Manly Man’s Guide to Manliness

Why would I use fists?
“Oh! I can’t block with fists, then why would I ever use them?” Well Jimmy, here are a few, of many, reasons to fist:

-Humiliate. There is nothing sweeter than the look on a humiliated, slightly dead opponent’s face.
-Impress. All your team members, friends, family and lost children will be impressed by your display of strength, agility and manliness.
-Seduce. All the babes of the middle ages will flock towards you after you slaughter and possibly molest a grown man in a full set of armor.
-Satisfy. Ever wanted to sleep in on a rainy day instead of going to the office? Well now you can murder someone with your fists in a videogame.
-Pure win. Angry at the shield hugging knight? Give him a kick and a good fisting and he won’t be a problem. Archer in the way? He won’t take many hits to go down. Man-at-arms trying to give you a reach around? He’ll never know what hit him.

What class should I use for maximum manliness?
To be a manly man, you must first choose a class. There are 2 main choices: Man-at-arms and Knight.

  • Man-at-arms. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, dodge whatever the enemy is swinging at you and hit them until they beg for mercy, then hit them some more. Possibly the strongest class as you have the equivalent of a parry at your disposal, as long as you have the stamina and space to dodge.
  • Knight. Ever wanted to smack your evil twin brother with iron gauntlets? Well then pick the knight, It doesn’t matter if you get hit, just keep on punching. The only disadvantage of this class is that being slow, he cannot move into punches as quickly as other classes or get out of the way of swings.
  • Vanguard. Not as vunerable as the Man-at-arms, and not as slow as the Knight. Plus, his charge ability allows you to perform superman punches, flinging your enemies back and smashing whatever poor fellow you just hit in the face with your Hulk Smash. Suffers a toned-down version of the knight’s disablilites.
  • Archer. Now if you’re feeling really sneaky, you may use this class.
    “Oh god, why the hell would you do that?”
    Well, the archer does 50% backstab damage, but is weak in normal combat. So remember to be very, very quiet! Archers are also weak to all forms of damage, so players might just try to spam your face into pulp, not realizing what they have brought upon themselves.
How do I use my fists?
First of all, to select your fists of manliness, press the default key: 4. It is possible that you have rebound the key, but I am not a mindreader, so good luck digging through the keybinds.

Just like every other melee weapon, the fists have 3 attacks, scroll up for an attack with more reach, scroll down for a hard hitting but slower attack, and click the left mouse button for a standard attack.

By attacking before completing the previous attack, you can perform a manly combo attack. You can combo many attacks before your stamina runs out. To do so, observe the following rules of comboing:

  • To start a combo, you must launch another attack before your first attack finishes.
  • To keep a combo going, you must keep comboing attacks.
  • Keep in mind: You can only combo one Jab at a time inbetween the other attacks, and you can only combo up to three of the same attacks in sucsession of either Standard or MwheelDown attacks.
  • The higher your combo goes, the more manly noises you make. Show your enemy just who they’re dealing with as you beat them into a lumpy red paste.

Note that you cannot block any weapon with your fists, (save another person’s fists) any attempt to do so without proper training will probably lead to severe disfiguration, and possibly death. Get in there quick, and kill with style.

Effectively blocking other Manly Men
There will be times when another player sees you and challenges you to some Manly Fisticuffs. Blocking can be an important part to not getting humiliated and, more importantly, a little more dead. Keep these tips in mind when you find yourself in fist-to-fist combat:

  • Do not block excessively. Your fists are quick to come up and stop an attack, but they are slow to come back down, leaving you open. Only block when you can see an attack coming and it seems likely that it will hit.
  • For a player on defense, taking the iniative usually can trip them up. If someone makes intent to wait for you to strike, unexpectedly rush forward and jab them. They will most likely panic into a block, allowing you to get some good downscrolling on them. If they manage to stop your combo with a block, back up and try again. Sometimes simply moving forward with the intent to strike can make people start an attack. Once you see that it misses, move in and jab him.
  • If someone starts comboing your face into tomato paste, under no means panic into blocking. If you keep randomly blocking, odds are it will just turn their fists into a blender for your face. Let one or two attacks hit you, then time the next attack and block it.
  • Keep on the offensive. Defense is a bad spot to be in when fighting with fists. Make sure you keep pressure on your enemy so they cannot counter attack.
Halp! Somebody is attacking me with something other than fists!
Blocking is not an option, so keep your distance. To counter the attack, you must identify his weapon.

  • Quick, short weapon. 2 main options, wait for him to take a swing, or take the initiative and smack dat ho.

-Wait. Dodge his attack by either moving backwards (a smart move if he is spamming the LMB) or move sideways (higher risk, higher rewards) if you manage to dodge the attack, sprint towards him before he recovers and hit him hard. Either you punch him to death, or he can recover. If he recovers, dodge the counter-attack and finish him.

-Attack. Make sure he isn’t already swinging, then start the fisting. Either you punch him to death, or he can recover. If he recovers, dodge the counter-attack and finish him.

  • Slow, short weapon, such as a Knight’s Maul. Easy peasy, do a stab attack to interrupt his wind-up (the first part of the swing) then keep stabbing with your fists. Keep your distance, you don’t want to have your brains splattered on the wall, someone will have to clean it up. If he starts to attack and you don’t interrupt him, abort mission and dodge him, then give him some happy slapping before he recovers.
  • Quick, long weapon, such as a Vanguard’s Claymore. This is the most difficult, you need to keep your distance. The easiest way to win is to catch him off guard. Act as if you are going to attack, he will most likely block (if he doesn’t, easy kill) wait for him to finish the block and you can go John Sullivan on him. If he recovers, get the hell out of his way, turn around and sprint, then come back and do some fisting.
  • Slow, long weapon, such as a Vanguard’s Zweihander. Same as a slow, short weapon, but be sure to either keep your distance, or get into his face. Mind those overheads especially. If you get blocked and you’re already in a vanguard’s face whom is weilding a form of longsword, you are nearly garunteed to be hit by it.
  • Ranged weapon, Bows, Crossbows, Javelins, ect. Evasive manouvers! Sprint from side to side and when you get close it’s clobbering time. However, don’t take an archer for an easy target. Whilst they are not the strongest in melee combat, they can easily kill you through stunlocking you with short and fast weapons.

If these tactics do not work, or you are colorblind or something, the general tactics go as followed:

Keep your distance from the person, out of range of their weapon.
Jab at them by scrolling up.
If the jab connects, it’s most likely your invitation to combo a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of attacks on him, get some good down scrolling on him.
Keep fisting until he goes numb.
If he manages to block, back up immediately, you probably won’t have time to hit him again. Alternatively, you can try to crouch under or jump over his attack (This will not work if he is attacking from above. You can still try, but your insides will make quite a mess) or try moving horizontally (this allows you to stay withing fisting range).
Remember to look down when you duck, it will reduce your profile tremendously.
Kicking him and backing up is a good idea, or you can alternatively use the opening to try and launch another attack.


Probably the bane of all hand-based combat existance, these objects are incrediby hard to get past if they are raised. The primary and most obvious way is to kick them then punch, but usually they’ll just bring up their sheild again. Usually, you’re going to have to wait until they try to attack then hit them either before the windup finishes, during the attack, or just after the attack. Usually, they can just bring their sheild back up into their faces.

You can try some Alternate swings to get around them (explained later), but usually the result is a painful-sounding thunk of hand on metal. A better tactic is to kick, feign moving for a punch to one side, then moving to the other and punching there. After that, you just have to make sure the player isn’t facing you and no amount of sheilds can stop you.

Here comes a pack of (Enemy Team), and there’s nobody to help. What do?
If you play Last Team Standing (essentialy elimination-team-deathmatch), sometimes you’ll be left alone to face a horde of enemies. This can sometimes happen if you get behind enemy lines or just plain bad luck. In this situation, you’d be lucky if you can get a kill before everyone else left mouses you into next Tuesday. Here are some tips for surviving the angry masses:

  • You can’t run forever. As much as people seem to think they can, running away from your enemy doesn’t work forever. There is a ‘slipstream’ effect that happens if you’re chasing someone. The enemy will gain a large enough speed boost to be able to catch up to you in due time. Unless you can cut corners and pull good jumps, running forever is not an option.
  • Take into account who has how much health. Look for extremely bloodied opponents closing on you. While they have almost no health, they’ll get extremely confident because they’re with their teammates. It’s usually possible to quickly turn around and jab them in the face to eliminate one of your problems. Just be sure to stay out of the way of everyone who is going to launch an attack when you do so.
  • Make friendly fire happen as often as possible. Let’s face it: everyone wants your supposedly “easy” kill, so they’re all going to try and attack at the same time. A large amount of enemies clustered together + enemies using horizontal swings for an easy hit = many, many accidents. This can usually be achived by turning around, jabbing the first two people you see winding up for a swing in the face, then ducking as fast as possible. I’d suggest wearing an umbrealla hat for the shower of enemy blood that’s going to come down. After that happens, try to stand back up and run in the opposite direction you were, it’s probably closer.
  • Try to make it back to friendly frontlines. While this sometimes isn’t an option, be it you’re behind enemy spawns or everyone else is dead, it can help to lead this bundle of joy to the nearest group of teammates that look up to the job. Worst case, those guys die or they’re stuck running with you, but you can still make it to more reinforcements. After that, Mike Tyson any stragglers from the group while they’re busy with your teammates.
  • Attempt to lead them into choke points and enviormental damage. Running in and out of buildings or narrowly avoiding hazards can yeild some nice results. Best case someone kills themselves on a hazard or everyone gets stuck in the doorway you just slipped through. Worst case, someone tries to cut you off at the other end of whatever you just entered.

Sometimes, the best answer is simply to get enough distance, turn, taunt, and challenge the world to a fist fight.

Crowd Control
A tactic that I refer to as Crowd Control, (Though others may refer to it by other names) consists of attempting to stop multiple targets from attacking you at once. Remember that your swings are real time, and can hit more than one person if aimed correctly. This can be used to “flinch” multiple people during their windup, and therefore prevent them from attacking you. Keep in mind it will be difficult if they do not have the same orientation from your perspective. Such as if one is approaching from the front and the other is approaching from the right. You could potentially back up to the left to get them to be directly infront of you. Some tips:

  • While it can’t be used on fists, take a weapon out, and put the command aoc_drawtracer 1 into the console. This will draw hitboxes whenever you swing a weapon (or use a projectile weapon) so as long as you do not change weapons or die. If either of those conditions happen, you must type the command in again. Try stabbing with a dagger. Notice how the red is the inside of the swing, whilst the blue is the outside. Also know how when you change your orientation, the hitbox of the swing changes as well. Try to get the timing down of when the weapon starts and ends its hitboxes, so you can better spread out damage between foes. Remember, you can hit any number of people with any different attack, Horizontal attacks just make it easier because of the wide hitbox. Also keep in mind your sensitivity while swinging is lower, so for wider swings you will need to move your mouse much more.
  • Try to constantly be aware of your surroundings. While it may be difficult, always listen for footsteps approaching from different directions. If, for example, you are fighting an Archer and a Knight, and you hear a vanguard charging over the hill behind you, it would be advisable to take immeditate action on the Archer, seeing as he is a weaker target. Try to kick the knight away from you and then engage the Archer. If the Archer backs up to avoid your hits, he is just helping you put distance between the Knight and you. This buys you time to grind him into a pulp. Once he is dead, turn to face the new threats.
  • Never get cornered. While it may seem hard to force yourself into a corner, given enough people trying to kill you, they can easily restrict your movement just through body blocking. It is inevitable that they will probably unconsiously flank you, so try to elimitnate stragglers, people at low health, or those who are rushing forward.
  • Don’t be afraid to kick. Try not to use it on more experienced players unless they’re guilty of anEasy Kill mentality. Inexperienced individuals will tend to just move forward and launch an attack. Time it right, and you can kick them in the chest for some space or free attacking room. Use kicks to finish off people on low health. If you’re lucky, it will kill them instantly and do a sick death animation. If it doesn’t kill them, you get a free hit if you act fast enough on that Walmart offer. Jabs tend to be the fastest attacks, so kick and immediately jab. It’s not only accurate but has the most reach, so you’re nearly garunteed a hit unless you Chuck Norris’d him across the map.
  • Punch feet, get kills. A tactic that always catches me off guard is when people punch my feet. Crouching and aiming at the boots of a player while punching may not do much damage, but is confusing as hell to block. This almost requires the other player to crouch, look into the ground, and block to stop your attacks. Be wary this tactic shouldn’t be used often as the range required is too small to use it all the time. It is more viable to get one or two hits in, then crouch and avoid a swing while at the same time doing damage.
Are there any rules?
Yes there are. Why the hell would I make a section about rules if there were not any rules?

  • RULE 1. No interrupting a fistfight, unless you have permission or one of the fighters pulls a weapon.
  • RULE 2. Switching to another weapon from fists is frowned upon, and not manly.
  • RULE 3. No penetrating the body unless the body is dead.
  • RULE 4. Do not eat ANY of the yellow snow, it is NOT a snowcone or an ice-cream. Eat the brown snow instead.
  • RULE 5. When interrupted, both fighters shall team together to face the common threat, then continue afterwards.
  • RULE 6. It is considered rude to hit another player in Mid-fight initiation taunt. If a player taunts at you with their fists, you are obligated to taunt back.
  • RULE 7. If you have unlocked all weapons you can NEVER TURN DOWN A FISTFIGHT. You do not need any easy kills to unlock any new weapons, so don’t be a little ♥♥♥♥♥.
Tips and/or tricks
  • Crouching while punching result in the opponent getting stunned.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Try to communicate with others in the server.
  • Don’t eat lots of cheese.
  • Don’t stay in the same place while facing an enemy, try and run in circles around him, it will be a lot harder to block.
  • Jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.
  • You can always quickly sprint away, then turn around and smack your opponent a few times.
  • Don’t forget to kick.
  • Don’t underestimate anybody. Not even archers, unless they still have a (cross)bow equipped, in that case you can go nuts.
  • If a javelin-wielding archer throws at you and misses, hit him as fast as you can, the ‘reloading’ takes longer than you think.
  • Remember to try not to face the same direction all the time. If the enemy is using a sheild, it becomes a lot easier to block your assault. To get around sheilds, I usually find the best way is to get around to their left side, because the sheild isn’t raised in quite the center of a player’s mass. Just make sure to keep changing directions so they can’t block you.
  • Those vanguards with the big weapons bugging you? Try and lure them into cramped places, like the houses in Stoneshill, or the pillars in throneroom. Those weapons can’t help them once you ambush them and rupture certain holes in their bodies.
The Flag and Alternate Swings

Some maps, such as Ruins on Last Team Standing, or any map on the Capture the Flag gamemode, spawn the Agathian and Mason banners. After about 10 seconds, you can pick up this banner and use it as a weapon. It acts and a large, slow spear that cannot combo attacks, but does very reasonable damage and has a large range. Its taunt is one of the manliest and everyone adores a flag-weilding manly man. Use it to swoon your entire team and sometimes the enemy team to your control.

Alternate Swings (Getting around sheilds made easy)

Holding Left Alt and preforming a horizontal attack results in a Left Hook, which travels from left to right. This side often hits around a player if they are hugging a sheild, such as a buckler. The larger the sheild, the more difficult it usually is to get around, but it works. Hitting them not only does damage but breaks their block and allows you to get more hits in

Alternately, holding Left Alt and performing and overhead results in an Overcut. This is a powerful strike that travels from the top of your screen to the bottom, as opposed from vice-versa. This is useful to get over the tops of sheilds, but usually only works if you’re elevated over your opponent. Still, don’t be discouraged from trying.

Tavern, the Fisticuffs Supreme Map
Go into any server, open your console, and type in the following:

voteChangeMap aocffa-tavern_p

Provided that everyone in the server votes yes, you’ll start the map Tavern, where it’s a 20 miunte fisticuffs Free-For-All. No longer will vanguards dominate the battlefeild with their long ♥♥♥ weapons, cause they’re going to get wrecked by everyone’s fists. As soon as the map loads, you’ll notice these things:

  • All the weak and noob♥♥♥♥♥♥s will leave the game immideatly lest their health be directly effected by the amount of manliness about to take place.
  • Fists only, the only benefits you get here are of your class selection.
  • There’s casks spread about the map. Press Use to drink the MEEEEEEEEEAD, gain super drunk vision, and wreck people with the varying time shifts.
  • Down in the bottom of the map is a ring. Use it to 1v1 nooblords for the title of most manly, or operate the bell. Or just spam E on the casks in the corner. The arena is for 1v1 fights only, if you punch anyone down there without a reason, prepare to get assdemolished by everyone in the room.
  • The Merchants are cool as ♥♥♥♥, you should walk up to them and listen to their ♥♥♥♥ing hilarous jokes.
  • The grave near the gate at the edge of the map will try to rob you.
  • You can kick the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that sells apples to death.

Other than that, thanks, and have fun.

  • If you need any additional help, contact me (Omnipotent TurtleBundles) OR primary man contribut0r LoneSoldier62.
  • Feeling MANLY? Join the Manly Men of Chivalry, my steam group.
  • If you liked this guide, please rate it up.
  • If you have anything to say that might make this guide manlier, or if you want to point something out, please punch a comment below.
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