How to not lose everyday in SSF4: Hyper Fighting Edition

*this guide isn’t even done

I’ve seriously seen enough of new players picking up cool guys like Akuma and Seth, only to get anal busted so bad to the point that they need to get hospitalized for several months and quit playing the game. This is absolutely sad because SSF4 is a very enjoyable game once you understand whatever you are doing.

Yeah it sucks to lose, but life isn’t all about giggles. You have to put effort in order to get to the good part. It’s always like that. Now it’s time for you to buckle up and read this guide from start to finish. By the time you are done with it, you will at least win once. I guarantee.

Are you new to/bad at this game? Choose Guile
There are some people who will just tell you to choose whoever you want to play and practice. Well, this is actually a trap designed by pro players. They want you to choose a random character so you can stay a scrub forever, get mad at the fact that you never win in this game, and just quit the game.

Do you lose everyday due to bad decisions? Do you always lose to even a 500PP online ryu/ken players? You have a problem. Your basics isn’t ready for this game. You can’t simply choose a random character for the sake of “cool factor” and expect to wreck everyone with it. You have to take steps in order to survive in this godforsaken world of Street fighting.

So here is my suggestion and you should listen if you even remotely care about winning. Choose Guile.

Take a look at this image here.

This image perfectly captures the concept of guile. See that mario in the image? HE is in trouble here. If he jumps, he will get killed by Flash kick. He has no other choice. Guile is in FULL CONTROL of the situation. Mario has no option and his only fate is death. This is exactly what you want when you play a fighting game, be in FULL CONTROL.

Here are some benefits to choosing Guile

1. The focus on Charge input special moves will FORCE you to learn how to guard.
2. Flash kick is a solid and FAST counter move and an alright anti air attack.
3. Sonic boom is a highly spammable projectile with extremely low delay after execution.
4. Having two specials makes it easier to understand this character.
5. Having only two specials, you will pay more attention on normals than you would with other characters.
6. A lot of the scrub players have no idea how to counter guile.

There are some major problems with Guile, but your body isn’t ready enough to worry about that anyways. So just go ahead and launch the game and choose guile. Are you ready? Let’s move on.

Basics first, comrade
You may think this is a Guile guide, but no. This is a guide made just to make you WIN. You can’t win without knowing some universal mechanics about Street Fighter 4. I will keep it simple for the young teens with ADD problems.

Stop jumping, seriously
New players jump all day everyday. I can understand this as humans have always dreamt of ruling the skies since the beginning of human history. You shouldn’t be jumping every chance you get in this game though. Why? Because you can’t block when you jump in this game. People are WAITING for you to jump so they can get some easy hits on you. YOU are going to wait for people to jump towards you so you can get free hits on them. Stop jumping. Never jump. Only jump when you know you will be safe. Only jump if you have a logical reason behind it.

Some guy in ancient China said that attacking is the best method of defense. Well, that’s only if you know HOW to attack. If you’ve been losing all day until reading this guide, you clearly don’t know how to attack. It’s better off focusing on blocking rather than trying to press random buttons in order to retaliate. Master blocking. Is opponent jumping? Stand block. Is he on the ground? Crouch block. Easy and simple. Some people may do some “overhead” moves to throw you off, but you are too young to worry about this. Just learn to block first. There is also a throw but “teching” the grab comes with experience. I can’t help you on this one. Google optionselect when you get too frustrated by grabs.

Wait for your opponent to make mistakes
This may sound so not manly to the point that it may decrease your level of testostarone, but you are going to learn to be a pu*sy for a while. Every special moves in this game puts your opponents in a disadvantage if you block it. Wait for your opponents to make a mistake, and punish them with the fastest move you have (or combo if your body is ready). Did you get a knockdown? Well, rev up dem strobe lights. It’s time to party like the 40s.

Stop spamming special moves in unsure situations
Did you know that a lot of the special moves in SF4 are often risky? Stop using special moves when you are not sure. Good example is Ryu’s shoryuken. Let’s say you get knocked down. The first thing a lot of scrubs tend to do is do a wake up shoryuken. You know what? Experienced players are often waiting for you to do this so they can punish you with their combos. Don’t rely on special moves. Use normal attacks.

Stop doing random Ultras
This is an extension of what I explained above. By random ultra I mean when you do ultra simply because you are hoping the opponent will run into it somehow without any sort of logic behind it. By doing this, you are basically telling your opponent “please hit me back with ultra and humiliate me. I have no idea what I’m doing”. Almost every ultra comes with a huge delay and is super easy to jump over if the opponent wasn’t doing anything when you execute ultra. Sure, Ultra is flashy and it does very good amount of damage, but those aren’t good enough to justify doing it randomly.

Use normal attacks, not just heavy kick
You like doing those sweeps and jumping heavy kick? Well you better think twice about that. Blocked sweeps and heavy kicks are often the easiest types of normal moves to punish. If it gets blocked, it will have a huge delay afterwards and most decent players will take at least 1/5 of life away from you. Learn to use normal attacks that are fast, high priority, and low risk. Most characters have a decent light punch that is relatively safe to spam and pretty safe (or even completely safe) on block. Don’t use heavy attacks unless you are sure they are going to hit.

Well, that’s it for the basics. There are alot more stuff you will need to learn along the way. I won’t be writing them here because I just want you to remember these few important things first. Always follow these rules and you are already one step closer to not losing.

Mind games. They are important
A lot of the pro players compare Street Fighter with Chess. This is because street fighter is actually more about mindgames than dishing out cool combos every opportunity you get. What is the use of knowing a 900 hit combo when you don’t even know how to set up a situation to do so? It’s simply worthless without the mindgames. The topic of mind games is a huge one. There are million different situations and scenarios for it. So I will just explain the concept with the easiest one, which is when you get a knockdown (called Okizeme).

So you got a knockdown on the opponent. This is a VERY important thing in this game. Now, the opponent has to worry about a lot of things. Let me list a few that can be done with any character.

1. Grab
2. Low attack
3. Overhead attack
4. Cross up
5. Bait
6. Back step
7. Block

There are probably more, but you get the idea. The opponent now has to worry about seven different things when he gets knocked down. Some of these can be eliminated by reaction if the opponent has sharp reflexes. He can also narrow it down by using option select to block and tech the grab at the same time. However, no matter how much he narrows it down, he will still have to guess between several possibilities. The opponent has to GUESS what you are going to do to him as he wakes up. While you have full offensive advantage of this situation.

Now, this is totally worthless if you keep doing the same thing upon scoring the knockdown. Let’s say you knock down the opponent and always try to grab them on wake up. This is bad because then the opponent will just have to worry about the grab when waking up. You will lose the edge in the wake up game. The important thing is to mix it up. Do varieties of things as the opponent is waking up so the opponent has no idea what to expect from you. Your ultimate goal in mind game is to be “unpredictable”. This doesn’t mean you can go full ret*rd mashing all sorts of buttons. It means you should understand your character enough so you can trouble your opponent with varieties of attacks.

This game is all about how much you can read and confuse your opponent’s mind. If you have extra health to spare during the first match, try to study the opponent’s patterns. See what he does when you throw a projectile. See what he does when he gets knocked down. Observe their every action and when you get punished for something you did, please reflect on it and try to figure out why.

Notable moves
Normal moves

Crouching mk: is your finger getting itchy? Is your opponent constantly walking upto you to grab you? No problem. Do this move occasionally and it will hit your opponent. Soon they will never even dream about walking towards you.

Crouching lk: Is your body not ready for performing combos? Spam this move. It has decent range and it hits upto 4 times upclose by just simply mashing on the button. It also pushes opponents backwards a bit with each hit.

Crouching lp:

Crouching HP: did someone just jump over your sonic boom? Use this whenever someone attempts to jump in.

Standing hk

Jump mp: Your reliable air to air move. One neat thing to know is that it basically stuffs almost everything bison tries to do in air.

Jump HK

Air grab

Special moves:
Sonic boom: This is your shield. You can shoot it while sitting down like as if you are playing a tower defense(bad idea if done for a long time). Or you can shoot it and walk with it/jump with it/attack with it or whatever you please. Shoot the light punch version if you want to walk with it.

For fireball games and preventing jump-ins, you want to mix up your sonic boom speed by pressing different buttons. Don’t be afraid to sonic boom people in the face (don’t do it all the time though). This is when they least expect it.

Flash kick: Don’t use this on wakeup, because it never hits anyone attempting to cross you up. Use it only as a part of punish and occasional AA that crouching HP can’t handle.

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