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What is This?
What is this?
I have written this guide to assists New, Experienced and Expert players. This guide may or may not assist you in undertsanding launch lines,
and setting up your RIG to best run ARMA 3 hopfully increasing your Experience as it has done mine.If you do not like what I have done here, don’t bother posting your negative opinion.

If you need further assistance or help understanding what I have written here, Just post a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP.


MOD Lines
Mod lines are an easy and fool proof way to assist you in launching your Mods from within steam, and do not require an ARMA 3 Launcher. While these
launchers are a great tool, there are so many variations to them, it can become frustrating on which one to use. So using the Mod Lines/Launch Lines is
something worth trying. I update my own mods that I use via Armaholic, and have been doing so since ARMA 1, and this way is the easiest for me to can access this by right clicking on Arma 3 through steam, select Properties you will by default be in the General Tab. Click on “SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…”
from here a Launch Options screen will appear. This is Steams shortcut, to modifying your shortcuts to the game.

There are several things that you can type here that will increase your playing experience. You can view a list at
where you will find lines of code for Display Options, Game Loading Speedup, Performance, Profile Options, Developer Options, Misc, and Modifications.
For the sake of this Guide I will only be covering the Game Loading Speedup.

-nosplash will disable all splash items on start up
-world=empty will keep your background on the menu page empty and clean
-skipIntro will skip the intro while the game is loading

So in your launch options it should look as follows for now -nosplash -world=empty -skipIntro

If you have mods in your Arma3 folder you can add your mod launch lines behind the Game Loading Speedup lines. (They must be exact to the way they are in your A3 folder)
-nosplash -world=empty -skipIntro -mod=@modname;@modname;@modname;@modname ect…

Setting up your Game
Here I will discuss, how to best set up your game for the most pleasurable experience. It is very unlikely that we are running the same exact RIG, and in turn
you may have to make adjustments to best fit your computers capabilities.

Charachter Creation
First things first We will set up our charachter, by default your charachter will be named, whatever it is that you named your computer this is not changeable, Your only work around is to create a second profile. Keep in mind your settings change for each charachter that you load, or create, you must have a working profile in order to apply your other settings to him/her.So click on Configure, than Profile, Click on the profile name in which you wish to edit, followed up by clicking on edit, which can be found under the rotating head on the right side.

In charachter creation you can edit your Face, Glasses, Speaker, and the Pitch of your voice, once done simply click apply and ok to get back to the menu screen.

Video Settings
Here we will cover setting up your video settings, again note that our settings may or may not be the same, this is dependant on the system you are running. Click on Configure, than click on VideoThe General Tab will cover the Quality, and Visibility of the world you will enter once you start playing.

There are alot of options to select from if you are unsure of what each one means you can hover your mouse cursor over the drop down menu, for a short description of each item in the menu.

The only real thing I can stress to you hear is, Looks Vs. Gameplay.. Arma is HUGE and very demanding of your PC. Ensure that you configure each setting based upon gameplay if you are going in to play, and looks if you are going in by yourself, to take screen shots, or record video.
The vast amount of settings available to you I will only cover some that will have a big impact on FPS.

Play with your visibility, object and Shadow in the general tab, as far out as you have your visibility and Object is how far the game will start rendering out things for you to see. Smaller you go the better performance you will have, at the cost of seeing enemies a ways out.

VSYNC – Disable this always. Not to insult anyone’s intelligence.. But It will cap your FPS at your monitors refresh rate.. Allowing you zero fluxuation going beyong the refresh rate of your monitor.

Antisotropic Filtering.. DISABLED

All other fields, I only notice a slight difference in FPS, and very little impact on gameplay. If you have further questions as always do not hesitate to post a
comment and I will explain it in more detail.

Setting up your Audio
Audio options, are solely up to you and what levels of volume you can handle without flinching and cringing. It is important to have VOIP volume up, and Mic VolumeUp.. Also Set your Sound Source to the highest for the cleanest game sounds. 128 is as high as it will go.

Setting up your controls
Very Self Explanitory, and customised completely to the user. Just tinker around with them until the desired outcome is achieved. RED is bad.. Red means you have 1 key giving duplicate commands so you want to fix those as quicly as you can.

Game Settings
Completey user dependant, whatever appeals to you, and you want on your screen.In the General tab I would advise that you turn head bob off, or down. Alot of people complain of headaches, and motion sickness, Headbob is your main cause of this as you head is constantly bobbing around like a bobble head doll on the dash of a truck, rock crawling.

Installing and Using Mods
Go to your favorite location for attaining mods for ARMA 3, I use but there are other sites out there where you can find mods to download. Once the mod has been downloaded, it must be exported if it is in .rar or .zip format into a file named to your liking for this instance we will use the JSRS sound mod. It can be named whatever you want to name it @JSRS @SOUND @GOODSOUND ect.. As long as there is an @ symbol in front of it, you will be good to go.These mod folders will now go into your ARMA 3 folder mine is located at C:Program filesSteamSteamAppscommonArma 3. The will go inside the main folder here,you should not put them in your addons folder or anywhere else except inside the main Arma 3 file. once you have your mods inside your folder and named for example @JSRS @WEAPONS @VEHICLES or whatever you have named them, this is when we will go back to the launch line through steam, and set steam up to launch the mods.
-skipIntro -world=empty -nosplash -mod=@JSRS;@WEAPONS;@VEHICLES ect…..

This is a fairy simple task, but can be complicated at first. Do not get discouraged after you have done it a few times, it becomes muscle memory.

I will elaborate more on this topic if necessary, just post a comment.

Installing and Using Custom Maps
I have been away from arma for some time, and am not sure if there are custom maps yet, Rest assured there will be, you use them in the exact same sense as the
mods, with the exception the folder name will be different. For example @MAPS, any custom maps that I download I put them all in the same folder for ease of not
having to make 20 mod lines, and if you want to switch to another custom map, you don’t have to exit game to do so.

Downloading and Using User Created Missions
Due to the availability of script, and an amazing community, you have purchased a Military Sim that will never stop evolving, there will never be a day when you login to your favorite website to get addons for your game and find nothing happening. The most frequent of these are user created missions. If you happen to find one that you like, you will download it in the same sense as above, except you do not need to name the folder with an @ infront of them, I just leave these as the creater intended them to be.Now to play your newly downloaded user created mission – You will navigate to you ARMA 3 folder wherever you have it installed. Inside the main folder you will see two a bunch of files, and folders. You are mainly looking for 2 for a custom mission. Missions or MPMissions – Missions will be used for single player missions and MPMissions will be used for those Multiplayer missions. Just simply place the mission folder you have downloaded into whichever folder it represents, either
SP or MP. Start up Arma 3. Select the appropriate map that the missions was created for, and you should see the mission in the menu ready to be launched.

Closing Points
Arma 3 is an amazing game, and has added much anticipated features from its sister games, ARMA 2, and ARMA. The possibilities in this game are endless. The community is not as big as its competitors of Battlefiled and Call Of Duty, but they are 100 times more supportive, and creative.Anyways, back to my guide.. Like I mentioned at the start if you didn’t like it, or it was not useful to you, I am sorry..

If you need me to elaborate on something, or you have a question as to something I put in here, post a comment, add me whatever it takes, I want to make sure this community enjoys this MilSim as much as I do..

See you on the Battlefiled

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