The Most Successful H1Z1 Battle Royale Guide

Sick of being killed off quickly? Not getting that phat loot affliated with 1-9th place? Try this guide out.

Spawn in a neighborhood, preferrably with cars.
  • Try to spawn in a place with cars, and a neighborhood. Cars are a top priority; imagine them as having body armor that can let you go many times faster, and have many times the health. In some situations, they even allow you to have better camoflauge. Everyone can have their own opinion on the best kind of car, but there’s different attributes to all of them. Trucks go by far the slowest, but allow someone to shoot from the back. Police Cars go the fastest, but have the lowest health, and are highly noticable against the environment. Offroaders are the best camoflauge, and are somewhere inbetween the other two.
  • When you first find a car, take the sparkplugs and biofuel out immediatedly. After that, get out and loot up.
Get looted up.
Once you get your car, or don’t, you have to immediatedly start looting. First, you’ll need the essentials:

  • Tan Military Backpack
  • Light Blue Ballistic Helmet
  • Plated Body Armor (Though wooden works if you can’t find one)

    Try to get at least one extra armor and ballistic helmet. When they take damage, switch them out as soon as possible.

  • Two AR15s, and as much ammo as possible

    You need two, because it’s like having two clips. Once one runs out, switch them out, and it removes the reload wait time.

  • First Aid Kits
  • As many bandages as possible

    Always use a bandage if you aren’t at 100% health. I’ve won a game with 10%.

  • Waist Pack
  • Molotov Cocktail, maybe an extra (Goes in Tertiary)

    Not needed, but helpful.

Collect biofuel off of other cars when you can, if you are in posession of a car. If you don’t have one, take a sparkplugs with you, (maybe from an abandon car) and if you have the room, a battery. You can use them if you find a stray car; while it is rare, it can happen, and can save your life.

Survive until the last few.
If you have a car, hide in the treeline, or bushes with your car turned off. Have the sparkplugs in, and be ready to boost out if someone shoots at you; mint condition is extremely valuable in cars, and when they start smoking, your cover is blown while you’re in it. Without a car, hide in bushes whenever possible, and move in the treeline/in the gas with a first aid kit active. Try to keep one side of you towards/right next to the gas, because that’s one less side you have to watch over (unless you’re in a car, in that case, you have a better chance up somewhere high).

Go for airdrops if you have a car; the loot can be amazing. Sniper Rifles are invaluable late game, and can kill people when they can’t see you. Players tend to stand still through the whole game, making headshots easy. Use extreme caution, however.

Loot players only when you know it’s safe, because they might have a friend ready to shoot you while you’re picking through their loot.

Only shoot at players if you know you can kill them. You don’t want anyone to know where you are. Especially don’t go for players that are teamed up; you won’t be able to take on two people at once.

When you get shot at and have no cover, jump like a leperchaun. Most people don’t shoot above you, they shoot for the head or body. By jumping up and down while running to cover, they tend to hit your feet or miss you. This is especially good at close-quarters combat against someone using a shotgun. If you are being shot at from a distance, strafe side to side to dodge their bullets; do not make it a perfect pattern, move left and right at random times.

Playing in third person gives you a better field of view, so be sure to play in it. Go into first person when doing longshots with an AR15 or Sniper Rifle.

When going into fights, use a First Aid Kit so you can heal while fighting. Use bandages to remove bleeding ASAP.

Other tips and tricks
  • First aid kits allow you to live through the gas, until later stages of the game.
  • Starred Army Shirts, Tan/Green Aloha shirts, Tan Polo Shirts, Green, Camo Green, Camo Tan Flannel shirts, and Green/Brown camo pants are the best camoflauge clothing to wear.
  • Battle Royale shirts and PW1 shirts have the shortest shred time, though are terrible camoflauge. It can help you in a pinch if you need to make bandages.
  • The white screen glitch can be fixed by switching resolution in your Options, Video settings.
  • Pick up people in cars; they can be friendlier than you think, and I’ve made many friends through it. Be careful, though, they can backstab you.
  • The Pleasant Valley neighborhood is the best area to spawn in, especially the SW corner of it; an Offroader and Truck spawn there, giving you a good chance. The Pleasant Valley police station always has police cars, and you can drive them to the neighborhood to loot up.
  • Never leave your car without taking the spark plugs out first.
  • If you kill someone, don’t cuss at them; instead wish them luck next game!

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