Basic teleporting guide

As you probably know, Teleport is an active ability you can use by pressing the F key, that lets you teleport back to your team’s shop. However, if you are a new player, there might be something new for you in this guide. The guide explains:

  • the basics of teleporting
  • when to teleport
  • tips and tricks about teleportation

This is how teleportation looks.

Since this guide is about teleporting, here’s some info about teleportation:

  • It lasts 3 seconds.
  • It is instantly interrupted by any kind of damage (including DOTs), or movement.
  • It removes invisiblity effects from the user.
  • You have to hold the button instead of pressing it once.

One of the most important aspects of teleporting is where to do it. It is always recommended to do it behind a turret, since you mostly can’t be damaged by enemy attacks (except things like Coco’s lightning bolt or Derpl’s nuke). However, if you don’t have time to go behind a turret, you may also go into the bush, that way enemies can’t see you.
Also, even if you are close to your base, most of the time it’s faster to teleport than to walk there.

Teleport behind turrets…

…or in the bush.

Also, you should teleport if you don’t have enough time to get to a safe place, so death would be certain if you tried to. If you’re almost dead, it might be your last chance to get back alive.

When to teleport
You should only teleport when you have either a lot of Solar, or low HP. It is always recommended to teleport when you have 400-500 Solar, except in rare cases. Also, you should only teleport because of low HP when you can’t kill enough neutral creeps for it to be worth it to stay there. Also, you might want to teleport less frequently, because you don’t want to let your opponents face 2 Awesomenauts at a time instead of 3, or you want to stay even when you have 1500 Solar, to be able to get more.DON’T.

This is to players who think the former: you might have less defense for a few seconds if you teleport home, but because you buy upgrades at home, the enemy will have a much harder time dealing with you, so it’s worth it for the long run.

And this is to ones who think the latter: you can collect way more solar by getting upgrades with a lot of money, than by staying there with no/a few upgrades. Also, you might die easily if you don’t buy upgrades out of your Solar, because your enemies do.

Teleport when you have a lot of solar…

…or low HP

Tips & tricks
  • You can cast teleport midair, so it is good to hold F when being launched by a launch pad.
  • In multiplayer, it might be wise to fake-cast teleport, lure enemies to you, then release the button, and surprise them with an unexpected attack.
  • If you see a TedMcPain (airstrike), Sentry(black hole), Skolldir (throw), Vinny (spike dash), Coco (lightning ball), Ayla (rage) or Derpl (nuke) on the opposing team, you should look out even if you are teleporting behind a turret. Also, even though Leon is a melee fighter, he can reach you if you are slightly behind the turret, but if you go a bit back, he isn’t a threat.
  • If you have some kind of CC, restricting the teleporting opponent’s movement might be a useful tactic.
  • Even if you have a lot of solar, don’t teleport during teamfights, only if you have very little health left.
  • If you have an ability that lasts for a long time or has a lot of cooldown, use it before teleporting.
Thanks for reading my guide, I hope it was useful. If you have questions or anything to add to the guide, feel free to comment.

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