GTA V: Online Awards Guide

This is a guide on the in-game awards for GTA: Online, some are pretty self-explanatory others need explanation.

The guide will provide help with more difficult awards and provide a thread dedicated to those that wish to help each other to achieve them, by providing the award name that they need help with their platform and gamertag.

If you are going to provide helpful tips & tricks on how to complete an award do so by stating the awards name and the method in which to complete that award. Credit will be given where it is due, providing that the information given is valid and helpful.

Rewards are also included, as most of the awards completed unlock a reward. Also few rewards are needed to unlock further awards.

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GTA: Online Awards

  • RP is rewarded as follows:
  • Bronze=100RP
  • Silver=200RP
  • Gold=400RP
  • Platinum=800RP


  • The Slayer – Place in the top 3 in deathmatches [25]
  • Death Brigade – Win team deathmatches [25]
  • Team Carrier – Earn MVP during team deathmatches [25]
  • The Champion – Win races [50]
  • The Aviator – Win air races [25]
  • Making Waves – Win sea races [25]
  • Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ – Win GTA races [50]
  • Road Rage – Kill at least 3 other racers then win the race [1] – GTA Race can be done with you and another player providing you kill them the required amount of times.
  • Follow To A Tee – Win rally races as the driver [20]
  • The Dictator – Win rally races as the co-driver [20]
  • Impromptu Champion – Win impromptu races [25] – Set up the race by holding the Select/Back button on your controller and going to the “Impromptu Race” option.
  • In A Class Of Your Own – Win a race in a custom vehicle [1] – Have a modified vehicle and check the category that it falls under (Press down on the d-pad and look at bottom right side of the screen). Then set up a race with this category with modified vehicles on. Proceed to win the race to unlock.
  • Penetrate From Behind – Move from last to race winner in any race mode [20] – This can be done with you and another player. Set up a race and get into “last place” (2nd if there is a total of two racers in the race) then proceed to win the race.
  • The Record Holder – Hold a world record in a Rockstar race [1] – Can be difficult, find races which not many people play (generally the more drawn out races) and set lap times to world record, proceed to finish below that time.
  • Dust Maker – Achieve the fastest lap in a race [25] – Can be done with two players. Just have the fastest lap time of all racers.
  • Every Race – Win every type of race mode at least once [1] – GTA, Standard, Rally and GTA Rally.
  • Survivor – Finish waves in survival [10] – Complete all 10 waves
  • Over The Top – Win arm wrestling [25]
  • Throwback King – Challenge someone to darts and win [25]
  • The Swing King – Win golf [25]
  • Stroke Master – Win tennis [25]
  • Out Of Five – Win a 5 set tennis match [1]
  • Straight Sets – Win a tennis match in straight sets [1]
  • Crack Shot – Win target grid matches [20]
  • Duck And Cover – Win cover target matches [20]
  • Granny – Color all the targets in a target grid match [1]
  • The Marksman – Win random target matches [20]
  • All Rounder – Win every game mode at least once [1]


  • War Pig – Participate in 25 different deathmatches [25]
  • Veteran Racer – Participate in 25 different races [25]
  • Nick Of Time – Deploy your parachute below 130 feet and land safely [25] – Find a flat field (Trevors airfield works) and use a helicopter and proceed to fly up. Once you have reached a reasonable height jump from the helicopter and fall toward the ground. Can be hard to judge the distance but pull your parachute as late as possible without dying from the ground and land.
  • Point Break – Stay in the air for over 3 minutes while parachuting [25] – Fly to the top of the map and jump. As soon as possible pull your parachute. Helps to time this one as it is 3 real life minutes.
  • Stayed On Target – Use the brakes for accurate and safe landing (parachuting) [25] – Should complete during the Nick Of Time and Point Break awards.
  • Clear Out – Clear out 5 gang attacks in one game day in a single session [1] – Map of all gang attacks. Personal preference for this award.
  • Checking Out – Win a game of darts in the quickest way possible (6 dart checkout) [1] – Easiest is triple 20 four times. Then triple 7. Then double 20.
  • Birdies – Sink birdies in golf [25]
  • Hole In One – Get a hole in one in golf [1] Hole 6 is the easiest for this award as it is the shortest hole.
  • Ace – Serve aces in tennis [20] – Opposition must not hit the ball back to you.
  • The Hustler – Win bets [$50,000]
  • Lapping It Up – Private dances at the strip club [25] – Can be done quickly by asking for a lap dance then stopping the stripper, not exiting fully but asking for another lap dance from the same stripper.
  • Crate Chaser – Get to crate drops first [25]
  • Salvaged – Pick up a special crate first [1] – These drop very rarely (I have in-counted 1 in my online experience) usually give warning above your mini-map (Special crate drop in X hours etc.)
  • Snapper Dresser – Wear 25 different outfits [25] – Can be done very quickly by buying a top then buying pants then shoes. Must be brought new.
  • Hairy Encounters – Change hairstyle [25] – Alternate between cheapest haircuts (Buzzcut $170 & $175).
  • Proud Gun Owner – Buy every gun from Ammu-Nation [1] – Must be level 120 to purchase all weapons.
  • The Human Canvas – Tattoo every body part [1] – Need 500 Headshots for Skull (face) tattoo.


  • The Fugitive – Spend time with a wanted level [120] – Accumulative of 120 minutes of having a wanted level. Not sure weather the amount of stars matter, just need to have a wanted level. Can be done easily if aboard a train and have helicopters on you. Just fight it out for however long you desire and jump out when inside a tunnel.
  • The Police Mocker – Evade 5 star wanted levels [25] – Can be difficult, best strategy is to use a fighter jet or buzzard to accumulate 5 stars. Then out fly the helicopters or proceed to a train tunnel (Works for me).
  • When Pigs Can Fly – Shoot police choppers down [25] – Can be done in tandem with The Police Mocker.
  • Death By Drive-By – Get enemy drive-by kills from a friend’s passenger seat [100]
  • Vehicle Thief – Steal vehicles [500] – Very time consuming. I found if you want to grind, go to the Los Santos Customs (Far east side under the freeway) and steal cars from that intersection. Once wanted level is obtained proceed to the L.S.C and drive in losing the wanted level. You can also attach a sticky bomb to a stolen car park it in the middle of the inter section and proceed to steal cars. Once you have a wanted level start to drive towards the L.S.C then blow up the car, this should give you a 3 star wanted level and net you a 300RP once your go inside the L.S.C (Losing the wanted level) you can also sale cars as when I was trying this method Felon GT and Baller SUVs were showing up regularly.
  • Full Metal Jacket – Rob armored trucks [25]
  • Armed Robber – Hold up every store [20]


  • Sky High – Blow up vehicles [500] – Use a Buzzard or in tandem with Vehicle Thief via sticky bombs.
  • The Exporter – Sell vehicles to the import/export garage [25] – These include high priority vehicles and vehicles included in Simeons texts. Grab them, respray then proceed to Simeon.
  • No Claims Bonus – Drive for 30 consecutive minutes without damage to your car [30] – To grind this simple go to the Los Santos Airport and rubber band your joystick (so car goes around in circles) and trigger (so car accelerates, not to fast though the car just has to be in motion).
  • The Passenger – Spend time in a friend’s car as a passenger [5] – 5 Hours total.
  • Mile High Club – Spend time in a helicopter [5] – 5 Hours total. Rubber band trick can be useful, simple rubber band the trigger which elevates the chopper.
  • Suped Up – Apply each type of mod to one vehicle [1]
  • Airborne – Land jumps over 300 feet in a road vehicle [25] – Los Santos Airport has the most jumps, I use the jump leading into the runways.
  • Flippin’ Hell – Perform vehicle flips [10] – Utilize a Cargobob (Level 20-32) if not available can use the “Gate Glitch” NEED YOUTUBE LINK
  • Spinderella – Spin your vehicle [5] -Utilize a Cargobob (Level 20-32) if not available can use the “Gate Glitch” NEED YOUTUBE LINK
  • Unirider – Wheelie for over 2000 feet [1] – Start “Takeoff” race and select Motorbike class and pick the Akuma. When starting holded joystick down to perform a wheelie. Can take a few tries.


  • Head Banger – Achieve headshots [500]
  • The Widow Maker – Kill players in any GTA online mode [1000]
  • The Bounty Hunter – Kill and collect bounties [25]
  • 3 For 1 – Kill someone 3 times before they get you [50]
  • Streaker – Achieve kill streaks in deathmatches [50]
  • Stolen Kills – Kill players that have already been wounded by another [25] – When enemies are lying on the ground still moving proceed to end their life  :lol: .
  • Death Toll – Total deathmatch kills [500]
  • Killstreaker – Earn a 10+ kill streak in deathmatches [1]
  • Smoke ‘Em Out – Get the most kills during a gang attack [1]
  • Bloodiest Of The Bunch – Get the most kills in a 4 player survival [1]
  • The Equalizer – Kill a player that has killed you 3 times in deathmatches [25]


  • Pistol Whipped – Pistol kills [500]
  • SMG Head – SMG kills [500]
  • Shotgun Blues – Shotgun kills [500]
  • Looking Down The Barrel – Assault rifle kills [500]
  • Scoping Out – Sniper rifle kills [500]
  • Rapid Fire – Machine gun kills [500]
  • Ended In A Sticky Situation – Sticky bomb kills [50]
  • Grenade Fiend – Grenade kills [50]
  • The Rocket Man – RPG kills [100]
  • The Melee Murderer – Melee kills [50]
  • The Car Bomber – Vehicle bomb kills [50]





  • Hustler: Complete Hustler Award
  • Grim Reaper Smoking Gun: Complete Clear Out Award
  • Dragon and Dagger: Complete The Equalizer Award
  • Skull: Complete Head Banger Award
  • Racing Blonde: Complete Record Holder Award
  • Ride or Die: Complete Road Rage Award
  • Skull and Sword: Complete The Bounty Hunter Award
  • Blackjack: Complete Full Metal Jacket Award
  • Burning Heart: Complete The Slayer Award
  • Angel: Complete All Rounder Award
  • Clown: Hold Up 5 Stores
  • Clown and Gun: Hold Up 10 Stores
  • Clown Dual Wield: Hold Up 15 Stores
  • Clown Dual Wield Dollars: Hold Up 20 Stores
  • Racing Brunette: Win 50 Races
  • Trust No One: Complete The Car Bomber Award
  • Los Santos Customs: Fully Mod a Vehicle
  • Melting Skull: Complete Death Toll Award
  • Hottie: Complete Lapping It Up Award
  • Way of The Gun: Complete Pistol Whipped Award
  • Broken Skull: Complete Scoping Out Award
  • Flaming Skull: Complete Killstreaker Award
  • The Wages of Sin: Complete Bloodiest of The Bunch Award
  • Grim Reaper: Complete Team Carrier Award
  • Blank Scroll: 250 kill for The Widow Maker Award
  • Embellished Scroll: 500 kill for The Widow Maker Award
  • Seven Deadly Sins: 1000 kill for The Widow Maker Award


  • Red Skull T-Shirt: Complete Survivor Award
  • Los Santos Belle T-Shirt: Complete The Salvaged Award
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