How to not rage while playing awesomenauts

A complete guide on how to avoid throwing your computer out the window.

Always Avoid Death
One of the most rage inducing parts of any game is death and Awesomenauts is not an exeption to that rule. Being fragged is not only annoying, but is a clear sign of defeat. Most human beings, or rapper frogs in this case, do not enjoy being defeated.

To get rid of rage caused by death, try avoiding such situations. When you are low on HP, try going back to base, to where health creeps are located, or to one of the many locations HP pickups are located. Before you do something, think to yourself: would a droid that voltar built be smarter than me if I did this? If the answer is yes, DON’T DO IT. If every player did that, there would be a lot less deaths.

In conclusion, don’t die. If you do, you are at risk for rage. (Not Rain)

If you’ve played ‘Nauts for any small ammount of time, you know how bad lag can get. It could be a bad host, bad pings, or just your overall bad connection. Sometimes it seems like the people your playing are on walmart’s wifi conection. What also is annoying is how helpful lag can be. CoCo fires her balls at you and it hits you, but you AVOIDED IT, but it still HIT YOU. AARRRGGGHHHH!!

To avoid getting your panties in bunches, you have to accept lag. Lag is a part of ‘Nauts and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Exept for Ronimo. *Nudge Nudge* Accept lag like it is that pokemon in your box with a bad nature and poor IVs. Yet you still love it.

Keep a Good and Realistic View of Things
When playing Awesomenauts, always try to look at the positives. Try to remember that your teammates normally are trying their best to help the team win. Even when losing you have to remember that you cant control lag, your teammates, or how your compettitors play. Even if the other team has a laggy CoCo.

Also, when playing poorly, focus on what YOU can improve on. Not your team. Not the connection. Not the game.
Say things like, “What can i do to counter that Frog.” Not “UGH! Frog is so OP!”
Tell your teammates things like “You’re playing OK but try sniping the creeps insted of the full health clunk.” Not “You’re playing bad and you should feel bad.”

Keeping a good mindset can keep you from raging and can help your team win more often than n

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