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Welcome to TERA! We know that creating a new character in any MMO can be a daunting proposition, so we thought we’d walk you through some of the core concepts and systems. You’ll learn a lot of it through play, but we know it can’t hurt to get some pointers, too.

Creating Your First TERA Character(s)
To create a character, first pick one of our servers to play on. TERA has two types, PvE and PvP. Your choice will not only affect how you play the game, but who you’ll play it with. To get a sense of what server is truly right for you, you may want to visit the TERA forums[].

All TERA accounts come with at least two character slots per server, and an account bank with 72 inventory slots. (Additional character slots and inventory tabs are available in the TERA Store[tera-forhttps].) Select a race, gender, and class, and you’re ready to go!

Navigating the UI
Once you’re in game, there are several things you’ll need to master in short order. Press [Left Alt] to bring up the UI overlay. From here to you can access all game functions, including managing your chat windows, adjusting graphics settings and sound, resizing your UI, and many others.

Our game guide[] presents an in-depth look at TERA’s many customizable options, but the most important thing for you right now is knowing how to use your quest log. Talk to Axelle to get your first quest, then press [L] to bring up the log. From here you can see your current status, what you have to do next, and decide what quests to display in your quest tracker. The tracker starts off on the right side of your screen, but you can move it to wherever is most convenient for you.

If your quest involves killing a monster or talking to someone, just click on its name to drop a marker on your map. Press [N] or [M] to toggle your map displays, or use the compass in the upper right corner of your screen.

Using Item Claim
The TERA store is chock full of useful items and account services available for purchase with EMP (En Masse Points). Once you buy an item, it gets delivered in your Item Claim. Press [Left Alt] to bring up the UI, and select Item Claim from the bar. There are two tabs: one for one-use items, and one for account items.

One-use items are just that—selecting one places it in the inventory of your current character. Whether or not you use it is up to you, but it will no longer appear in Item Claim.

Account items are available for all your characters to use, and will remain on the tab for as long as you play TERA.

Using Vouchers
Using items like Elite Status Vouchers, additional character slots, inventory tabs, and other account services requires you to be logged in to a character and have available inventory space. Once you’ve selected one from Item Claim, open your inventory and right-click the item, then confirm that you want to use it. You may need to restart your game and launcher afterward, but the selected feature is now a permanent part of your account.

A major part of the fun in TERA is teaming up with players from around the world. Grouping lets you tackle difficult monsters, complete quests faster, and explore TERA’s many instanced dungeons. To invite a nearby player to a group, pull up the UI, then mouse over their character, right-click, and then select “invite to group.” You can also type “/invite (their character name)” into the chat window, or join an existing group by typing “/join (character name).”

Or you can cast your net a little wider, by using the LFG interface [Y], or the LFG chat channel (/u). Just let people know what you want to do, and you’ll be grouping in no time.

How to Find a Guild
There are two major ways to find a good bunch of like-minded players to run around with. One is to check out the guilds on your server by bringing up the UI, selecting the Guild & Alliance menu, then selecting “Guilds on Server.” This will show you a list of all the registered guilds on your server and their current status.

You can also visit and check out the TERA guild finder. With just a few clicks you can review guilds based on play style, server, size, and level. Once you know who (and what) you’re looking for, jump back into the game to the Guilds on Server list, and send one of your new friends a message.

Instance Matching
By the time you reach level 20, you’ll know how to group up, how to finish quests, and how to deliver effective beatdowns. It’s time to take the next step in your TERA education: finding dungeons to conquer.

Bring up your UI, and select Instance Matching to find a list of dungeons available for your level. If you meet the minimum gear requirement, select the dungeon you want to explore, then click the “Find Group” button. You’ll be paired up with other players who want the same thing you do—fun!

Once your group is assembled, you’ll be teleported to the dungeon. The enemies you’ll fight are a lot tougher than you’re used to, but if keep your class’s role in mind, communicate with your group, and don’t wander off on your own, you’ll do fine!
(yo don’t judge my ilvl)

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