H1Z1: Base Builders Guide

If hiding a secret stash just isn’t cutting it anymore and you want to finally make a bigger mark on the world, you’re going to want to do some planning. You can always claim map-generated structures and barricade them or build walls and things around them – but nothing will be quite as defensible as building a fortress from the ground up. Whether you just want to build a single small castle of your own, or plan to construct a super-city with a group of friends, it all starts with the location.

Location, Location, Location!

By far, the edges of the map are the safest place you can start building a base. Even the most secluded and remote areas in the middle of the map risk getting discovered simply by players stumbling upon them in their journey from point A to point B. It all depends on how often you plan on defending or repairing things. The disadvantage to picking a very remote and secret location is that it makes for a much longer run (or drive) to ferry loot back to start building up a stock-pile. And anyways, if you’re going to build a massive and epic base, why not show it off for the world to see? That’s the real point of it anyways isn’t it?

Important First Notes

As an important note of reference, all building components can be rotated by scrolling your mouse wheel up or down. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to use a ton of metal during base construction, followed closely by lots and lots of wood. So it might be worth your time to start stockpiling those materials in a nearby stash for easy access between crafting and placing items.


Base Building

Of course, to build a base players will need to learn quite a few recipes, as well as gather up a large amount of supplies. We'd suggest finding a vehicle in order to carry them all back to the base. Just make sure to remove the Battery and Sparkplugs when getting out... it sucks when someone steals your car in H1Z1. Here is a list of recipes for advanced base building:

Building Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Deck Foundation Wood Log x 4 Metal Bracket x 8 Wood Plank x 16 Nail x 20
Basic Shack Wood Plank x 20 Wood Stick x 10
Basic Shack Door Wood Stick x 5 Wood Plank x 3
Dew Collector Wood Plank x 2 Tarp x 1
Furnace Metal Bracket x 1 Scrap Metal x 8
Ground Tamper Wood Stick x 2 Metal Sheet x 1
Ground Tiller Wood Stick x 1 Metal Shard x 1 Metal Pipe x 1
Large Shelter Metal Bracket x 4 Nail x 8 Wood Plank x 4 Metal Sheet x 4
Metal Gate Metal Bracket x 1 Metal Sheet x 2 Wood Plank x 2
Metal Shed Metal Sheet x 6 Wood Plank x 4
Metal Wall Metal Sheet x 2 Wood Plank x 2
Small Shack Wood Plank x 4 Metal Bracket x 2 Nail x 4
Storage Container Wood Plank x 4 Metal Bracket x 1 Nail x 1
Structure Stairs Metal Brackets x 4 Wood Stick X 8 Nail x 8 Wood Plank x 8
Wooden Barricade Nail x 4 Wood Plank x 2
Wooden Door Wood Plank x 4 Nail x 2 Metal Bracket x 2
Metal Door Metal Sheets x 2 Metal Bracket x 2

I also  suggest adding some traps around your base. Why not?

Trap Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Animal Trap Wood Stick x 1 Wood Plank x 4 Nail x 4
Barbed Wire Metal Shard x 4 Wood Stick x 4
Punji Sticks Wood Stick x 8 Nail x 4
Snare Metal Shard x 1 Metal Sheet x 1





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