Complete Guide for Increasing your Character’s Attributes in Grand Theft Auto Online

This guide contains the best ways to increase each attribute. Hopefully this will help you buff your stats and become a better player in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Stamina is what allows your character to run, swim, and bicycle for longer without getting tired. Doing these things is also what level your stamina bar.

Riding a bicycle is the fastest way to do it, but you should have stamina maxed in no time by just playing the game normally.

Stamina titles: Lethargic, Out of Shape, Healthy, Athlete, Tri-Athlete

The shooting skill helps keep your shot grouping tighter and increase your chances in a gunfight, and also allows you to carry more ammo.

This is the worst and hardest skill to level. The fastest way I’ve found is to go to the shooting range by yourself, set the challenges to unlimited. It will take a while. Unfortunately, this is faster way (maybe) than survival and death match.

Shooting titles: Untrained, Spray and Pray, Police Training, Military Training, Dead-Eye

Increasing this stat will let your character throw further and do more melee damage. Leveling this is something that can take forever if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You may have heard that kicking a car with someone inside is the fastest way to get your strength up. Although this used to be true, it no longer works. Tennis, golf, and arm wrestling do increase your strength but they are very slow.

By far the easiest and fastest way to maximize your strength stat is to open a mission from Gerald and then promptly ignore him and head down to Vespucci beach. When you’re in a Gerald mission you can’t get cops, so what you want to do is just run up and down the boardwalk and punch every pedestrian until they die. Women take one hit, men take two, and strongmen (the really diesel guys who are working out on the beach) take three to five hits to go down. Prioritize the tougher targets to level up even faster.

Strength titles: Fragile, Weak, Average, Tough, Bodybuilder

Stealth will make it easier to kill people without alerting enemies or the police. This all sounds nice but you will only get these benefits while using stealth mode, which is really not practical in most situations. One situation in which stealth is actually good to have is in death matches, where sneaking will reduce your sound sphere by a noticeable margin.

To level up your stealth, all you have to do is use stealth mode. You get a bonus stealth increase if you kill someone while using stealth mode.

Start a Gerald mission, find a place with a lot of pedestrians, and start stealth killing them. Gerald’s missions disable wanted ratings.

This takes quite a while, however, and it’s much easier to tie a rubber band around your gamepad/joysticks and walk around in the desert in stealth mode while afk.

Note that just standing won’t increase your stat and you will have to press a button on your controller every once in a while otherwise it will turn off.

Stealth titles: Clumsy, Loud, Sneaky, Hunter, Ninja

Increasing your flying skill will reduce the sway of your pitch, roll, and yaw while using a plane or helicopter. This makes it much easier to pilot. There are three ways to increase your flying skill.

First, the San Andreas Flight School. The flight school not only teaches you many useful skills for flying, but it also gives massive stat bonuses for completing each of the challenges. If you’ve completed the flight school already and still aren’t maxed.

Second, is by completing successful takeoffs and landings at each of the three airports. When you’re in an airplane, you can see yellow dots in a lone across each of the runways. Landing in the same direction as the dots gives you a bonus. All you need for a successful takeoff and landing is to get your wheels on the ground then off again. To do this, grab a stunt plane and do touch-and-go’s all the way down the yellow dots. You can probably get about 5-10 before you get to the end of the runway at LSIA, then just turn around and do it again.

Lastly, is simply by flying around the map. This will reward you no bonuses but it’s a lot less tedious than doing takeoffs and landings.

Flying titles: Dangerous, RC Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Ace

The driving attribute will increase your the handling performance of your cars and reduce sway while driving. This will probably be the first skill you max just playing naturally, and it will more than likely come before you even hit 20.

Maximizing your driving stat is easy; all you need to do is complete races or drive on the road normally. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the less stuff you hit, the more your bar will fill up. If you can drive without running into anything, you’ll be looking at big bonuses.

Driving titles: Unlicensed, Sunday Driver, Commuter, Street Racer, Pro Racer

Lung Capacity
Lung capacity is an awesome attribute to have maxed because it will let you basically go scuba diving. With 100% lung capacity you can explore underwater and even hide from the police much easier.

There is a trick which will allow you to level this out really easily and quickly, and it doesn’t cost much. Load up on snacks and make your way up to the dammed lake by Mirror Park. Once you get there go ahead and hop in and swim down as far as you can. When you’re down there just let your air drain out and then just hang out underwater while you wolf down snacks to keep yourself from dying. When you run out of snacks, head down the hill and go to the convenience store right at the end of the road. If you drive down towards the docks just a ways there is another store where you can buy even more snacks. Once you have the goods just head back to the lake and repeat the process.

No lung capacity titles

Health (Hidden Attribute)
This is the only attribute that you can’t see, nor can you really level it up on its own.

Health will essentially change your damage model and make it harder to kill you.

The health bar is tied directly to your player level. Every twenty levels your health will increase (level 20 has 20/100, level 40 has 40/100, etc.) until you reach 100, at which point you can’t gain any more health.

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