Nosgoth IN-DEPTH guide: classes, tips, etc…

Introduction – what am I playing?

Nosgoth is a tactical third person shooter, Vampires vs Humans.
You play 2 rounds in each match, one as human and other as vampire, generally when you play as vampire, you hunt humans and when you play as humans, you have to defend yourself from the vampires.

and yes, this is a tactical game for something!, unlike most shooters, this is not just pewpew vampires or melee attack humans, you have to pick your class wisely and try to do your best with your team to exterminate the other team, so teamwork is not optional.

If you come from any moba or a commercial shooter, this game will be strange for you, but if you come from other kind of games like team fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2, you will get used really fast to all classes, both vampires and humans, since most humans are like tf2 characters and most vampires like l4d2 zombies.

Overall tips – Just follow them!

before start with anything, I will tell you the golden rule:

try to evade any 1v1 situation

both if you’re human or vampire, just try to not 1v1 anyone, its a very risky situation and most times will end against you.

vampires overall are WAAAAAAY better than humans at 1v1, but if the human is good and knows how your vampire works, he will destroy you, and you will look how you die like a baka, giving the human team a point more to the victory and having to wait some time to respawn, which can make your team lose a teamfight because the humans are harassing the vampires with bombs and bullets and all other human stuff.

the same if you’re human, doens’t matter if you see a low health reaver walking around, if you’re far away yeah go ahead and shoot him, but if you’re close to him, like MELE RANGE from him, don’t… just don’t fight him, run like the wind and pray to not be chased, because you will be his breakfast.
mostly because even if that vampire has low health, I’m pretty sure he will roundhouse you, leave you in stagger, then charge an attack, stagger you again and attack you 2 times, thats a death for you.

and guess what: you will respawn in the other half of the map! and your team will be really far from your place, and you will die if there’s another vampire near you because thats what humans does when they’re alone:

Stay away from the area of effect attacks!

every enemy AOE attack is bad for you, it will damage you and your team and the only thing you can do about it is just stay away from it, trust me, you don’t want to fight a tyrant over a reaver haze, nope nope nope.

so don’t get under your volley or over your choking haze, or you will do yourself an extra damage that the other team will thank a lot

Try to find safe spots and don’t camp

doesn’t matter if you’re human or vampire, you just don’t want to get harassed to the death before start a fight, so don’t camp all time in the same place: move with your team around the map, try to get your enemies by surprise and exterminate them.

when I play vampires, most times I see the situation where my team is camping in the same roof all time, guess what happens next: a scout starts to volley them or the whole human team just runs to a safe spot where they can shoot us and we can’t do nothing, because we’re in a terrenal disadvantage.

or the other side: when I play humans most times my team just camps in a corner, and they think its a safe place: then I see how we’re harassed with reaver poison, untill we’re low health and we get crushed like bugs.

or even worse, the place is just bad and all vampires can enter like if it was their house, so we get stomped by a tyrant, stabbed in the butt by a deceiver and then 2 reavers jump on us and starts to scratch our cute faces, its really annoying.

so MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!, in this game every little advantage is good, so try to find the best spot to stalk your enemy.

Don’t attack blindly

sounds stupid but I’ve seen several times people shooting to the wind because they think there’s a vampire, and no, I don’t mean an achemist scouting with bombs, I mean a prophet shooting the air because map particles are dangerous for her.

the same with vampires, I’ve seen people attack to the air while 2 humans are laughing at him while shooting their happy bullets, you’re not going to hit anybody if you bully the wind, so don’t do it.

Stick together.. but not too much

in this game, you should NEVER run alone, there’s bad people waiting for you!
but also don’t stay with your team like a katamari ball, because 2 things will happen:

1- if you play as human your team will get full damage from any aoe skill or will get stunned together by a simple tyrant ground slam, so really… take your distances, each human in a corner is fine, but don’t stay together like if you were the sticker of someone else.

2- if you play as vampire, you will get all aoe damage with your team, trust me, is not fun, also you dont want to get discovered along with your team.
its fine if they know where is a vampire, but not if they know where is all your team.

Cover each other

If you’re a human and see a sentinel flying around and suddenly everybody is shooting at him like if you were hunting ducks… its bad

just let someone hit him while you’re looking somewhere else, because I’m pretty sure its a distraction.

or there’s a tyrant dancing around while covered in lava and you just waste all your bullets on him… while other guy of your team is being banged by 2 reavers and a deceiver

or if you’re a vampire and see a little alchemist alone and you go 1v1 her… while the other 2 hunters are waiting for you with their revenge guns loaded.

or in a teamfight you go for the lone scout while all your team needs you to kill the other 3 hunters.

the goal of this game is kill the other team, but even more important is to NOT DIE, so dont just focus in kill the rival, your team needs your help too, if you’re an alchemist and there’s someone being pounced by a reaver, you’re the only one who can make him free fast.

or if you’re a tyrant and your team is getting shooted by 4 hunters, they NEED your cc and your body to tank all the bullets, so don’t just run to chase someone with low health, because for that kill you will lose 3 teammates and then you will die alone.

HELP your team!, take always an eye on them.

charge your melee attack as vampire

you can charge your melee attack, which will give you extra range (like a little dash) and extra damage
if you see someone being pounced or with any kind of cc, wait for the pounce to finish while you charge your attack and hit him! it will hurt a lot and its free extra damage which will make that human die faster

and you can also use that as escape if the human team comes where you are, the extra range will make your flee easier

Vampires – Introduction – Reaver and Tyrant

The nightstalkers, the ninjas of the night, the best part of playing nosgoth!

without any doubt, vampires are the main reason about why people plays this game: they’re fun as hell and very cool looking!

Pros and cons:


– High damage
– they can climb
– useful skills for stalk and annoy humans
– they suck blood
– passive regeneration
– they have 3 skills


– melee
– outdamaged if they fight a group of humans face to face
– they depend of the surprise factor to be effective
– as squishy as humans (except for the tyrant)
– they need to eat corpses for heal, and most times there will be a human trying to stop you to do that

Vampires are the guys who hunt humans, takind advantage of their high mobility and vision, since they can see you from above.

they’re really damaging in 1v1, but they lack of range so be careful when you join/start a fight, youDON’T want to get outranged by humans.

also remember: if you dodge and attack after the dodge, you will move a lot faster, so spam that movement for chase humans or get out of a sticky situation


This guy is the weakest of the vampires (only 1000hp and 180 damage per hit, while most vampires have 200dmg/hit and tyrant 250/hit) BUT that doesn’t mean he’s the worst, in fact he’s one of the best vampires

His main role is to be a pre-fight harasser or someone who disturbs the enemy team by blinding them or grabbing someone and make him useless while your team does the job, also he excels at hit and run tactics, since all his offensive and defensive skills are great for that.

his right click skill (pounce) is the l4d2 hunter jump, which will grab a human and damage him on impact while grabbing and stunning him (and you) for a short time, this grab can be interrupted by explosions or if you receive an amount of damage, so be careful with it

his secondary skill is a smoke bomb which will blind any human inside which is good, but is also good because it will hide the area in front of it, so you open an entrance to all other vampires trough it, its a pretty good skill.

his tertiary skill is a deffensive skill that will unable you to attack but you will dodge all bullets, but don’t think you’re invulnerable to everything
you will dodge all BULLETS but not AOE attacks or explosions, so be careful with it

right now in the shop you can buy:

Savage pounce: like pounce but with more damage and without aim assist, I recommend it if you like pounce and you’re good enough for use it without the assist, its pretty worth!

Leap attack: again, its like pounce but without the annoying charge time, also you move full speed while crouching, which means humans have less vision of you!.
when you jump to a human, it does the impact damage but you won’t grab him, so you lose the stun part of the pounce.

Roundhouse kick: its a chuck norris kick, it does 400dmg and staggers enemies, also did I mentioned it hits humans in area?
its a really good skill, and my favorite for the reaver, you lose your jump and part of your mobility, but in exange you get one of the best and funniest skills of the game.

choking haze: Its an AOE skill which does Initial damage in dot to everybody who gets caught with it when exploding and then a bit of damage to every human who steps it
this skill is great, imo way better than the smoke, so try it!, its really great and a must buy for the reaver.
this skill can’t kill humans from 100 to 0 anymore, but still leaves them at 200hp if they’re stepping over the full duration, which is pretty much a free kill for you

haste: gives you an extra 25% movement and attack speed during 6 seconds, pretty good to activate to get in fight or when you want to chase someone, since it will make you more mobile and augment your dps.

Shadow step: Personally I love this skill, you stop for a while when you charge it, but then you will turn into a kind of black mist and move a long distance in a straight line, making you get in or out safely, it makes you invulnerable while you’re in the mist form, so feel free to use it if you have a bomb sticked in your butt, 12 seconds of cooldown is better than 500dmg from a explosion.


he’s the meat tank of the vampires, with almost 1500hp and 250dmg per hit, it makes him a huge threat, shame he’s big and slow as hell, every human will outrun you, so be smart when you want to chase or not.

the tyrant is basically an initiator and a tank: you get in with your primary skill, then stun all enemies and tank all damage using your big body and your tertiary skill

he also deals lots of damage by hitting people, so be sure that you punch someone in a fight, a 250dmg nuke for each hit is not a joke!

his primary skill is a charge: just like the l4d2 charger, he runs and stomps people along the way, its one of the best intiations in the game imo, also remember that you’re INVULNERABLE TO ANY CROWD CONTROL while you’re charging, that means: no stuns for you, no hunter bolas, no slow from fire wall, no knockback from warbow, NOTHING!
so don’t be afraid to use it to run away either, they won’t catch you while you’re using it

his secondary skill is called ground slam, as the name says he will slam the ground, stunning all enemies in a 500 area radius (which is quite huge), I use it mostly after initiate with my charge or between a teamfight, its really good to let your teammates attack while all humans gets stunned because they’re letting you slam the ground.

his tertiary skill is a defensive skill called ignore pain, as the name says, you ignore the 80% of damage while it is active, THAT is what makes tyrant a good tank/initiator: you can get in, initiate and get out wthout almost receive damage, or you can just stay between a hunter and other vampire, tanking all his hits for him.

Currently in the shop you can buy:

marathon: like charge but longer and with more cooldown, I like this one more than charge, since it gives you more edge, like initiate from a safe zone and end the charge in another safe zone
and who cares about the longer cd, is not like im going to use it again in a teamfight lol

jump attack: one of the best initiations of this guy: you make a big jump and fall over the enemy human team, dealing a huge aoe damage, most times they won’t see you coming
the problem is when you land, you have like 1 second where you can’t activate any other skill.. so better if your team gets at the same time as you get in if you dont want to receive lots of damage before you can activate ignore pain.

Throw: grab a human and throw him, its good for 1v1 fights, since it deals lots of damage or for take away that annoying alchemist from the fight.

shockwave: you punch the floor and break it in a straight line (true warrior powers), it goes in a straight line for 1000 units, which is quite long, also every human who gets caught by it will get knocked back.
some people prefers shockwave over ground slam, others don’t , it depends on your style.

Enrage: you do more damage the less health you have, it increases the damage of ALL YOUR SKILLS and attacks, so activate it before initiate the fight, im pretty sure that while you charge everybody is going to shoot at you, so better if you do more damage when you hit someone, right?

it removes your survability, but adds more damage… so its like turning the tank into an insane damage dealer.
which is better? depends on the role you want to play tyrant.

Vampires – Sentinel and Deceiver

The annoying bat, the ♥♥♥♥♥ of the skies, the guy who always grabs you from the back!

this vampire is the only one who can fly (press dodge when falling form a structure for fly), which gives him the best advantage compared to any other vampire, both in vision and mobility.
but like everything, it has its cons: if you fly too high, every human will see you, which means they will shoot at you and is not funny, and even less funnier if there’s a scout or two in the team: getting hit 2 times by a fully charged stormbow is an ensured death.

so BE SURE THAT WHEN YOU FLY, YOU’RE NOT IN SIGHT OF THE HUMANS, try to surprise them from behind and grab someone, make them feel that you’re a threat and not a flying thing that will only feed points to them.

this guy is played as a harasser with the bomb or a disabler/assassin kidnapping someone and place it somewhere out of the hand of god… and between another 3 vampires which will kill him.

his primary skill is kidnap, and this skill is the sentinel star move: you will grab the first human you touch and make him fly with you, then after some seconds you will drop him, making him fall to the ground and taking fall damage (A LOT of fall damage)
also you WANT to let the human fall right between your team, so its an ensured kill
so this vampire is better played with teamwork

his secondary skill is wing flap, it only can be activated on the ground and you will shake your wings: making a kind of wind blast, which will throw all humans in range away (they will also take fall damage if you knock them from a high place, so take that in your advantage!)

your tertiary skill is the dive bomb, basically is the same than the tyrant jump attack, dealing aoe damage, but you can only activate it in the air, and also the more distance you travel, the more damage and radius it has.

right now in the shop you can buy:

Abduct: like kidnap but you do damage while you’re grabbing the human, the only bad thing is that you will drop your human earlier than with kidnap.

Puncture: you use your wings for burst damage someone, this skill does an insane amount of damage: if you kidnap someone drop it, then puncture him and then an autoatack, its a kill (its 400dmg are not a joke)

Echolocation: makes you see all humans on the map when you use it… yes its kind of useless
and even more because it only shows that to you, not you and your teammates lol.

Takeoff: you make a big jump that deals a bit of damage and then you start to fly.
its pretty good for run away if you get surprised in the ground.

Air strike: you throw a bomb, like the hunter grenade but easier to aim because you’re in the sky
it deals a nice amount of damage, and the range is really huge, so spam it!
its a really good skill.


this skinny guy is the spy of the vampires, you disguise as a human and then you backstab them to the death!

this guy is played as a sneaky harasser with hit and run tactics: you get in with disguise, then backstab someone, kill him and run away with your illusions.

your 3 default skills are:

primary: Disguise: you disguise yourself as a random enemy human, just like the spy in tf2, but that part of the skill is the useless one lol
the best part of this skill is when you hold it, along 5 seconds aprox, you’re totally invisible, that gives you a huge edge to approach to any human and use your secondary skill on him, and also its really good for run away, since as I said: it makes you fully invisible

you should never use the disguise part, since it will harm you more than help, really

your secondary skill is Backstab, it deals a huge amount of damage if you hit it from behind, a backstabd and a couple of attacks are a kill
the only problem of this skill is the hitbox and the startup time, which makes it a bit hard to land without practice.

as last, your tertiary skill is called Illusions: you make 2 illusions of yourself and then you will look like another one, so all humans that can see you won’t know if you’re an illusion or the real one, since illusions can climb, attack and move too!

you can use this skill for run away or for get in, since its really good to 3v1 a human with your 2 illusions, he won’t know who is the real one, and make someone waste his bola or hex shot or just some shoots in a illusion gives you a huge advantage over him.

currently the shop sells:

Dominate mind: you take control of a human for a short time, dealing a bit of dot damage
this skill is only useful in a coordinated team, I won’t run it if your team is a bunch of random people, they won’t know when you’re using it and you will just have a wasted slot

when you control someone, you cannot attack with him, but you can move him somewhere, like just over a choking haze or over his own aoe skill, or make him stay quiet and let your sentinel grab him, as I said its a very good skill… but with teamwork.

Infect: starts faster than backstab and basically infects a human, dealing him a bit of damage in dot, the good part of it, is that the infect can spread to all other humans if the infected is close enough to them, so you can deal a huge amount of damage to every human for free, its a really good skill.

also infect stacks with another infect, so if you have 2 deceivers with infect its a party for you… and a pain in the ♥♥♥ for the humans.

shroud: you make yourself semi invisible and deal a bit of damage per second if you’re close to a human.
there’s nothing more to say, its pretty good to run away or get in if the humans aren’t taking lot of attention, but they can still see you.. so I prefer to run illusions.


and that’s all I can say about vampires, their skills are great for teamfights and stalk humans, so take advantage of them and win all your teamfights!

Humans – Introduction – Hunter

Make these damn vampires feel the terror in their cursed blood!
Humans are the ultimate vampire exterminators, if you tought that vampires are the only ones who can hunt.. you are pretty wrong!

armed with an arsenal of weapons, these guys are not a joke.


– they are ranged
– they can also melee!
– lots of damage per second
– aoe abilities and disables
– insane damage when grouped


– they lack in mobility
– they are the breakfast of the vampires
– need to heal and recover amno in healing stations
– they need to reload also can run out of amno
– bad at 1v1’ing vampires

when to melee?: if you’re facing a low health vampire and you’re out of amno, melee him!, your melee attack deals only 100dmg but its enough for damage him before he can kill you, i’ve killed lots of vampires with my melee attack when I’m not in the best situation to shoot.
also you can melee people who you think they’re a deceiver, they will spit blood and say ouch! if they’re one (you CAN, but you shouldn’t anyways, since a deceiver is a vampire too, so better if you shoot someone who you think it’s a deceiver rather than melee him, better be safe than unsafe)

otherwise, you dont need to use your melee attack, since you have the advantage of be a ranged killing machine.


Hunter is a very good class for beginners, since he’s easy to use, deals a nice amount of damage and has very good skills for damage vampires and make them unable to attack.

his weapon is the repeater crossbow, like the typical assault rifle in shooters, it does constant damage and its automatic, so the only thing you have to worry about is the spread.
its damage is not the highest compared to any other human class weapon, but its shooting speed and clip size makes it a huge dps.

his primary skill is the bola, its a skillshot that will disable vampires from attacking, and also will make them fall to the ground if you catch them climbing a building and will make a sentinel fall from flying if you catch him with the bolas.
its cooldown is quite short, but use them wisely, its a really great skill with lots of usefulness, both in 1v1 combat and teamfight or just disable a vampire who is trying to run away and destroy him with your team.

his secondary skill is the explosive shot, which throws 3 explosive arrows that explodes on impact (no, rly?), they are useful for scout buildings, just like the alchemist shoot, they follow a curve, and they will eventually fall to the ground, so feel free to check every roof you can.

Right now you can buy in the shop:

multibow: deals a bit less of damage than the repeater, but shoots 3 shots in a row, which means if you hit one, you will hit the other two.
its good for long range damage (because since shoots 3 arrows in a row, you won’t suffer for the spread) and a nice dps if you have good aim.

siege bow: it has less clip size and shoots a bit slower, but in exange you gain lots of damage per hit.
use it as a medium range weapon, since you don’t want to fail any shoot, they deal lots of damage but that means you need to land all of them if you want to make this weapon worth, since as I said, its clip size is smaller.

bolt-thrower: like the repeater but with a bit less damage, in exange it doubles repeater’s clip size, so use it if you know that you will find a safe zone where you can shoot freely without getting focused by vampires.
its dps per clip is insane!

Poison bola: like bola but deals a bit of damage in dot, also has more cooldown
I like this skill more than bola because most times you won’t have time to shoot another bola, and also the damage is pretty nice.

Whip: slap any vampire face with your whip!, just like reaver’s roundhouse kick, whip will stagger every vampire you hit with it, its a very good skill for cut vampire attacks and keep them busy.
also it throws vampires from buildings, so use it when you see a vampire trying to run away from you! (whip won’t make a sentinel fall from its flying so don’t try to do it, it won’t work and you will get grabbed)

Grenade: like any shooter grenade, you just throw it and it will explode after a few seconds, its range is huge and its damage is huge too, so spam it to any roof you think there’s a vampire hiding from you, or use it in the middle of a teamfight, since it will nuke all vampires with 500dmg for each one it catches. (remember that any aoe skill you throw can hit you too, so dont step over your own grenade, it is not pretty to watch)

Sticky grenade: like grenade but instead of just bounce trough the ground and walls, it will stick to the first thing it catches, both walls and enemies!
use it if there’s a reaver using its evasion or to that tyrant who is running away.

blinding shot: like the explosive arrows, but the explosion blinds vampires instead of deal damage.
useful for teamfights and unvaluable if also you have teamwork with your team.

Humans – Alchemist and Scout

This girl is the demoman of nosgoth, armed with a grenade launcher and some bombs, she’s one of the most damaging humans, also all her attacks hits in aoe, so be careful when you shoot your grenades at melee range, since they will also damage you.

she lacks in self defensive skills, and her shots are kind of hard to land at the beginning, so don’t use her if you’re a new player, you will die a lot (and you will get constantly focused, because all vampires are allergic to alchemists, so they will try to take you away as soon as possible)

her default weapon is the hand cannon, just like any grenade launcher, it shoots nades which explodes after a few time, they also can bounce trough the ground and walls, and it hits in AOE, so use it for scout buildings and dark corners and keep yourself safe in teamfights, since you’re an AOE damage dealer, which is invaluable.

her primary skill is a flashbang, it blinds vampires in a huge area so use it in teamfights!, its great for make the vampires run away for a bit or make them try to hit their skills and attacks blindly, while your team is destroying them from the safety.

her secondary skill is a wall of fire that you throw right under your feet, it deals an insane amount of damage over time, also more damage if the vampires keep steeping it, adding that it slows vampires, so it will give you and your team a free space to run away.
it explodes in a straight line where you’re facing so if you want to throw it, its better if you turn around 90º and then throw it, so the vampires will step the whole line and not just a bit of it.
its a really great skill!

right now in the shop you can buy:

fullbore cannon: like the hand cannon but deals more damage and has less clip size, use it when you’re confident enough about hit your nades, since each shoot you miss is valuable.

multi cannon: if you’re not confindet enough about hitting your grenades, this is your cannon.
it shoots 3 nades in a cone, which deal less damage individually but together deals almost the same damage as the fullbore cannon.
its perfect for scouting roofs, since it covers a lot of range, and deal lots of aoe damage in teamfights since as I said, it covers lots of range, its a pretty useful cannon.

viscous cannon: same damage as the hand cannon but your grenades will stick to vampires and buildings, its good for hit that evasive reaver or for scout if there’s an invisible deceiver, since the nades will stick to him.
the attack of this cannon won’t explode on impact (it explodes a bit later) so careful with it, it won’t save you in close range combat when you’re about to die against a vampire with low health.

light bomb: its a 350dmg nuke in aoe, which you can throw and also unlike the hunter’s grenade, it explodes on impact, so its a great skill to use in teamfights or for secure a kill

immolation: pretty much an useless skill, when you activate it, you start to channel it, and in the 4 seconds of channeling duration, you can’t attack, sprint or roll.
yes its fun to kill people with it, but 200dmg is also a very bad drawback for only 500dmg, and also the thing that you can’t do anything else than just walk to your death

poison cloud: you poison an area, it deals aoe damage over time, so use it where is happening the teamfight, since you can throw it away.
deals a bit less damage than the fire wall but its more useful since it can conver a large area.

flamethrower: you turn your cannon into a flamethrower, dealing damage per second in a short range and also burn damage.
its useful but I don’t like to run it, since you can’t attack while using it and it cuts its effect if you do something else, like dodge or use any other skill.

healing mist: change your role to insane dmg dealer to support, this skill is a bomb that will cover an area with a blue healing thing, if your team is good and you know when to use it, this skill is unvaluable, since it will save your team in every teamfight
but be careful, you don’t want to use it… right over a reaver choking haze.


the scout is the sniper of the humans, he’s very good at long range fighting, since his bow hits like a truck when charged, he can also scout buildings with his skills and prepare traps for dont let the vampires get near him.
also if scouts are the best to hunt sentinels, since they’re flying and their arrows are direct hits, which means they don’t travel like alchemist grenades, if the X is over the vampire body, you will hit him.

he’s kind of hard to use, since you NEED to charge your bow to deal your maximum damage, and also to know a lot about maps for get the best spots, but if you get good at him, you will be an unstoppable and annoying killing machine.

his default weapon is a bow that can charge its attack for max its damage, a 475dmg nuke for hold your bow 2 secons is a nice reward, don’t you think?

with his first skill you will throw some knives that will stagger a vampire on impact, pretty good for survability, since it will give you a little edge for run away or keep hitting that vampire with your arrows.

his secondary skill is called volley, you throw a flare that will make a rain of arrows in a really huge area, they damage a lot, so be sure that you use this skill for scout buildings or right in a teamfight, since like I said lots of times, in this game you don’t want to fight right over an AOE skill, and that tip comes to vampires too, they won’t fight over your volley unless they are dumb and want to take lots of free damage (remember, AOE SKILLS CAN HIT YOU, don’t stay under your volley)

in the shop you can buy:

swiftbow: deals less damage when you charge the arrow, but also takes less time to charge it.

warbow: takes more time to charge, but when fully charged, the hit will knockback the vampire, what does that mean?
if there’s a reaver jumping at you, you will throw him back, if there’s a tyrant jumping at someone, you will throw him away, and if there’s a sentinel flying over the sea, you will insta kill him.
its a pretty awesome bow.

stormbow: takes a bit more time to charge, and its arrow deals lots of less damage than the default bow, BUT in exange every bow you shoot will have a grenade sticked in it, so this bow is great for scouting and hit vampires in aoe

mark target: you mark a vampire, which will reveal him all during a short time (which means he can’t hide) and also that vampire will take an extra 10% damage from anything, its a great skill.

camouflage: you will make yourself almost fully invisible, but you cannot attack while its active, so use it when you want to charge your bow from the safety or when you need to heal without getting easily seen.

trap: typical claymore, you place it over the ground and if a vampire steps over it, he eats a 400dmg aoe nuke.

turret: you place a turret that deals lots of damage aoe damage over time, its awesome for inner building fights.

grappling hook: this skill is one of the best you can have, but also requires to be a very skilled player, since you will lose all your aoe damage in exange of mobility.
you throw a hook which will let you climb a building, which mean you can be in a better place and have more vision for snipe vampires, but also vampires can see you, and you will be an easy prey for them.. so be careful with it

Humans – Prophet

this girl is a semi support class and a strong 1v1 duelist, with lots of weapon damage, disable skills and support skills
she’s pretty good and unvaluable for a team with teamwork, since she will make your life easier and vampire’s life harder.

her default weapons are 2 pistols that shoots a slower than hunter crossbow but deals more damage, so they’re great for medium range fights.

her first skill its called hex shot, she shoots a bullet that will disable a vampire, making him unable to attack, to use skills and for climb, but he can still dodge, so be careful.
this skill is great for 1v1 fights or if you see a vampire trying to initiate, you can always hex him, so you will minimize a lot its damage.

her secondary skill is life leech, you absorb 200hp from a vampire and give it to yourself, which will give you a huge edge at 1v1 fighting, or just a lot of survability in fights.

right now in the shop you can buy:

piercing pistols: your bullets will now pierce vampires, these pistols are the hardest to use, but if you can find a good position and hit 2-3 vampires in a row with some of your shoots, you will do a really nice amount of damage.

heavy pistols: just like hunter’s siege bow, they have less clip size and shoot slower, but the damage they gain is really huge, I recommend these pistols above any other else, since they’re really great

quick pistols: they have less damage but more attack speed, and also a bit more of clip size, so if you are good at positioning, use these pistols, they will do a lot of dps.

disabling curse: you will place some tentacles in a small area, dealing damage to any vampires who steps over them and also making them unable to use any of their skills (but not unable to attack, so be careful)

draining curse: you curse an area and every vampire that steps over it will get damaged, 50% of the damage they receive will heal you, so its a pretty good survability skill
if you combine draining curse with lifeleech, you will be an insane lifedrain tank.

eldritch guard: you protect a teammate with a 350dmg shield for 8 seconds, 350dmg will cover them for a sentinel bomb, a couple of vampire hits or even a tyrant charge, so dont underestimate it!

sacrifice: you damage yourself in exange to heal the double to your allies in a cone, extemely useful with teamwork, but I don’t recommend it if you’re playing alone, since you will just get a faster death.

if your team run 2 prophets with sacrifice, they will disable each other self-damage, so its like a free heal for all your teammates, making them to be less dependable of the stations.


and this is all I can say about humans without enter into specific characters, all of them have skills and weapons which are not the best individually, but in group, every human is a big threat and they shouldn’t be underestimated.

final touches – builds and a bit of info

Recommended builds

these are the builds im actually playing with, I like them a lot and if you don’t know what to buy, you can always follow them.

they aren’t the best ones, since all skills are situational, and also im not going to mention perks, since they’re really build and character specific

here we go:


roundhouse kick, choking haze, shadow step

marathon, ground slam, ignore pain

abduct, puncture, air strike

disguise, infect, illusions


multibow, poison bola, grenade

fullbore cannon, light bomb, poison cloud

stormbow, mark target, volley

heavy pistols, hex shot, lifeleech


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also if I see that people likes this guide, I will make some character specific ones

I hope you all have enjoyed the reading

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