How to Become a Great Helicopter Pilot in 50 Hours or less

This is the method I use of flying helicopters in Arma 3. I’m not saying this is the best method of flying helicopters, or the easiest, maybe they are all just as good and just as easy, I don’t know, but this is how I fly. I am also aware that (by conicidence of course) there are likely other methods of likely exact like this one. I taught myself and I may get a lot of criticism for having (compared to some people) little experience with the game itself, and I am willing to accept that.

I’m sorry if you found the title misleading, I don’t guarantee that you will be a great pilot in 50 hours or less, or at all.

Basic Controls
Many of you may already know the basic controls, those of you that do can skip this section.

1) Of course the first step to using any vehicle is to start the engine.
You can do so by press the Left Shift button

1.5)(You can skip this step its just a personal preference)
Next double tap ALT to toggle free look. When I use a keyboard and mouse to fly, I only use the keyboard to steer and the mouse to shoot. I do this because I like to be able to look around, and while the controls might not be as smooth, I just hate the restriction of having my head looked in one place.

2) Once the engine has started up, hold Left Shift to increase the throttle. Continue holding until you lift off the ground and get about 30 meters off the ground.

3) Now, you can use Q and E for left and right pedals, to get facing the direction you would like to head.

4) Once you are pointing in the right direction, press the W key until you are at about a 75-80 degree angle. While doing this feather the Left Shift to ensure you don’t stall and loose momentum.

There you go, You are flying!

Flying a helicopter wouldn’t be very useful if you could only go forward and backwards, and that’s why turning is so important.

As mention in the Basic Controls section, you can use Q and E to turn, but this only works well while hovering, or moving at very low speeds.

1) When turning, its a good idea to press A or D to roll to the left or right.

2) Once you have got your helicopter at about a 45-50 degree angle, feather the S key and the Q or E key, depending on which direction you are turning. If you are turning left, feather Q, for right, feather E.

3) Once you have turned in the direction that you would like to go, go ahead and even your helicopter back out by rolling the opposite direction that you just turned.

Ok, I got to admit, I’m not very good at flying and shooting at the same time, but there is some times when it must be done.

The main method of defense that helicopters in Arma have are flares. A majority of the helicopters in Arma have flares, I think the only ones that don’t are the Hummingbird and the Pawnee.

When alerted of a incoming missle a lot of unexperienced pilots would deploy flares (which is C btw) the instant that alert appears, which isn’t a very good idea.

The navball/gps thing that is found at the top of the screen in the middle gives the pilot a pretty good heads up when there is a missle incoming, so deploying flares right when it warns you won’t be very effective because by the time the missle reachs you, the flares will have fallen to the ground, rendering them useless.

If you look at the NavBall above, you will notice in the center there is a little icon representing you helicopter, and then there is two more rings around it. The best time to deply you flares is when the icon that represents the missle, reaches the circle closest to the center.

When it comes to offense, its just point and shoot…

1) Begin easing off the throttle about 1km away from your landing zone.

2) Once you are about 10 to 15 feet above the ground, pull up by pressing the S key. Do what you can to keep from rising again after pulling up.

3) Once you have come to a stop (horizontally) lean forward with the W key to level out. If the LZ is still a little bit in front of you, lean you helicopter forward alittle until you’re above it, then pull back until you stop.

4) Continue hold Z until you are about 5-10 meters above the ground, then release Z and feather the Left Shift to slow you descent, and touch to gently. Watch you landing speed, landing to fast can damage, disable, and even cause your helicopter to explode.

5) Right after you have touched down, hold Z to throttle all the way down to prevent from sliding, then scroll with your mouse until you get to the Engine Off option in the action menu, and select it by pressing space.

And there you go, You have successfully landed your helicopter!

This may sound extremely cliche, but practice does make perfect.

If you’ve gone through all these steps, do them again, no one is perfect on there first try.

For extra practice check out this awesome Helicopter Training map made by Wibbler, I probably have atleast 15 hours on this map, its great for practicing flying.

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