Dust2 Strategie Guide

CS:GO – Dust2 Strategies

Today we are going to discuss strategies in Dust2, and other general tips and tricks for CS:GO.
Dust2 is what most Counter Strike Global Offensive players consider to be the most quintessential map of them all.
It is currently the most played / most popular map on CS:GO, and probably always will be.
Dust2 is a fairly balanced map, with certain advantages coming with either side. (CT or T)

Map Callouts

Here is a callout guide made by Froosh


Map Control

If you’re already familiar with competitive Counter Strike, you’ll know that map control generally determines the outcome of each round. Essentially map control means utilizing each player to take over vantage points on the map. With only 5 players on each team in a competitive match, it is important for each player on your team to understand map control, and to be familiar with map callouts.

T Plays

Terrorists have the advantage of being able to watch down mid within the first few seconds of the round. Unless the CT side smokes off mid, the person watching mid can count how many players the CT side has dedicated to B site, and if they are lucky enough they can also grab a very early kill, setting up the round for a 5v4 situation.
Generally T side will put 2 players into B Tunnels, 1 player T spawn (watching mid), 1 player watching long A doors, and 1 player playing T sided mid / catwalk by the blue barrels.


– Terrorists will always get to tunnels before CT, and just by watching a potential CT push from B or lower tuns can help your team a lot. When taking over Tunnels, you have the advantage as T side, but it is important to watch for CTs rushing mid at the start of the round. (All the more reason to have someone watching mid). Once you are in the tunnels, you can slowly peek out B if you are feeling brave, or wait for noise at A to get the CTs to rotate, leaving the site clear if you have the bomb. The person watching lower tuns can also slowly peek out mid, and if the person playing mid by barrels happens to see an awper or someone hanging around mid / catwalk, the T in lower tuns can quickly strafe past mid doors to xbox, and pick the person mid, or hang back into lower tuns and hope to get an easy headshot on the person on catwalk.

T spawn Mid

– In the earlier rounds before you are able to buy a long-range weapon, it is not as important to keep a player in T spawn overlooking mid. It’s useful to wait after the start to count the rotation B, but don’t count on staying to get picks. If you can afford a Scout, AWP, or SG, you can watch down mid more precisely and get picks. Once you’ve watched over mid for a while, you can push forward to any site that you desire to support your team with long range weapons. Generally pushing forward mid to cat, or long A is what most players will do.

Long A

– Sometimes you can get away with your entire team pushing out Long A with smokes and flashes, but if you’re going solo it is important to time yourself. Long A is a very CT sided area of the map. The CT’s can hide behind the door on your left, hide behind the blue barrel on the bricks, and hide down in pit. If you’re pushing Long A alone, it is important to check all these areas as you proceed, but most CT’s will just bait you out while standing by the corner wall of Long A. As you flash out and advance, you also have to worry about potential CT’s hiding in the corner by car, and hiding in the corner below A bombsite. It’s a good idea to smoke off the view from CT spawn before crossing over, because there may be an AWPer waiting mid. Once you’re on site, you’ll want to check Catwalk and CT spawn for any enemies pushing you.


Most CT teams will spread out 2 B and 3 A. The CT’s will have map control immediately over Long A, half of catwalk, and B site.

B Bombsite
– It is important to not let the enemy team count how many people are going B. When you get into the later rounds where they can buy scoped weapons to aim down mid, it is a good idea to smoke off the doors before you cross. Once in B site, you can defend from the back of site, window, car, and by my personal favourite.. Jumping on top of the boxes by tunnel. You can also leave one person hanging around mid to watch for T’s pushing catwalk. Since their heads are mainly exposed, you can get some easy kills this way.

– When defending A site by catwalk, there are few places to hide that give you direct sight at the enemies pushing up. You can crouch by the small stairs by the door, the baskets in the corner, or down the stairs towards mid. If you want to play on the safe side and still watch catwalk, you can peek out from behind the boxes right on A Site and generally get some great headshots this way. Another strategy is to AWP catwalk by the back of site, or “goose”. This allows you to watch both catwalk and long A.

Long A
– As stated earlier, CT’s have a lot of map control over Long A when the match starts. A few vantage points in Long A are: Hiding in the corner by the burning car, hiding down in pit and waiting for a push, jumping on the box in the corner by pit, the top railing above pit, hiding by the blue box, or simply standing by the corner of Long A watching the double doors.

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