throw and then charge again before the human has a chance to attack; the key is to get as close as you can before you engage.

After you finish initiating with tyrant, pop ignore pain if your team is a bit slow. This will give them more time to get in there.

Provide protection from incoming fire to your teammates by poping ignore pain and using your body to deflect the rounds.

You can sometimes eat in the midst of battle by poping ignore pain and then eating. Taking too much damage or being CC’d by something like knives or bolas while eating will likely end in your death though so choose your timing wisely. I suggest doing this when you are low and there are only 1 or 2 humans left.

Basic Sentinel Tips


The Sentinel, my personal favourite, is the assassin. With the ability to simply carry a human off to a seccluded area for a brutal impaling the Sentinel must choose their targets wisely to aid their team.

To move quickly through the air either aim down to simply nose dive or use “a” while jerking your mouse left. (same again for right – “d” and mouse right).

Fall off the back of a roooftop and quickly press F to throw an air strike from a safe position.

Kidnap an enemy and take them somewhere out of the line of fire in order to finish them without being shot by the other humans. Try taking them to a rooftop and using wing flap to throw them off the edge dealing additional fall damage.

Fly hard and fly fast! Better yet, use the rooftops to keep your altitude up. Basically, stay low until you reach your vantage point.

Kidnap/Abduct in an arc rather than a straight line, also try to get them when they’re not looking.

The higher you start your dive bomb ability the more damage you will do.

Basic Deceiver Tips


The Deceiver is a master manipulator and can just about kill a human without even touching them, using trickery and deception is all in the name. You can cause a lot of distracion with the Deciever, aiding your team in combat.

When using shroud try to stay right behind and close to the target, keep moving and dodging to do so. Be as hard to focus on as possible. Sometimes it is even a good idea to stay still behind them if you haven’t been seen yet.

Try to mimic the behaviour of your illusions ability for some extra trickyness.

Hold RMB to stay invisible before poping the disguise. Don’t try to use your disguise to approach a team of humans for an initiation attack, they will know that you are an imposter, give your enemy some credit. Instead be invisible if you wish to approach. It’s ok to use your disguise if the attack has already started.

Basic Summoner Tips


General Tips
While mid roll you can move the camera to look behind you quickly without stoping. Handy if you think you are being chased.

As a vampire try charging up your attack while behind a corner and mousing around it as you attack. This gives you cover while charging and you have the element of suprise.

As a vampire, to go from cover to cover in a single quick motion, charge your attack fully while standing at the edge over the cover you wish to exit and facing the cover you wish to get to. You will move a greater distance and at greater speed using a fully charged attack to move rather than a dodge roll. If you don’t quite make the distance, simply finsh with a roll and you should make most gaps.

Some abilities can be self cancled by dodging quickly before the abilities animation.

Positioning is key.

Watch for flying crows or running rats. These creatures are on some maps and can give away the enemies position… or yours. You can shoot them or melee them.

As a human, straif left and right in a semi circle when you are being attacked. This makes you hard to hit.

As a human, being fast makes you able to run away from vampires and can give you the chance to escape a wipe so consider a build that revolves around sprint speed. Stack a weapon with speed stats with the fleet footed perk (Thanks to Vendetta and *Nexarino™).

As a human, don’t body block your team (spread out!) and try not to bump or walk in front of a scout when they are fully charged. Not only is it extreemely annoying but it is detrimental to your team.

Juking: Juking is not only one of the funest things to do in Nosgoth, but also a sign of a seasoned player. Being good at juking, especialy as a human might even lead people to call you a hacker 😀 Be creative with your juking and don’t give away your position! Hide behind corners, dodge in funny directions, be cray cray!

Juke again! So good! When running forward and being chased (usually by a vampire), simply ‘s’ + spacebar to roll back. If done correctly you will be behind them and facing their back shooting them.

You continue to finish reloading if you started before being grabbed by a sent or tyrant or reaver pounce (unsure about the last one). So, if you think a sent is about to grab you then start reloading so you have a full clip to unleash when they drop you.

DO NOT GO IN ONE AT A TIME! You may as well line up for the firing squad. This goes for humans and vampires, but moreso for vampires.

If you have multiple vampire targets at once in the frey of battle, shoot the one’s that are the most immediate threat to you or your team. This includes focusing that reaver killing your alch even if there’s a bola’d tyrant close to you.

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