GTA V: PvP Free Roam Killing Guide

Advanced PvP Tactics

 This is a continued version of my last PvP guide on some more tactics I use. This really isn’t a GUIDE per se, but just a playstyle that I came to enjoy through different uses of everything R* has given us to kill. Tweak these tactics to your own style if you want, be creative.. have fun with it! This is GTA:O and they gave us weapons for a reason!


Fighting on foot or in a car is probably the most popular ways people like to kill in GTA:O. Doing this and coming out on top revolves around a number of things. These tactics are more based on FA shooting, but some can still be used in AA too.

 Proper Weapon Use Based on Situation: The right weapon choice in certain circumstances is what can give any player the advantage over the other.. especially if they’re not aware of the same technique. This was mentioned in the Basic PvP thread but I still see so many skilled people not using the best weapon during a particular situation. I mean I guess if you know what you’re doing you can use any weapon you want as long as you’re pulling kills with it..

Close Range: Using either Auto-SGs against a player using the AR will most likely give you the win over that fight. The Sawed off has real good damage, but a very slow fire-rate so using this instead of the Auto SGs won’t be too wise unless you get that kill-shot off.

In AR vs AR fights close range, you’re better off sacrificing your accuracy/range for faster fire-rate. Pull the Bullpup out of these situations.

Mid-Long Range: Using the Marksman for mid range is your best bet unless you’re quick with scoping and can pull off a kill-shot with the Heavy Sniper. Both are perfect weapons for both ranges. EDIT: Now that you can move with all snipers while scoped, I’d say your Heavy Sniper is the best bet against the Marksman now. Pre-aim/scope and strafe out of cover for the line up.

Drive By Shooting: Death by Drive By is probably my most favorite way to kill in this game. Using the right weapon, for the right situation.. taking your shots, and driving well all while trying to survive dodging cars.. bullets and a line of explosives can be rather hectic at times. Perfecting this killing technique is rather simple though.

Driving in a straight line will get you lined right up for some hot lead through your skull.. so swerve left and right to dodge their incoming fire, also if you’ve lined up your cursor to their kill-shot zone this will bring you aiming back and forth right through the window. This is the perfect way to spread fire in the designated area that you want it in to pull off that headshot.

Gunned Down But Health is UP: Keeping Health UP while getting gunned down is one of the biggest things that keeps me alive. I don’t always do it, mostly when I’m outnumbered.. but this is how I have so little deaths, and my kills sky rocket. Keeping your snack menu open while in a gunfight will give you the ability to replenish your health while getting lit UP with multiple rounds. It’s a cheap tactic, but this is GTA:O. Nobody fights fair. Doing this FORCES your opponent to try and get that headshot, I call it Fake Godmode. (People msg me all the time claiming I’m a Godmode/modder/hacker – this is not the case, I’m just simply taking advantage of a not well known mechanic in the game)

Cover.. or nah: Taking cover can have it’s advantages.. like pre-aiming that headshot or simply just blocking 80% of the rounds coming in your direction. But it also has it’s major disadvantages and any decent shooter will agree with me on this one. Someone in cover can quickly get thrown in the dirt by a well thrown explosive or also pre-aimed fire. When someone is in cover leaning against the wall, each time they pop out for their shots.. it’s in the exact same place each and every time. Predictable movement.. an easy setup for a headshot. Use your cover by aiming your gun towards the target.. shooting at them as you’re coming out of cover with a side strafe. Roll back into cover. Also.. do not stand directly on the corner.. back up some as your opponent most likely will try to push you out of cover with explosives. Also, never stay in one cover spot for very long..

Breaking Lock-on w/ Smoke Nades: This tactic is actually one of my favorite to use when I used to play AA lobbies I had just forgot to mention it since I am only in FA now days. Got a guy that just constantly pulls off headshots on you? Throw tear gas as smoke grenades to cover your position a lil bit and also to BREAK lock-on ability, forcing them (and you) to free aim!                        Thanks to Mr.Burton for the mention!

Insane Cops: I hear it a lot, perhaps every single time I get on GTA:O. “Cops are so OP! They ruin the fun..” The cops are a bit out there and aggressive.. but let’s face it, 3 stars because you killed a cop in cold blooded murder in broad daylight? You should get 5 IMHO! So.. a quick solution. GET RID OF THE HEAT AFTER THE KILL! You’ve just murdered a player or a cop and want to sit in the hotzone thinking it’ll be alright? Dude.. make your kill and go on the move. Ditch the cops after each kill then you can go back in to the battle without any distractions. Honestly I say just practice going on 5 Star runs.. not hold-offs.. but actual runs. This will give you some practice in heated moments and it’ll make things a lot easier when those heated moments take place in a PvP battle. Cops are not an issue as much as everyone hypes them up to be. Tip: Hit plenty of turns.. cops swerve out out while trying to follow you, speeding around a turn. Use this to your advantage. Also, Cover spots to block the ghetto birds LOS but you CAN outrun them..

Pre-Aiming w/ Camera: This is mostly for 3rd person. I’m sure a lot of TDMers know about this one.. but when you’re behind cover from your opponent, get good with aiming with your cam more then peaking out from cover. Peaking gives them a chance to pull off a headshot, but pre-aiming with your camera where you think the reticle would end up can give you a heavy advantage. Doing this to see where your opponent is can give you the ability to line up a quick headshot.

Reloading: Reloading can be a bad time to get rushed on, and gunned down. You’re at that brief moment where you cannot let those rounds fly and you’re wide open. Reloading in Cover and Quick Reloading can help you get right back into puttin’ hot lead or rockets into your target. What I mean by Quick Reloading is, when you’re reloading a rocket or something.. you can switch to your melee weapon real quick then back to RPG to cut out the reload animation. This can be done with all weapons although I would only use this for a quickload on an RPG.


Here I will list a few ways to raise the success rate in your kill count with these types of weapons, it all comes down to strategy and how well you use them.

C4 – These explosives can be used so many ways, it’s insane. Corner traps, car bombs, suicide bombing.. if you can think of it, it can be done.

Hidden Traps of Death: Placement of C4 is key when pulling off any sort of trap. If your opponent sees the C4 before he gets near it, well then it isn’t a trap now.. is it? The entire map has so many potential hidden traps you can strategically place C4 in and with the right timing, is a very ruthless way to kill. I’ll list 3 really fun ways I like to use my C4, and we’ll let your creativity expand from there.

1.) Hiding C4 INSIDE their PV: This only works for players that keep their car unlocked obviously.. but what I like to do is while they’re buying ammo or something, I’ll walk up to their car and open the passenger side door if 2-door and throw C4 on the inside door panel then close the door and drive off. They will have no clue unless they’re real good at listening for the C4 beep. By that time, it’s too late and they are fried chicken.

2.) Hidden in the Terrain: There are a lot of different things to hide C4 in/on. My favorite is a propaine tank in an alleyway with the aggressor on your tail. I’ve killed so many people like this, it’s actually really funny people still don’t avoid fuel tanks with such a possibility at hand. Ontop of the tank or right inbetween the wall/tank is the perfect spots to quickly throw them.  This is just to expand the explosion to widen my kill chance without using extra C4. Also hiding them in bushes or trees, on dumpsters.. NPC cars (or inside NPC cars..) Use your imagination! So many places to hide C4..

3.) Hey bud! Need a ride? Lot’s of people in GTA:O are jerks, murderers, trolls.. whatever you want to call them. But there are a LOT of cool people out there that aren’t aggressive right off rip and will probably hop in your car without question upon a friendly “honk”. Let them in! It’s always funny to play the part of being the cool guy giving someone a ride to rob stores or whatever.. but let’s face it, this is GTA:O – it’s ruthless out here in the streets. lol

I still get a laugh out of it to this day, because they have no clue of what’s going on til its too late.. You picked them up in a friendly manner.. that’s when all Hell breaks lose! You start swerving left and right! Slamming on the breaks and gas, with the animation of your character busting out the window all while screaming into the mic: “Wasp!!!! Get it out!! OMFG I hate WASPS! GET IT OUT!!” (or some other creative ploy) That’s when you jump out of the moving car.. while the passenger is still dumb-founded like WTF? Still sitting in the rolling car…

C4 on the Move: Aiming C4 while on the move is tricky in a way, since the C4 goes with the momentum of your speed along with the direction of the throw. There’s 2 tactics I use when C4 bombing and both are very simple ways to pull off direct hits.

Ground Targets: Guys on foot, I tend to aim at their feet rather than directly at them. Driving by them and throwing it at their feet is the best way to hit their vicinity with precision without an ‘overthrow’. Although this is the main way I hit ground guys, I have stuck a C4 to an opponents back on the move before.. don’t ask me how I did that though! I haven’t perfected that yet lol.. Roll of the dice there.

Mobile Targets: If a player is on your tail.. and I mean like directly behind you, throw the C4 right in front of your vehicle.. soon as you roll over it, detonate. No need to look back at all, this can be done rather quickly in the heat of the moment.  90% of the time, it hits them. You can figure out what happens in the remaining 10% lol.
Also, while chasing, I like to wait til they crash.. everyone crashes, the best time to hit them with C4.

Proximity Mines – These nasty little things are vicious if used right.. slow moving targets fall victim to this weapon almost guarenteed. Best way to use these is as I explained with hiding C4. The main Auto Shop in the center of the city is the perfect place, as it is a known hot spot for casuals and PvPers.  I like to throw them on the over-cover of the garage of the Auto Shop. They have to slow down once they get there til the garage door opens. BOOM! Also, choke points.. hide it well and move back, let aggressor walk right into it.

Multiple Explosive Placement: Spreading out your C4/Prox mines can prove useful in a number of ways. One, is it is a great way to burn through your hard earned cash.. so making it work, claiming a kill/multiple kills is what we’re aiming for. There’s a few tactics I use doing this..

1.) Speeding Targets: Spreading out your C4/Prox Mines along a straight line that you know your target will roll over super fast, can greatly widen the kill window being that it’s obviously covering more area for the explosion, compensating for their speed. It’s an awesome sight to be on the highway with your target behind you hauling ass in a supercar, only to speed by you in a fiery explosion. Obviously using 5 C4 is easier to nail a target going top speed then trying to get them with 1.. it’s expensive, but it works.. and it’s just awesome to watch lol

2.) Fakeouts: Throwing a C4 on a corner but completely VISIBLE, so your opponent sees and pushes towards the next viable pathway to you is a wicked way to get him to walk into a nicely placed prox mine. The point here is to let him see the C4 and either come out wide, away from the corner and hit the prox mine.. or take the next alley and hit a well hidden prox mine. Love doing this, as you’re controlling their movements too.. indirectly lol.

Anti-Cover Weapons: I use most of my explosives on people that like to hug cover spots. C4, GL, Cooked Nades, and the RPG are great ways to push people out of cover.


Buzzard vs Buzzard – Cycle through your weapons, take that lock-on missile shot.. then go to machine gun. The guns tear aircraft up. Also, when locking onto another aircraft.. lock-on and shoot, then immediately switch to break the lock-on beep. When done correctly, they’ll never hear the lock-on til it’s too late.

Element of Surprise: If you’re in a buzzard and another buzzard is coming right at you while you’re in the city.. hide behind one of the sky scrapers, just below the roof level, so he can’t see you.. but you can see him. As soon as you’re in lock-on range, hop out of cover and take your shots. Most of the time this works.. if it doesn’t, resort to standard buzzard fighting.

Buzzard vs Stationary/Mobile Ground: Fly in 3rd person, only going into 1st if you use guns. The reason for this is you can see more, and it’s easier not to hit random crap while in 3rd. It’s how I prefer to fly anyway..

MOBILES -Shooting missiles at fast moving targets, I tend to see a lot of people try and shoot directly at them. IDK why.. its common sense. You need to shoot ahead of your target, compensating for the speed. This should really be in the Basics but since I see even decent players doing it, thought I’d drop it in here. Practice shooting ahead of your target!

STATIONARY – Targets on foot are easier to hit, as you can just circle-strafe around them. Careful though, don’t make your flight pattern too predictable as a well shot GL or RPG can knock you right out of that buzzard. I tend to take my missile shot and spin 180 degrees so he can’t get a shot at the open cab.  By the time you’re in reverse you are ready for another shot. But now that everyone has a lock-on Stinger, I don’t do this anymore…. I tend to stay away from people on ground now or I take my shot then try to break their lock ASAP.
Also, when lowering yourself to meet elevation level of your target under a cover spot, make sure to make that shot quick and raise back up. Also go farther back, instead of right up next to the cover spot.. so you don’t get C4 trapped, Auto SG’d or minigunned.


Jet vs Buzzard – The buzzard has a huge disadvantage to the jet in the air, mainly because it cannot fly/aim vertically. That being said, I take all my shots at a buzzard from directly above.. or below. They have no chance with this tactic.. they might as well jump out.
I’ll leave the rest of the Jet stuff to someone more experienced in flying.. plus I’m sure there’s a jet flight guide out there already. I just wanted to mention the Above/Below tactic I use as I don’t see many other pilots doing this.


Your contacts can be used to pull off vicious ambushes, distractions, and getaways. Using them at the right time can really put you in the advantage to be more in control of the situation. Whether it’s going Off Radar on a group off enemies or using the Mercenaries to help you in an outnumbered fight, your contacts can always be put to good use.. at a certain price. Comboing certain contacts can really put you in a different ballfield. There’s nothing like fighting 1vs5+ only to even up the fight with Lamar/Mercs/Attack Chopper to make things a bit easier for you. Using Lamar on one guy, Mercs on another.. and maybe place a Bounty on a third can make people think they’re not fighting just 1 guy lol

Lester – This guy comes to very good use in hectic situations, or just messing around. Off Radar and Bounty placement can be used a number of ways strategically.

Bounty: Placing a Bounty  on someone can be used a number of ways, my personal favorite is using it on those that constantly use Passive. Got someone that keeps going passive as you’re approaching them? Just dip off for a minute til they leave passive, then bounty them. They won’t be able to go back into passive anymore until they’re killed.
Also if you’re getting ganged up on, and have money to burn.. try placing a bounty on one of your aggressors.. the more money the better. If someone sees a 9k bounty pop up, you might just get a little bit of help from randoms.

Off Radar: Off Radar is an awesome feature, even if it is only 60 seconds of use.. that is just enough time to get a stealthy kill in, or to get away from a huge fight.. or even to get to a certain place before people notice you’re going there (yep.. the Base lol)

OFFENSIVE: Going off radar to ride up on someone unsuspecting is a vicious way to take someone out. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure you’re coming from their blind points.. if they see you coming then going Off Radar means nothing. Suicide Bombing, Aggressive Drive By’s, or even just plowing the enemy down on foot.. there’s plenty of ways to use this feature. With creativity, it is used best.

DEFENSIVE: Getting out of a hotspot or a chaotic chase is sometimes key to being able to recoup and make your next move. Going Off Radar to accomplish this is the best way. I do it most to get out of a crazy fight just to go ammo up in peace. Then I can get right back into the fight..

Anti-Off Radar: When you know someone went Off Radar on you and you don’t know exactly where he is, keep moving. If you’re in a vehicle keep taking hard turns and on every straightaway look behind you. Constantly check.. as soon as he’s in your sights you can make your move to kill him. Either that or you can suicide constantly/passive.. but where’s the fun in that?

Lamar – Calling a mugger on someone is the best way to rush. If the robbery is successful.. he will knock the opponent on the ground for a certain amount of time. This is the perfect opportunity to light the MFer up while he’s helpless on the ground! Even if unsuccessful, a great decoy to keep your opponent busy for a brief moment.. just enough time to pull off that snipe, or rush in for another means to kill..

Merryweather – Calling Mercs on someone is also a great way to even the numbers or ambush someone. Leading them into a dead-end thinking they got you trapped.. only to be flanked by Mercs from behind is one way to do it. This can really help out a lot in hectic situations. Also great for a heavy blitz kill on your enemy, this intensifies the moment for your enemy, just don’t kill him before mercs hit, or you’ll have wasted your money.. greedy little bastards they are taking claim to your kill lol..



Fake Godmode: Remember this trick mentioned earlier in the Gunfight section? This can also be done when being ran over and kept on the ground by a vehicle. If you’re getting ran over, hold the Menu button + Down + A + Up + A to quickly get to your snacks. With practice, you can bring up that window rather quickly. Just enough time to health up while your down on the ground.. til you can fire off that GL/RPG/C4 to explode their car. Make sure you pick that explosive weapon out first as you can not change weapons with this menu up! People have also claimed I was using the real Godmode due to this simple trick hence the term Fake Godmode lol.
Footwork: If you’ve read the Basics thread I put out, you’ll remember this one. Another tip with this along with circular motions is when you’re moving side to side or straight forward or back.. do exactly that. If you add a 2 o’clock angle you’ll start to move a bit slower. The fastest movements are at directly 3/6/9/12 o’clock. This tiny little thing makes a world of a difference. Moving slower makes you an easier target, no doubt about it.




Lights Out: When driving any vehicle, turn your LIGHTS off! You are easier to spot out with your lights on by snipers and aircraft. Especially with those bright blue Xenon lights.. you stick out that way. Even in a chase, it helps. Before I get on my bike (or you get in your car) shoot out your break lights. I’ve made it a habit to do this before I get into any fight.


Anti-Armored Vehicles: Talking about the Karuma (armored) Insurgents and tanks. Set a C4 trap for these guys. Hit a narrow road and place 5 C4 DIRECTLY on top of each other so he can’t spot them as easily. The Karuma only needs 1 C4 but Tanks and Insurgents need multiples. Lure them to the trap and time it perfectly via radar.. BOOM! It’s expensive but a surefire way of taking one of these out instantly. Also, if you’ve got a group to run with.. tell one of your friends to take high ground. An ambush can take these armored mother truckers by surprise. Higher ground uses RPG while the guy on ground uses C4.

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