UNOFFICIAL Halo Online Install and Play Guide

Hello Spartans!Are You thirsty of Halo on PCs? Been wondering if there is ever going to be more? This guide is an answer to Your questions!

As You might have heard (or not) there is Halo Online, but it has been released only in Russia. (Which is very, VERY sad news for us Europeans and Americans)

But worry not My friends! This guide is about UNOFFICIAL Halo Online (The same that has been released in Russia). Unofficial because there have been … small ”leak” from Microsoft servers and now everyone is able to play it!

Without further delays, let’s get started!

Minimum requirements / Disclaimer requirements in shortcut:

OS: Both 32-bit and 64-bit
Graphic Card: ATI Radeon HD 4350 512 MB or NVIDIA equivalent
3 GB Ram ( but I think 2 will do )
Processor: Intel Celeron E3300 2.50 GHz (dual core) or AMD equivalent

Please be aware these are not official but they been tested by Patryk Drabol (Me)

Personal note: These are requirements that will allow You to play smoothly on minimal settings

Installation guide



Guide in shortcut:

1. Download Halo Online

2. Extract Halo folder to the directory You want the game to be in

3. Download launcher

4. Extract into Halo folder

5. Run DewritoUpdater.exe and let it find all the patches and later click ”Update” button. Later click “Ok“.

6. Run DewritoUpdater.exe. In settings section You can choose Your nickname.

Now You can play the game…

… but …

until You…
Read next section on how to play multiplayer (because it’s offline when You start the game now)

How to play online
This is the easiest way to play online:Oracle:
1. Register on the site (no email confirmation required)
2. In top right corner click on green-coloured word ”here”.
3. Download and extract into Halo folder.
4. Run OracleUpdater.exe and later click “Ok“.
5. Run OracleLauncher.exe , login and choose the server. After it connects, You can enter the game by running DewritoUpdater.exe

In multiplayer menu change from OFFLINE to ONLINE

Now You can host Your own game or join someone’s!

Navigating around the menu A.K.A. shortcuts
Suddenly You can’t really use Your mouse in main menu.You can only press EXIT and SETTINGS with it.

To navigate around the menu use arrow keys
Also the shortcuts:

A – enter
B – back

The End & Credits
That’s all You need to know about installing and playing Halo Online!Credits:
Patryk Drabol – guide creator
Halo Online FB page – logo

If You want to be up-to-date with patches and news about Halo Online, visit its official facebook page here:

Don’t forget to rate the guide so other Halo fans may see it!

Have fun Spartans and see You on the battlefield!

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