How to be a SUCCESSFUL Rifleman

Many want to be Rifleman, many think it’s boring, but it’s the most important job the great military of yours, and that means any, has to offer. You may as well as learn to do it right.

The Basics
You are the most important part of your military, you have a squad, and a team named after YOU and your MOS. Your job is to get dropped off in an AO, look danger in the eyes, shoot him, kill him, get shot up, and RTB to gear up for more. They call you the grunt, but where would they be without the grunt of the team, YOU and your MOS will be the ones to most likely make the ultimate sacrafice of paying the debt of freedom for a country by giving your life. But until that time comes, you must learn how to fight, and how to survive.

The Basic Kitlist
You should carry a basic Rifle or Carbine with ACO, RCO, ARCO and IR Laser/Flashlight.
Carbines should be carried in possible close quarters environments (About any I&A AO on Altis, and and almost no AOs on Stratis)
You should carry eight magazines, or fifteen, seven of those being in a backpack and put inside of a car you’re takng if you plan on more than three AOs
You should carry two RGO Frags, one White smoke, and one green smoke, for night operations you should also carry one-two Chemlights.
You should wear an ECH (Should have nothing on the top) or ECH Light.
You should wear a Carrier Rig.
You should wear the MTP Uniform (Recon or Rolled down sleeves)

I timed to see how long you fully sprint until you get to 60% fatigue which is where you go into the slow jog, and it took 00:00:44 with a kit as follows:

MX, ARCO, IR Laser.
Eight magazines in vest, two RGO Frags, One White Smoke, One Green, Two Chemlights.
Seven magazines in Assault Pack.
Nothing in uniform.
Standard ECH helmet.

The Arsenal showed the load at 44%

So this loadout is a pretty well rounded load as long as the backpack with the seven magazines isn’t used or is inside some sort of vehicle you’re using to get around the island because as I stated earlier, the backpack should only be used for over three consecutive AOs.

The AT Kitlist
You should carry a basic Rifle or Carbine with ACO, RCO, ARCO and IR Laser/Flashlight.
You should carry 8 magazines.
You should Carry a PCML Missile Launcher.
You should carry 1 PCML Missile PRELOADED in PCML and one-two in a pack.
You should carry, one White smoke, and one green smoke. Feel free to take none if it really makes a difference.
You should carry an Assault Pack (Small Rectangular-Prism/Cube Pack).
You should wear an ECH Light.
You should wear a Carrier Rig or Carrier Light.
You should wear the MTP Uniform (Recon or Rolled down sleeves).

I timed to see how long you fully sprint until you get to 60% fatigue which is where you go into the slow jog, and it took 00:00:32 with a kit as follows:

MX, ARCO, IR Laser.
PCML with Rocket.
Eight magazines in vest, One White Smoke, One Green, Two Chemlights.
Two Rockets in Assault Pack.
Nothing in uniform.
ECH light.

The Arsenal showed the load at 66%

This load could be better, but it is still usable as long as you know how to move with it or use heavy loadouts a lot in-game. Some things that can be changed include the type of vest, if the backpack is being worn or in a vehicle, and if someone could carry a rocket in their pack.

Situational Awareness
Situational Awareness is a simple concept that will save you on the field.
First of all, and one of the most important and one of my largest pet-peeves:

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we can avoid friendly casualties while not firing. Next, you have to look in the direction that someone isn’t, so the smaller scale of team you’re in, the easier that is to identify, the larger should be judged by where you are in the formation unless you’re in a column or line, or echelon, or staggered column because even though they are rarely used, they serve their own purposes and the SL/TL will tell everyone what direction they’re going, so they should all be looking basically in the direction with minor adjustments.

Back on the friendly casualties, you must maneuver while firing, and I mean at a team/squad level, not as an individual because you would never hit anything. But, if you need to bound forward to cover because you’re caught with you pants down in a valley with noting but dirt and grass, you will probably need to run in someone’s line of fire, and sometimes this is avoidable, sometimes it isn’t, but if you’re running in the first place you need to yell “Crossing!” or “Bounding!” because that will hopefully prepare the person/people you’re about to show your ♥♥♥ to as you run as low to the ground as possible. Once you’ve reached your destination, yell out “Set!” for the next guy to run down. And I say this thinking that you know what bounding is, but something tells me if you’re reading this, you don’t.

Now, let’s say you’re moving through a forest, and you hear the sound, that voice. You hear “Hostile spotted!” in Arabic or Farsi or whatever BIS called it. Now, I don’t want to lie to you, but chances are, if you’re alone, you are in fact ♥♥♥♥ed, because unless it’s one survivor some an earlier firefight, the chances of you seeing a sentry, or fireteam are fairly slim compared to a squad or even the remnants of one. So what do I do you may ask? Well, you need to find cover, and higher ground if you can to get the advantage on your new enemies. If you’re alone I would call in reinforcements but if you’re not it’s up to whoever’s in command where they are gonna take you and everyone else and how they’re going to handle the situation.

The last thing you need to know in the four basic steps of Situational Awareness, which there are more things I could cover, but this is just basics for now. You need to keep your HEAD moving. And if you’re new you might not know what that means, so, what does it mean exactly? Well ArmA has a control to maneuver your head independently from your body, the default key being L Alt. If you’re aiming in your Iron Sights or Optics, L Alt will also move you but at the torso independently from your lower half at the waist. So you need to be scanning, always scanning. Don’t ever not do it. Just do it.

When Under Fire
You need to first of all find solid cover if you haven’t, and then try and find higher ground if you can. Now if you’ve found both the highest ground in your 1km are and solid cover, I’d like to know where the hell that is on both of the main islands because reasons. But if you have not and/or cannot, you need to engage the hostile(s). IFVs, APCs, and AFVs are not things for you to fight, also GMGs. They will destroy you. Now hopefully you have AT and don’t run into the situation I did last week where I found three BTR-Kamysh’s, and Ifrit HMG, and a Kamaz Medical supporting around three squads of infantry all about fifteen-twenty meters from each other. An AT-4 (Veteran Mod) doesn’t help there. It truly doesn’t. Don’t pull an AI and go fully automatic on your gun, if you mis the first shot, you’ve missed for a reason, so adjust and don’t go through all of your magazines in mere seconds. Grenades shouldn’t be thrown to contacts fifty-♥♥♥♥ing-meters away, why? because you’re not gonna throw that far. Don’t try to throw grandes through completley open, but still small windows because ArmA 3 hitboxes being as beautiful as they are is like a ten foot tall guy playing Basketball and standing in front of the hoop.Denied, denied, denied, denied, denied, somehow it got ♥♥♥♥ing through, denied.

Playing a Modded Game
Wondering why this is here? Good.
I put this here because it’s useful to new players, and I only expect new players here.

The most important thing ever about mods, installing them.
I can’t stress that enough.
But, if you have come here and you have the problem I had a while ago where you have fifty something mods in your addons folder, or just too many to figure out what is a mod and what isn’t, you need to exactly what I put here.
Highlight everything in your addons folder.
Uninstall ArmA 3 from Steam.
Install ArmA 3 again. The best time to do this I find is when you are asleep, so do the steps above right before you’re about to get off and sleep.
Running a modded game may seem strange to new players, but once you try it, you’ll regret going back, if you do that is.
Something you need to remember is that running a modded game will limit your server options. That means you won’t find very many King of the Hills and Altis Life’s. The gamemodes you will find a lot of though are centered around military instead of RPG and PVP. You’ll find mostly Invade and Annex, Insurgency, Patrol Ops, et cetera.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t modded versions of Wasteland, KOTH, and Altis Life. But I can almost guarantee they won’t be mods that give extreme advantages and disadvantages. Which brings me to my next topic.
Servers choose which mods can be run, if you have a modlist of three mods, but only two of the mods you are running are allowed, you need to disable the mod that isn’t to join that server. If you put it in the addons folder, I am sorry to say that I won’t help you on this. If you did a smart and put them on Play With Six or made modfolders, all you need to do is disable them in the game under Expansions. If you are using Play With Six, you need to exit the game and disable them there.

More to come

Still being reworked.
The guide’s state before my last update to it was before the newer fatigue system and was still not tested personally, now that being said, I decided to restore the guide to it’s former glory before Bohemia decided to ♥♥♥♥ up the fatigue system where running for roughly thirty seconds causes you to wave hello to OPFOR with your weapon.
And I can’t stress this part enough, the guide is still being worked on. It’s no where near completely finished so I don’t really expect comments in the first place. If you’d like to leave one, then sure. If not then fine by me.
And I also can’t stress his and the next part enough. This guide isn’t based on the real military, and it won’t be. It’s made for the game. I don’t care if you claiming to be in the military in the comments is BS or not, in fact if you are, then I don’t know why you’re here so I’m just gonna consider it BS. But this guide is made for people who aren’t in a military and want to know about being a Rifleman, and it’s created to be effective in the Vanilla game with the exception of the mod below this paragraph, not be exactly like the one in real life. So any of you liars out there need to just ♥♥♥♥ off with the stupid comment that I’ve seen three times already.
Last but not least, to enhance your gameplay I would reccommend getting the Improved Fatigue System mod since it greatly affects your fatigue without taking it away and makes it more like the kind from the earlier release to the mid/late Beta.
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